Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cashless Church: Would You Go To This Church?

Imagine a church/temple where there is no begging for
money in Jesus name. No tithes nor offerings going to
one preacher/church without accountability. The Pastor
is taken care of and given a house to live in and is provided
food and clothing etc. That would all be done by the counsel
of Cashless Churches who's donations do not include a
pastor's salary.

This new kind of preacher/pastor has no need for cash money
and has chosen a humble and poor life style for the sake of the
gospel. Everything is provided by donation from members of
the church who have also chosen to have a pastor living humbly
for the sake of the gospel and even suffering if necessary to set
the example for the rest of us to learn to get through it.

No I am not talking about the Catholic church but I am talking
about a new model of protestant churches that do not receive
any money but rather have their needs met by donating a building
paying electric and water bill etc.

Now there is NO CASH around for any greedy preacher to dip into
for themselves and now there is no longer a need for a tax shelter
nor a church secretary counting all the money coming in.
Can anyone out there see or understand what I am saying??

I would go to a church like that.
Would you?

All the other churches who's preachers beg for money in Jesus
name and live off the tithes and offerings of the congregation,
will then look like a bunch of greedy hypocrites and that will
be a fresh change in the world of religions and churches.

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