Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why Are Preachers Paid a Salary?

According to scriptures preachers should live a poor
humble life style in faith while waiting on the Lord to
provide food and shelter each day. This is done to set
the example for the rest of us and so that we don't
go after the material things of life and set our sites on
money as the replacement for God.

But when preachers are paid a salary, and some get big
checks, they no longer have the need to wait on God and
they get materialistic and start to pursue the American
dream which is 100% materialistic and in the world.
Yet salaried preachers have become the norm even tho
God does not want them to depend on money but rather
to live by faith daily.

Religion and Christianity have become corrupted by
these so called pastors who are all to busy running
after money to be of any real use to their congregation
by setting the example of a humble life style. They
would all rather mock God and hope that nobody
notices, but God does notice and so do I.

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