Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

this is Fred, cause he's dead & ridding in the back on the way back
to California. Honk if U see him ridding by. Date on photo Not correct.

Happy Hallowscream

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Business as Usual

Now that i am heading back to Calif.  i am acting
like myself again. That is to say, as the Achrist, i 
have responsibilities to do my holy Fathers business.
So!....I the Achrist command U all to worship my
holy Father God, our Tetragrammaton, by clicking
HERE, (to worship your Patriarch Abraham) or i
the Achrist shall curse U all in the name of our 
same Tetragrammaton. 

i wear my zeal for the Lord God Jehovah,
like a king wears a fine robe. So! try not
to piss me off. Very soon now, i will have
power to call fire down from heaven in the
name of the Lord God Jehovah our

Any ?'s 

Heading Home Today

I am wireless at the Comfort Inn off
I 10 west. Florida. Should be back
in California in 4 days. Photos to follow.
We had a great visit with the in-laws.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Now What?

Heading back to California in a few days.
photos to follow. 

I am still the Achrist bitches.
No matter where i am or go, i
still am he who channels the power
of the Tetragrammaton........over.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In St. Petersburg Florida

click to expand

view from our 6th floor condo

In St. Pete at our condo.
click any photo to expand

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Chipley Florida & New Orleans

New Orleans

super dome in New Orleans..this is the place where all
those black people were killing each other & just going
insane when Katrina came around to just say Hi!

i am coming to U wireless in chipley Florida
on the way to St. Pete. from California. 
My wife & i have our second castle (condo)

We will visit with in-laws and get & spend lots
of green (usa) money. Does this make me happy?
well, as long as no one (in-laws) gets my wife mad
then all should go OK.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Greetings WDF Fans

my wife.....we R in El Paso off Highway 10

my wife


2008 suv.................. dates on photos NOT correct.

Driving from California to Florida.
in a 2008 SUV. R we having fun yet?

Greetings Weblog De Fuego fans. I am coming to 
U from Texas. I am wireless in Best Western Motel
off Highway 10 to Florida. I will be gone about 9-12
days. When ever i find wireless motels, i will post.

I have photos i will post of the whole trip to Florida
from California. See U all at my next post. G:-)>

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

CyberSin Confessional

clicking here will take U to the CyberSin Blog
where U will find a confessional wherein to 
deposit your cybersins...publically....*caugh*
of course. Be anonymous if chosen.

The AntiPost

Since this is the "AntiPost"
there is therefore no post here.

Any ?'s

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's it to Ya?

" They say I took the name in vain, 
but I don't even know the name, but
if I did, then what's it really to ya?"

from Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
click here to hear the song. Enjoy

She'll tie me to a kitchen chair, she'll break
my throat and cut my hair, then from my lips
she'll draw the Hallelujah.

Evil by Nature....

Happy Hallelujah Halloween 2008 Fother Muckers
The Black House

From the Office of the Achrist
The Black House:

Evil by nature but saved by His grace.....the saving
grace of my blood brother Jesus the Christ and
mighty Tetragrammaton. It does not mean that
i get to go to CyberHeaven.......but it does mean that 
while i am alive on this earth......i get to channel the 
power of the Tetragrammaton as the Achrist who i also am.

"i don't need no stinking CyberHeaven
i like it here in CyberHell...HohoHAhahahohhahaha"

I am glad to just burn 4 ever 4 my creator...and why not?
My creator God Jehovah is more than worth dying 4....
in fact..i make it a point to burn 4 ever 4 Him God as
a living torch in His still living memory. Go Figure!
My name is Angel de Fuego (Angel of Fire) thus i am a living
angelic torch for Him God. So just how much do i
angel really love God?   That Much!

If i the Achrist believe in my blood brother Jesus
the Christ.....then who the FUCK R any of U to deny
my blood brother His due. i will stick up 4 His cause 
as long as i can.....but there will be a point in time
..when i the Achrist NO longer will fight 4 the cause 
of my blood brother Jesus the Christ. That time is 
NOT here yet.

Then....all of U Christians, Jews, and Muslims
will be forced by worship my blood brother
by worshiping your Patriarch Abraham. 
or be beheaded. Any ?'s

Also click here to hear my other theme song.
i grew up with these guys (Iron Butterfly) playing
in the background.

Also to be against me, is to be against God & Zionism.
No further ?'s at this time. 

Also *we know all your CyberSins

* God & I & CyberGod

Also click here to learn about the 
glory train to cyberheaven....maybe
U could be on that train.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Many Jews R With Me

From the Office of the Achrist

To Them...I am their true & long awaited 4 Messiah
Many Jews now follow me and my *teachings. I receive
e-mails from around the world. Soon the whole world
will believe as I & others now believe.

Do NOT believe in me. i am not a holy relic.......but my
* Unholy Gospel U will all come to believe in and live by.
Believe in my creative power and my genius......(from God)
but not in me. Believe that my blood brother Jesus the Christ
is your true savior.................NOT me.......I'm just the "evil"
little twin brother......the Achrist

Shalom! !molahS

Parasailin with Sarah Palin

From the Office of the Achrist

Gov. Parah Sailin...... i mean Sarah Palin.


Although this is not a political blog by nature....
i could not resist the urge to create this smart
ass (play on words) post.

Imagine if U will, Parasailing with Sarah Palin,
and U were black Barack Obama the terrorist falling
next to U Sarah. Then your (Sarah) para breaks and U
R somehow rescued by black terrorist Barack and brought 
down to earth and safety with Baracks help.................well
Gov. Sarah.................this will happen (in symbol)
in your real life. STOP Falsely accusing Barack thus
says the
Lord of Hosts.

To everyone else:
Vote Barack Obama

Also Gov. Sarah.... every time someone yells out
....until U R OLD & UGLY looking.........Yuk ....dried 
up....etc. This could happen quickly ....... depends on 
U Sarah.

Hey! is that a GRAY hair i see on your head Gov. Playin i
mean Palin?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rosicrucian Symbols

a Rosicrucian symbol of many

Rosicrucian Symbol

there R many Rosicrucian symbols

masonry symbol with rose cross

The 4 symbols above R just 4 of many
such symbols of the Rosicrucians. I have been
a Rosicrucian since i was 12 years old.
My background is mostly with the A.M.O.R.C.
(first link)

Any ?'s

Monday, October 13, 2008

Signet Ring

--- -From The Office Of The Achrist

my Rosicrucian signet ring (not reverse embossed)

my Rosicrucian ring from 1968...solid gold.

my Signet Ring & seal in red wax. click to expand

signet ring

this is a (bottom) photo of a signet ring type that Kings use.
I too have a Signet Ring which I use (top) photos
I am telling U gen.public so that U will get used to seeing
it everywhere......well most everywhere........amen.

Also.....if there R other Rosicrucians out
there who wear a ring just like mine.....then
U R under my power....unless U take it off.
Now i have warned U.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ray at Night

me in one of the galleries. click photos to Expand

my wife at right & our girl friend Kimmy at left. doggies
belong to Kimmy....Rexy on left and Harry on right.

In North Park....San Diego wife and i and our
girl friend Kimmy, went to Ray at Night....Art Galleries
and such....check out photos. Dates on photos NOT taken last night...Oct 11 08...Enjoy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I heard Rush Talking about me...

I heard Rush Lymhead talking about me last night on
his radio show....something about a guy in Southern Cal
who claims to be (on the net) the AntiChrist....or Achrist
A-cryst as in wrist. & something about me being another fake
prophet predicting Jesus return. But Rush has no idea that
Satan uses him Rush like a construction worker uses a
Jack Hammer. The Jack Hammer mouth of Rush, will be his
own down fall and undoing.

I don't like your Jack Hammer mouth style shit thing Rush......
soon now i pray..U Rush will be NO MORE! Amen. Nema.

I Don't Like Republicans.....U all remind me of Bush....
and I Gyd Do SooOOOOoooooOOOO loath
silly...i mean the beer.

Call me if U Want

If any of U humans out there want to talk to
me in person.....then call me at:
Gyd Hotline
619 339-8427
this cell phone is with me 24/7

Why would U want to talk to me?
Who knows....maybe just to put me down?
some more....or to make a cool comment
about my ART...Music, Pantings, Poetry?
Or to pass a message on to God thru me
His prophet.....or to praise God thru me.
Or to ask Jesus a Question. Or.....etc.....
Or just to say....I LUV U Gyd. G:-)>
Or XXX if any U ladies/guys want me to just
talk dirty to U....ask & U shall receive...
....i do curses blessings until Christmas.

Also, I speak both Spanish and English

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Prophet of the Lord Most High...

I prophet of the lord most high of angel armies,
do hereby declare to the world the wonderful things
that God our creator has done, and is even now doing.

I Angel de Fuego aka Gyd, Jewish prophet of the Lord God
Tetragrammaton, do speak for the Tetragrammaton
when I say:

" Behold all my wonders and know that I am 
your God and creator Jehovah Christ Jesus. 
Do not reject me, or I will strike you down without 
compassion. Much to long have my people rejected 
me, and I, even I God, grow weary of your ignorance 
of me " 

Friday, October 03, 2008

Back From Mexico

my 87 year old Spanish/Christian Jewish Mother.
click to expand at your own risk...G:-)>

Click here for all the juicy details about the trip. Mom and Dad (Whole Family) are NOT 
orthodox Jew, but rather Christian Jew.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just found Out!

My Dad Don De Fuego 89 is dying down there in
old Mexico...i am on my way there now. Please pray
for him his name is Edward (Edwardo) thank U all.

See U all when I get back.