Monday, May 19, 2008

Taking Time Off To Write

I am taking time off doing blogging for a while
to write a real book, not the fake one below.
Go ahead and explore all 40+ pages (whole
other blogs) of this Weblog De Fuego.
You can find the links to these pages/blogs
full of my art from right here on this homepage.
Original piano pieces, poetry sonnets, paintings.
I will still add new art, but stupid little
nonsensical posts about nothing I will not.
After my real book is written and published,
then I will again return to blogging and
this weblog. It will always be my Journalog
and art archive.


Angel De Fuego
May-19- 08

NOTE: go to my blog: First Church of Bipolarity to get
all the latest news about me and my bipolarity with updates.
Also, could someone please recommend me to blogger,
for blog of note, I have (40+ blogs all interlinked) so that others
can find this blog and learn the truth about artistic genius
and bipolarity?
Thank You


Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Reality of Hopelessness

My new book

"The Reality of Hopelessness is the worst
book never written".
anonymous NEW YORK TIMES.
Zero on the New York bestseller list.

My new book is about the reality of Demon
Possession and Bipolarity (manic-depression)
and how it is so much better to be a rich black
man with mental health, than a poor mentally
ill white man possessed with the demon of
bipolarity. The poles have shifted. The Rich

black man becomes President, while the poor
white man stays down and defeated on 

My Demon actually did most of the writing.
I would like to thank Satan for his
influence in the creation of this book, but
I won't. Instead, I will thank God for my
miserable mentally ill life and for the
complete hopelessness that my life is with
this curse of an illness. In due time, I will
kill myself which is the usual norm with this
illness, and then everyone will finally be
free of me, But Not bipolarity. Bipolarity
will always be with you in someone. Only
God can Kill such a monster, such an evil
demon, as this bipolarity that now a flicks me.

NOTE: with respect to Barack Obama, vote for him
Barack Obama for President. I know in my heart that
he Barack will make one of the finest Presidents that
this country USA has ever known. And I'm a white Jew?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poop Blog

Even if you don't have time,
I am commanding you all
(humans) to go to the Poop Blog
It is what you all want so run
don't walk to the Poop Blog
The Disgusting Bathroom
Art Project.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Not A Political Blog

This is NOT a political oriented Blog.
Political talk is only arguing. I hate to
argue. It's all litigation. Like lawyers
arguing cases with too many latin words.

My wife loves the political crap. It's all
about Chris Matthew's and such talk show
hosts and the like. I call him Chris Mouth.
His vociferous style becomes him.
I used to like Hillery back in the old days,
but she has proven to over-extend her 
sense of privilege.
Anyway, like I said, this is not a political

This is a Weblog about me and my artistic
temperament with Bipolar Disorder, and
all about my Art. Maybe someday when
all this political excitement for all you
is over, then you will have time to check
out my art. In the mean time, 

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Empowered By Disorder

That I am empowered by bipolar disorder
may seem like a contradiction in terms.
But when you really analyze it, it makes
a lot of sense. Creative genius has proven 
to be a greatly sought after power.

But creative genius lives inside of those
who have bipolar disorder and few
places else. So if you have been diagnosed
with bipolar disorder and you show signs
of creativity in the arts, then you are most
likely to be a creative genius.

You too have been empowered by disorder
but this disorder can get out of control and
be orderly to the point of madness. A fine
madness as it is called like controlled insanity.
True creative genius propagates itself to 
perfection without being confined or limited. 

One can have bipolar disorder and not be a
creative genius. About 30-40 percent of people
with bipolar disorder are creative genius and
the rest just end up being a depressed mess.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Cutting Back

I am trying to cut back on my 
intake of meds since now
my tolerance is way too high.
It is a fine balance of herbs and
meds and the like that keeps
me just at that point of feeling
good and still being able to be
creative. Too much meds and
I lose my creative power and
too little meds/herbs and I get
too manic and out of control.

Like a fine machine a Harley
or a Ferrari that needs precision
tuning and the right balance of
intake to run smoothly and perfect.
That is what keeping my bipolarity
in perfect running order is like.

The fine tuning of a piano is akin
to my tuning myself to sound perfectly
in pitch. I used to tune pianos for a
living so I know a little about it.
My Bipolarity can be fine tuned to
any running condition it needs to
be in, according to its environmental
and productive needs.

I really have nothing else to do for the
rest of my life but to work on my art
and to post it here on my Weblog.
Cutting back as well as adding more
helps this process along. It is something
that each person with bipolarity must
learn to adjust in their own lives.

Learning to be ones own mechanic/doctor
is all part of the bipolar experience.
Like wrenching on a Harley a little bit
all day long and making fine adjustments
here and there, until it thunders just right.