Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Ever! U All

In the past many of U have been somewhat
asshole to me and my whole bipolar thingy.
But things have changed, which is the usual
with me. That is to say, my consciousness is
forever in expansion. I'm a late bloomer like
Einstein, and I too like Einstein have Jewish
blood flowing through my vains. While most of
U are still bitching about my grammar and
I have star gated beyond U in
conscious evolution, and in English.

Could someone now corregir mi in Espanol?
Por esto mi queri irse de todo ustedes.

Chale! No?

De las Tres Versiones De la Vida.

Me juzgarán para el mal que he hecho,
Y entonces estar limitado en cadenas con una masa negra,
Pero me levantaré otra vez a la victoria,
Después de mil años y no antes,
Apenas como prophesied así que largo hace,
Para atormentar, el and por lo tanto que se atormentará,
El gnashing de mis dientes temblará la tierra,
Fuego que rabia exhalará con mi respiración caliente,
Quemarse a todos los ejércitos que se piensen,
Al marchar mi dominio un enemigo santo,
Fuera de todos los límites de mi base santa,
Y apenas como Jesús caminó a través del mar,
Así que caminaré a través del mar del cristal,
Tomar mi lugar sobre mi trono de oro,

Pues me caí el Archangel Lucifer,
Psí que todo ustedes la caída con mí al fuego.

click here to read the
above sonnet in English.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Short of Going To Your Home!

I am not going to go to your front
door and knock (on wood) to ask you
for donations to help me create more
beautiful art (music, paintings, poetry)
That is why I am sending these three
little short and cute gyd stooges, to
do it for me.

Click the blue link above to go to my
donation archive and give freely. But
before U do that *caugh* at least check
out my art first here. Don't forget to
stop by my Audio Blog and listen to
some of my beautiful piano compositions.
Free piano scores are offered there.
O ya, almost forgot? To read my beautiful
sonnets. Go to my:
Writing and Poetry Archive.

The post titled End of BlogRun right below
this one. Is a brief overview of my 41 blogrun
thru all my art. Please read it to stay informed
while making your life a LOT easier, while
visiting Webl0g De Fuego.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

End of the BlogRun

Clicking here will take you to cyberhell
which is the end of my 41 blog run thru
all my art. If U want to, U can stay in
cyberheaven, but at least visit my art
once in a while from there. Caution to
NOT get lost in cyberheaven & end up in
cyberhell. But for now clicking on my
profile view here or in the right column
under the ABOUT ME information will
link you to the 8 or so most important of
the 41 blogs

Also, for those of you watching this on
your EVIL GENIUS channel, My art and
my whole being is true creative genius
but sticking the word Evil in there, just
gives an accuse to invite all ignorant evil
people, and those who just pretend to be
something while hiding behind big avatar
ICONS and even cool catchy little videos.
which I Gyd do solemnly LOATH.
Careful not to end up posted and burning
in cyberhell. Cyberhell is best enjoyed as
a tourist, though you can reserve a room
there I do not recommend it, Judge Dave
Esq. aka Ergophobia

As you explore these my fascinating 41
blogs all interlinked one to the other and
such, you will start to get a feel of how all this
is really all connected and you will be amazed
at my real creative & sometimes evil genius.
Thank You for you visit.

Angel aka Gyd
P.S. This BlogRun is best enjoyed, and truly
experienced with Broadband fast power.
It will work with dialup...but it may be slower

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book is Done and being Published in e-book Form.

book cover art by Angel De Fuego copyright 2008 click to expand

original M.S. Painting Raphael et Asmodeus Angel de Fuego copyright 2008

Bipolarity and Demon possession a Gift in Disguise.
Thoughts on controlling your demon,
from a Christian

click here to read my book.
Note: the e-book site/blog,
is under construction. So when
you go there, try not to get in
the way of the construction
workers. Thank You.

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