Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mentally Challenged?

Can having bipolarity be considered as being mentally challenged?
I never thought so before I fell into a deep depression and now
to quote The Three Stooges: "I tried to think, but nothing happened".

"I tried to think, but nothing happened"

The Three Stooges

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bipolar Is Stressful

I am now seeing that the way my bipolar disorder makes
me act and do things etc, is for me a very stressful way of
life. That is to say that my bipolarity makes me be a way
that in the long end makes me be full of stress and anxiety.

But mostly its the depression that gets me down and sucks
the energy out of me. I am now thinking very seriously about
going on Lithium which is said/documented to be the
only thing that really does work for bipolarity. If the Lithium
will help to take all the stress and depression away, then
it will be the answer to my prayers.