Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pastor Fred Iscariot Living The Gospel of Prosperity

One day I was standing next to pastor Fred Iscariot to buy
some raffle tickets when he pulled out a $100,00 dollar bill
and said "Look God has been really blessing me" and bought
One hundred dollars worth of raffle tickets to win something.
I just stood there in astonishment and all I could say was,
"That's good pastor" but I was really thinking OMG this
guy actually believes that God blesses with money.

The truth is that God does not micro manage each persons life
by blessing them with money when they are good people etc.
Pastor Fred Iscariot has close to 4500 members of his flock
who send him tithes and offering and gifts etc. and that's where
the $100,00 dollar bill came from, and not because he was good
or even directly from God in the form of a personal blessing.

Pastor Fred Iscariot is living the gospel of prosperity even
though he does not preach it from his pulpit. He lives in
a plush two story home on a hill over looking the city below.
I have been there and I was shocked to see such lavish stuff
belonging to one who should live a more humble life style
as a pastor of God.

Then little by little God began to open my eyes and over a
period of a few years I saw that pastor Fred Iscariot was just
one of many thousands of other pastors across America who
are allowed to beg, solicit, ask for etc. money in Jesus name
using existing tax shelters, and live lavish life styles in pursuit
of the American dream.

But true Christianity is not about material possessions and
accumulating and saving money for the future. The Bible says
that we are to trust and wait upon God for our present and
future needs. Yha right tell that to pastor Fred Iscariot, he
still has 4500+ members sending him hard cold cash and not
to help get people saved, but rather because he pastor Fred
Iscariot is just so God damn funny as to be compared to
a Robin Williams and Billy Graham mix, by himself. :-(

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