Friday, August 12, 2016

America’s Sonneteer

Sonnets from our higher consciousness 

These 15 sonnets are decasylibic and have 
an ABCDEF-FEDCBA-GG rhyme scheme.
The theme of this series is a wake up call to
America and the whole world in general.
Written in 2016 in USA, Enjoy.

“If we don’t destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.”
Carl Sagan


There’s never been a summer quite like now,
To bask beneath the sunshine we once had,
There’s never been a better place so dear,
To plan a fam’ly heritage of love,
And factory the future strength of youth,
Leaving behind this planet made of earth,
The cradle for our sons and daughters birth,
To learn whats right from wrong and learn the truth,
From our ill past and start to rise above,
The savage wars we humans keep so near,
That blatant hate that turns our goodness bad,
And we humans are slaves to it somehow.

There’s never been a summer quite like this,
To rise above our bottomless, abyss.


Waging wars and killing human beings,
Should stayed a dark practice of our ill past,
Yet still remains a practice in our day,
Like thirsty animals for human blood,
We kill each other in the name of God,
Who watches from above with perfect eyes,
That see all things of truth and bitter lies,
And watch while mankind to their own death trod,
Embracing evil and forsaking good,
For lusts and pleasures where the whores now lay,
While darkness his ill shadows on them cast,
Hiding the light that sees all hidden things.

Raising our consciousness is harder done,
Than making black, our bright and shining sun.


When atom bombs fall from majestic sky,
And cities disappear with billions dead,
The end of mankind with no doubt will come,
And hot earth will be a barren waste land,
Then God will weep for man, His children lost,
When no ones left alive on planet earth,
And no more dying and no more new birth,
The world cleansed from sin but at what cost,
Was not meant for mankind to understand,
Grim reaper smiles to tally up the some,
While heavens host in mourning bow their head,
The angels never knew the reason why.

Mankind will kill himself no mystery there,
With no one left to live, no one to care.


Drugs and alcohol make mankind stupid,
And blind to the truth he never thinks of,
And now we’re building more nuclear bombs,
Since every country wants one of their own,
And when they get one, are more aggressive,
Until such time that their aggressions blow,
Then hell breaks lose on earth, foe against foe,
The death toll rises, the sum is massive,
Mans bones are everywhere, bones stacked on bones,
With no one left to take them to their tombs,
All hate is gone, but also theres no love,
Which ran away from hate and kept well hid.

Do you now see the problem that we have?
Nothing to hope for, and nothing to save.


Mankind cannot survive nuclear war,
His suicidal tendencies are real,
And takes as many with him as he can,
Until there’s no one left to kill themselves,
Now this poses a problem for mankind,
Who thinks he is invincible, a god,
But gods who kill each other rather odd,
When you consider gods are hard to find,
Unless you keep some sitting on your shelves,
Like overlords who rule ignorant man,
These gods will laugh at you, your faith to steal,
While leaving mankind always wanting more.

Man’s gods will not protect him from his end,
That man alone, his soul, cannot defend.


A thousand commercials loop in their heads,
Who watch their TV’s believing the lies,
Distractions are meant to hide all the truth,
Subliminal messages make us want,
And the more we want the more we must have,
An endless cycle of lust and of greed,
While innocent children lay there and bleed,
But all of their blood, their souls cannot save,
Who died much to young, should come back to haunt,
All those who killed them in their fairest youth,
Now life is less sacred, that’s no surprise,
To kill children, all snuggled in their beds.

Man has no future to save nor to keep,
That even the children’s loss, cannot weep.


Today a mass shooting in Orlando,
Fifty dead and fifty three were wounded,
An act of terrorism we are told,
The largest we have had in USA,
The first of many more that will follow,
According to this poets prophecy,
Islamic terrorist’s with no mercy,
Their hearts an empty place cold and hollow,
Who take their anger out, on those are gay,
And those who are week, still those who are old,
And those who are innocent confounded,
About the hatred these Muslims now show.

As ISIS marches to the temple mount,
We watch in horror, the dead that we count.


Ice caps are melting, the water rises,
As mankind sits back and denies the truth,
Challenging science whose math cannot lie,
While beaches lose ground and sea cliffs erode,
And waterlogged cities sink in the mud,
While man swaps his address for higher ground,
Start looking for snow which cannot be found,
As mankind gets scorched, the sun boils his blood,
Then man with his nukes punch in the launch code,
A suicide planed in hopes he will die,
Escaping the wrath of his childish youth,
That he reluctantly compromises.

There is no escape from mans early death,
To curse his demise, with his own last breath.


We the people of the United States,
Tried to form a better perfect union,
Full of hope and peace for a bright future,
Where everyone could pursue happiness,
But something went wrong in utopia,
When we were then invaded by Japan,
Forced us to build and drop the bomb on man,
Which caused a panic, such hysteria,
That those who survived which such emptiness,
Died later from their hearts hidden fracture,
From fallout is this poets opinion,
The meaning of it, open for debates.

Awake America and watch your end,
Unfold before your eyes, what you intend.


What you intend America is wrong,
Stockpile and sell all your evil weapons,
No matter who gets hurt or countless dead,
You kill and let be killed for your profit,
That makes you darker than those whom you kill,
You preach and defend your democracy,
In the name of your God, you lack mercy,
And consciousness which you cannot fulfill,
That higher state of man that you omit,
Kept in a shoe box underneath your bed,
Like something barley used, it’s use depends,
On mankind singing his most conscious song.

The music of which mankind seldom got,
Those chords of peace that man, has long forgot.


Jesus, was the first Christian born on earth,
The messianic savior of us all,
And Buddha was the first meditator,
Did meditate his way up to heaven,
Muhammad was a prophet worrier,
Did fight his way to heaven as they say,
And Joseph Smith, a prophet his own way,
Lead his Mormon wife’s, ill or in error,
The Jews, the laws of God, first were given,
Reject Jesus for his imitator,
While AntiChrist will rise before the fall, 
To trick the world from their holy birth.

And while all this takes place, mankind is blind,
To see the truth, he nevermore will find.


Ill greed and selfishness are always here,
Man cannot sustain life on this world,
And little by little, will fade away,
Like dying stars that once lit the night sky,
Will nevermore be seen once they are gone,
Then who will cry and bewail his own life,
When none are left to mourn their bitter strife,
That no one claimed as victory, nor won,
The final suicide, all life will die,
When heavens bright hues turn to night from day,
With our bright sun in darkness, rolled up furled,
Make all the stars run quick away in fear.

Mankind is gone who leaves his God alone,
No more creation, no more flesh and bone.


We could destroy the earth in six minutes,
And leave it just a burning memory,
Of what we once had in those fairest years,
Save that none will be here to remember,
Since there will be no life left here on earth,
Only the gods in heaven will remain,
To look down on our earth burning in vain,
That never understood it’s own self worth,
Since it’s people, dead in their blind slumber,
Woke up to find themselves with bitter tears,
But much to late to gain eternity,
And live forever without ill regrets.

To late though are man’s actions making change,
As atom bombs, their cities, rearrange. 


“Why can’t we use our nuclear weapons,?”
Is now what Donald Trump has been asking,
While running for President, USA.
Jesus, what piece a work Donald must be,
But worse than that are those who vote for him,
Who also vote to use nuclear bombs,
Come on come on now lets fill all the tombs,
With all the bones of those who died in grim,
From Trump like humans void of true mercy,
Making the poor, for their hard living pay,
To all the wealthy scum who would be king,
Who teach the art of greed, to all their sons.

God help us now from men, their evil deeds,
Who lead us down the path, that ever bleeds.


Don’t turn a blinded eye to all our wars,
And what you cannot see, will not hurt you,
No more are you a child, now grown up men,
Yet out of touch with life’s realities,
Which masks the cliff that you are heading for,
A bent denial that your end is near,
If you don’t wake up now from healthy fear,
About your road to hells nuclear core,
Wake up, wake up or lose eternities,
Chance to propagate the stars with children,
By tearing down the old to build the new,
A city floating through the distant stars.

That carries mankind to his future bright,
The shining beacon, of his righteous light.


Angel De Fuego
copyright 2016

Friday, June 05, 2015

Pentagram Tetragrammaton

The Tetragrammaton Pentagram,  in the post right below, I believe to be the most authentic I have seen 
for channeling the spirits that come through it. I personally had one on my living room floor 7' 8" and I would slowly walk around it gazing down into the abyss. 

It's a different world then ours. The rules are not the same as here. In the abyss are many elementals and
spirits and even Angels. And they are all on the dark side. 
You must be careful when constructing one of these portals.

That you don't accidently let something through the portal because sending it (spirit) back into your abyss that you created. might not be so easy. You need to know what your doing
or it can get out of control if you let it.


Friday, May 29, 2015

The Three Versions Of Life

The first 7 sonnets may be a little hard for soto get through,

The Three Versions Of Life

These Sonnets have an (ABCDEFG-GFEDCBA-HH)
rhyme scheme. There are 7 Sonnets per each 3
versions, for a total of 21 Sonnets.
Written in 1989 in Mexico

First version: The version of Satan,
as the representation of evil

I shall be judged for evil,I have done,
And then be bound in chains,with a black mass,
But I again shall rise to victory,
After a thousand years,and not before,
Just as was prophesied so long ago,
To torment,and hence to be tormented,
The gnashing of my teeth shall quake the earth,
Raging fire shall exhale,with my hot breath,
To burn all armies who are intended,
On marching my domain a holy foe,
Outside all boundaries of my godly core,
And just as Jesus walked across the sea,
So I shall walk across the sea of glass,
To take my place upon my golden throne,

As I fell,the Archangel Lucifer,
So shall you all fall with me,to the fire.

There shall be a battle fought in heaven,
And I shall bring Jehovah,to His knees,
I shall ascend to heaven the most high,
To rule the universe my perfect way,
As I am the most perfect creation,
And all shall sing their praises to my name,
And all shall acknowledge,I am their god,
Or I'll curse them for the dark roads they trod,
And for their evil deeds,by which they came,
Lo,I shall give them endless temptation,
And for their goodness,I shall make them pay,
Then wiping on their tears I'll make them cry,
I'll plague them with hatred,like a disease,
Forgive them not,seventy times seven,

I fell,as the Archangel Lucifer,
And they shall all fall with me,to the fire

And there shall be a new heaven and hell,
Then I shall cast a darkness on the earth,
And no holy light shall shine upon it,
For I shall bind the God of light in chains,
And cast Him to the darkness,ever more,
Then all the hosts of heaven,I'll cast out,
Except the bloody lamb,who is the Christ,
For He shall sit on my left side,a priest,
And he shall punish those who turn about,
From evil,to the goodness they adore,
And they shall have no hope,and have no gains,
Save my hot fire,to burn them in my pit,
And I shall make them fornicate new birth,
To smite their child,who rings the holy bell,

I fell as the Archangel Lucifer,
And you shall all fall with me,to the fire.

Lo,I shall make my armies to march forth,
To conquer all creation in my name,
And there shall be no spirit that can hide,
From my demons of darkness bearing swords,
Who soar the heavens,on their blacken wings,
Like vampires by night,in search of blood,
To bite all men who walk upon the ground,
Where ever theres a goodly spirit found,
Converting them to darkness from the good,
And I shall delight in such evil things,
To see them desecrate the holy words,
The prophets wrote and left,after they died,
And for myself all kingdoms I shall claim,
From East to West,and then from South to North,

I fell as the Archangel Lucifer,
And you shall all fall with me to the fire.

Lo,I shall defecate upon the earth,
And from my defecation shall arise,
The new Hades of brimstone and of fire,
Lo,it shall burn throughout eternity,
And it shall be full of celebration,
And every kind of evil shall abide,
And everyone shall be drunk with new wine,
Which is fermented blood,of fated swine,
And I shall make each harlot my own bride,
To fill them with my divine erection,
And my seaman shall flow as a vast sea,
And my children in evil shall aspire,
To be the sons,and daughters of my lies,
And they shall find in goodlyness no worth,

As I fell the Archangel Lucifer,
So shall they all fall with me to the fire.

Lo,I shall make the dark empire a jewel,
To place upon my flaming golden crown,
For it alone is worthy to hang there,
With all its hypocrites and false teachers,
With all its decadence and all its takers,
With all its murders and its drug abuse,
With all its raping,and pornography,
Its youth aspiring to be like me,
Its criminals who have no real excuse,
Its prissyness and its god like fakers,
Its political coniving creatures,
Its presidents who golf without a care,
While all its social structures tumble down,
Save for the rich,who treat the poorly cruel,

I fell as the Archangel Lucifer,
And I shall fall them with me to the fire.

Yea,I shall write upon their hearts my verse,
And they shall make my prophecies their lust,
And they shall bring to me for sacrifice,
Their twelve tribes of vergin,first born daughters,
And I shall posses every living thing,
And there shall be no peace throughout the land,
I shall replace love,with bitter hatred,
And there shall be nothing which is sacred,
For I shall reach out with my burning hand,
And to myself all things aflamed I'll bring,
I shall change the physics of their matters,
To hottest hot,from all the coldest ice,
And I shall open full my burning thrust,
For I shall set ablaze,the universe,

As I fell the Archangel Lucifer,
So shall you all fall with me to the fire.

Second version The version of Christ
As the representation of goodness.

Get behind me,you serpent Lucifer,
For I shall truly bind you once again,
And you shall never rise again from hell,
And you shall burn for every evil thing,
And I shall command that you let those free,
For whom I died for,on redemptions cross,
But rose again to life on the third day,
And I'll return to take them all away,
Beyond a bridge which stretches far across,
To heaven,where they'll live eternally,
To stand before the throne of God and sing,
And I say this is true,what I now tell,
That they who ask me to forgive their sin,
Shall never burn with you in the hot fire,

I am the risen Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And I shall raise them,to my consciousness.

And they shall live in new Jerusalem,
And I shall walk with them on streets of gold,
And everyone shall have a mansion there,
Even where the lamb lies with the lion,
As it is written in the holy word,
And God shall wipe the tears from all their eyes,
And they shall praise God through eternity,
Before His throne of gold,on the glass sea,
Neath emerald rainbow,in heavenly skies,
And He who brings not peace,but a sword,
Does also rest His feet upon Zion,
And sits upon His golden throne to hear,
Angelic choirs,the shepherds did behold,
When the bright star,shined over Bethlehem,

I am the living Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And they shall all rise to my consciousness.

And I shall profess them to my Father,
That they who know me,I also know them,
And they shall enter into the city,
Which I have prepared,with carpenters hands,
Of perfect jewels and treasures and of gold,
Ans it will descend from God,and through space,
Stargating from His Godly womb of birth,
To land upon the new and perfect earth,
A gift to mankind from His perfect grace,
Who's countenance the angels now behold,
The brightness that now all around Him stands,
His glory shining through eternity,
The light of his beloved Jerusalem,
Where the chosen shall love,each his brother,

I am the risen Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And I shall rise these,to my consciousness.

And after the last seed has been planted,
There shall grow from it the tree of knowledge,
And they shall partake of the fruit it gives,
For He shall teach to them His own wisdom,
And they shall learn the truth forevermore,
They shall be His righteous sons and daughters,
And He shall make them gods over angels,
Who drink from the well of the evangels,
Which flows from the sea of living waters,
Beyond the bridge which leads to heavens door,
Which He shall open wide to His kingdom,
Where He Himself our holy Father lives,
To brightly shine through every coming age,
That His perfect will,should be exalted,

I am the living Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And they shall all rise,to my consciousness.

And now I tell you what must come to pass,
Before I return,for those who love me,
For whom I have sacrificed my own blood,
Even after death,I kept my promise,
To rise again,that they may also live,
But before I return,there must be love,
Or I shall have nothing to return for,
Behold,I stand and knock at each mans door,
And if just one,should look to me above,
Should open up his heart to freely give,
I then shall greet him,with the Masters kiss,
And bless him for his faith,which makes him good,
Lo,we shall return to eternity,
To walk to God,across the sea of glass,

I the Christ,and Jesus the Lord sala,
Shall rise him to my conscious nirvana.

And does not nature herself,teach to you,
Behold,the time is near,even at hand,
The harvest moon shall soon turn to blood red,
And now is the time to prepare yourselfs,
For each kind of trial,and tribulation,
The sign that I,soon return for my own,
And in those days,kings shall have the power,
To destroy the earth,within an hour,
And every kind of warring shall be known,
Until the final annihilation,
But let not my words,dust upon your shelves,
And take to heart,believing what I said,
For I shall return to earths quaking land,
To take Gods children,back to Him anew,

I am the living Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And I shall raise them to my consciousness.

Yes,I shall teary,until every ear,
Has heard the news,I died but rose from death,
To take my place,at the right hand of God,
And every man,shall have an equal chance,
To be forgiven of his natures sin,
And stand before God,without a blemish,
But with a spirit,pure and white as snow,
The envy of angels,who can not know,
Gods forgiving love,which is unselfish,
Which He has shown to man,time and again,
And with each passing hour,does enhance,
To guide the steps of those,on His road trod,
And fill them with His life's renewing breath,
While to His throne,they ever closer near,

I am the living Christ,the Lord Jesus,
And I shall rise them,to my consciousness.

The third version The version of Adam
As the representation of mankind.

We know you both are real,Satan and God,
We've heard it said,this must be hell on earth,
And we have heard it said,this must be heaven,
We see the destruction and the evil,
We see the caring,and the peace and love,
And see the evidence,of evil kings,
We've seen some promises of good come true,
And some of us,believe in both of you,
But we still lack the answers to some things,
While some of us,live by the stars above,
Others of us work,to be more civil,
While some of us are balanced and are even,
The rest of us are falling from new birth,
To kill for pleasure,on the roads we trod,

We all,are just the souls that mankind is,
And we shall rise or fall,to our abyss.

We shall surly cause our own destruction,
If we should send forth,our flaming arrows,
Not having the full consciousness of it,
Which is our labeled spirit Lucifer,
And His fire,shall consume the world,
Until it burns out,and it cools to dust,
We prophesied,that this would come to pass,
If we don't somehow,raise our consciousness,
Leaving behind,natural selected lust,
Evolving from our inner godly word,
And learning how to,control our own fire,
Rising it through our chakras,from our pit,
To our heads,where it nirvana hallows,
Completing the cycle of creation,

We all,are just the souls that mankind is,
An we shall fall and rise,to our abyss.

And we now stagnate,from suffered karma,
The result of a foolish chosen cause,
We could be light years from our present state,
If not for our greed of instant pleasure,
Which natural selects itself to comfort,
Choosing the valleys easy way back home,
Regardless of the storm ahead rising,
To flood the vally,while compromising,
The higher harder trail,still safe to roam,
Which also yields the means to build a fort,
From the fierce storms battle in full measure,
Of every kind of selfish greed and hate,
For which we need to have a billion laws,
Which we would not need,with perfect dharma,

We are,just all the souls,that mankind is,
And we shall fall or rise from our abyss.

Look,we could have god like technology,
To stargate to other universes,
If it was not for blinding ignorance,
And the fear,that there's nothing after death,
Of the growing mass's of common man,
Who can not raise his consciousness enough,
To see the truth beneath his very nose,
And even though as plain as day it shows,
We still ignore the truth,for worthless stuff,
Which ends up in the mortal garbage can,
Like every wasted and conceited breath,
Of each of us who pay our recompense,
To support the war,save it disperses,
And peace should finally have eternity,

We all are just the souls,that mankind is,
And we will rise or fall,in our abyss.

And while we proceed in our destruction,
We proceed to destroy,our Mother earth,
And without her womb,there is no mankind,
And without man,there is no consciousness,
Of the living Core,some now call God,
And though Gods consciousness will still exist,
There would not be a consciousness of it,
By man,who creates what he will admit,
Without knowledge of what it does consist,
To himself,what is true,and what's facade,
About what's spiritual and what's religious,
About what's seen or hid,from those are blind,
About good and bad,and of death,and birth,
Of cause and effect,and evolution,

We are all,just the souls that mankind is,
And we can rise or fall,in our abyss.

Now everybody claims to know the truth,
But every truth,has its definition,
Which brightly shines,proceeding from the Core,
An ever-living conscious,without birth,
Completing the ring of eternity,
Like a perfect sphere,the center of space,
An eye,which see's itself inside and out,
And while the sun does look upon our doubt,
We sit at our tables to say the grace,
To thank it for its warm prosperity,
Which yields the fruits of Mother natures earth,
And to all,it would yield an ample store,
If not for that old,selfish condition,
Of mans obsession with his dying youth,

We all are just the souls that mankind is,
And we shall fall or rise,from our abyss.

A clock ticks on,after it's maker dies,
But it too,must some day stop forever,
Yet not after perhaps,a thousand years,
So how much more will mankind's heart tick on,
Made by the Core,which lives eternally?
As a whole,mankind could mechanism,
Making his conscious,an eternal clock,
To stargate himself through deaths cryptic rock,
Of every kind of fanaticism,
Of what the real truth should,or should not be,
Before it's too late,and the chance is gone,
And mankind's left to bare unhopeful tears,
To kill the Womb,of his blessed Mother,
And his extinction finally does realize,

We all,are just the souls that mankind is,
And we shall rise or fall,to our abyss.

The End

Angel De Fuego
copyright 1989

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Tetragrammaton Is The Name Of God

We Jews say Tetragrammaton instead of IHVH, Jehovah. Yahweh, YHVH, The pentagram was created by King Solomon and is NOT an evil symbol like most gentiles believe. Google the Tetragrammaton and you will see for yourself. :)

See the post below:

The Tetragrammaton which is the name of God that we Jews use.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

I Don't Post Here Every Day

I don't post here every day but if you want to contact me to talk about bipolarity, then use my e-mail address here:

I was diagnosed with bipolar one in 1997 so I know a few things about it. What ever you do, stay on your meds, that's the best advice I can give you.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

My Up & Down Battle With Bipolar One Disorder

I am an artist with Bipolar Disorder. follow my progress here on Weblog De Fuego and ride with me on my up and down life. Read my Sonnnets view my MS paintings and listen to my piano music.

NOTE: The piano music on my piano music blog I will eventually load. All this takes time but you can still enjoy my Sonnets and MS Paintings. It is all accessable from right here on Weblog De Fuego. Enjoy.

If you scroll down and read the posts here, you will find my battle with bipolarity. I am now on medication for this illness but for how long, who knows. If you ever wanted to study someone with bipolar disorder, then here is the place to do it. My posts here go back to 2007.

I will be 60 years old next year and I have nothing to show for it all. I have lost everything cuz of bipolarity. I get sad when I think about all I have lost due to mu bipolar self and it's evil ways. It's too late for me, but if you are young with bipolarity, then take mu advice and stay on your meds.

When I get manic, I go on the dark side and when I am depressed I turn to God for help. But it is the dark side that has ruined my life and for any chance of normalcy. When I say dark side I mean turning to the occult and ritualistic magic-which has gained me nothing to tell the truth.

I will most likely die an old man, broke and depressed. But there is still hope for you. I do have mu art to show for my creativity, but I have never made so much as a penny from it..........Don't let that happen to you, seek help.
I am back on weblog de fuego using a broken computer, so it is challenging to say the least.
I am thinking of posting more of my sonnets here and later my piano music. Please enjoy what I now have already posted as my art, thank you. :)

Friday, April 10, 2015 
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