Monday, February 06, 2012

Veteran of The Angel Wars

I am a veteran of the angel wars and I
saw Lucifer fall from heaven like lightening,
and the faces of angels burning.

You can not know me the spirit of a messenger
from God. I am vetus older than you who are yet
to be born into heaven.

I walk among you in silence but speak when
spoken to. I mask myself with many faces
and even when you are looking at me,
you can not see me, you only see the mask.

You will entertain me without knowing that
I am a veteran of the angel wars but now I live
among you who are not yet born into heaven
and who still live by their blindness to the truth.

I watch you as from afar sometimes for years at
a time. Then I deliver my message from God to
you concerning your life. I am not a prophet nor
am I a preacher.

I have been wounded in the angel wars when the
sky in heaven was aflame and the faces of angels
were destroyed. I was disfigured by fire but
survived and am now called the Angel of Fire in
heaven as on earth Angel De Fuego.

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