Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Gave It An Honest Try

Back when I joined a motorcycle ministry I was thinking
that maybe the Lord could use me there and I could also
get spiritually fed. But things did not work out that way
and I left instead.

I did give it an honest try for about 3 years but it was to
late by then cause I had already seen thru all the facade
and saw the hoarding of material possessions and money
was made the object to be desired even to the point of
having a store inside the Sanctuary which Jesus thru a
fit over to whip the money changers inside the temple.

I am not one to normally judge anyone but I was a member
and as a member it was up to me to point out what I thought
were the shortcomings of my then pastor and church, which
I did. Now they all think I am the one who has lost my salvation
saying: "We want to pray for your salvation" That is actually
funny considering I am still saved and never did anything wrong
but point out to them that there theology sucks or they just
ignore the truth to suit their greedy and power hungry souls.

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