Monday, January 28, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not So Still Life

One of my new paintings. this is the only
form that you will ever see it in, meaning
that it does not really exist save in cyberspace.
For an explanation of this and to see other
versions of this, and other painting go to my:
Drawings and Paintings Archive.

Angel in Cyberland

Down through the wormhole (dial-up modem sound)
I go, into Cyberland, where everything is smaller
and stranger. In Cyberland I meet a girl named
Ecila, and we travel together through Cyberland.

One day Angel tried to go to Cyberland to see
Ecila, but the stupid wormhole (modem) dial-up
connection was down. So Angel darted over to
his trusty MacBook and connected to Cyber-
land via broadband. But the connection was so
sudden, that the impact of Angel hitting Cyber-
land, smashed him into cyberbits. After picking
up all of Angels tiny bits, Ecila continued her
lonely journey through Cyberland.

One day, Ecila noticed that if she took one of
Angels tiny bits and decoded it by turning it
into HTML, that she could make herself grow
and have access to real computers in the real
world, and one day she found the real Angel
on a weblog and after finding out that he was
married, shrank back down and went back
to Cyberland.

While Angel in the mean time in first world
didn't know that Ecila was in town looking
for him. He didn't care either way anyway
since all this is just made up while I wait for
breakfast, and have nothing else to post right

The End.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome To My Cyberworld

This Weblog and all it's corresponding pages
are my cyberworld, a cyberworld of my own
creation. With help from God and
I am able to create all the fascinating pages
and related stuff that make up Weblog De Fuego.

If you are one of the lucky few that get the
opportunity, albeit by chance, to come across
Weblog De Fuego or any of it's related pages,
then consider yourself a fortunate person
and share your good fortune with others by
telling them about Weblog De Fuego.

Why would you do this for someone you don't
even know ? cause, I put the idea in your head.
But that's OK, cause I am not telling you to do
something bad. But if it turns out that you hate
Weblog De Fuego and all it's related pages,
then may I say you should go quickly to the
bathroom, take out your brain, and give it
a good washing.

If that does not remove all the yuk of weblog,
then may I suggest that you take out your
brain again and repeat steps 1 and 2.
finally with your brain once again clean and
fresh, you may again continue on your journey
through this illusion called life. Please take a
number and have a seat, and your name will
not be called shortly. Unless of course your
name really is Shortly, in which case your
name has already been called.

If your name has already been called,
then please stand up, return the number
and leave at once. We will not notify you
about any changes in your case, or if we
have changed locations. Thank You and
have a nice day.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hardest Thing In The World

Bipolar Ranting in B flat minor

The hardest thing in the world for me
is to be an unrecognized artist. Nobody
even knows that I exist, and being on the
internet doesn't really help much. It is
really hard for me to have all my beautiful
piano music just go to waste collecting cyber-
dust on my weblog, cause everyone just
wants to hear Jichel Mackson or some
other famous pop star, or rock & roll stuff.
I haven't even mentioned my sonnets.

And worse than that, I am making no
money from my sonnets or from any
of my piano music. It is because of my
bipolar disorder that I can't get out there
to promote my music. The thing that's
ironic, is that it is the bipolar disorder
that creates the music and sonnets.
A catch 22 and then some.

I do not know anyone in the
music business and I am poor. So now
you all know what kind of hell I go
through every day. To make things worse,
my wife does not help me emotionally
and actually makes things worse. :-(
Somebody shoot me please.
Shoot MeDismayDisappointed 3Annoyed And Disappointed

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Three Computer Guy

I use three computers in my daily
activities. I use a desktop tower dell
computer for studio work and for
piano and symphonic composition.
My studio computer is not on line
for obvious reasons being where I
create and store all my original music
and my original sonnets/poetry.

And I have two laptops on line.
A MacBook and Inspiron dell. These
laptops control and run all my Weblog
sites and pages. My job is to run these
three computers, creating my weblog
with updates, creating and posting my
music, and my poetry/sonnets and my
MS Paintings/Art. To gather and store
info from the net and to have lots of
fun doing it all.

Never before in history (until now)
could one person from their home
have access to so much information
concerning everything about life and
then some, and all this, just one click
away. Plus, to write a poem and upload
it and have the whole world be able to
see it instantly on the internet.

If your not in this midst of it, then it
boggles the mind. Even so, it
boggles the mind to be a part of it
while actually being it (making history).

FDA OKs Food Sales of Cloned Animals

Come here Dolly, baaa baaa I'm hungry.
I don't know about the rest of you, but
eating a cloned animal doesn't sound
very appetizing. No thanks I'll pass !
Besides, I don't trust the FDA under
the Bush administration.

I'm the real pig , No, I'm the real pig!
We both taste the same!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To Order From Chaos

Chaos from order is easy, just drop an egg on
the floor, and like magic you have a chaotic
egg on your floor mess. But to undrop the egg
or as they say unscramble the egg, is a bit
more tricky than simple magic.

To learn how to unscramble an egg,
click here, to unscramble your brain
as well. This link will take you to a
new church where you will learn about
The Egg* and its three parts, and how
each of the three parts of an egg live
in perfect harmony with each other.

Shell, Whites, Yolk

*The Egg has three parts to its one
self, this works fine in nature.
Likewise three major religions
can live in harmony as one

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can You Prove It ?

If you say that you are a creative genius,
then you better be able to prove it.
Fortunately for me, I have already
proven it with my original piano music

But is that enough? What about a religious
contribution like say a church or something.
Already been there done that. OK, then how
about a .............. man who is a country unto
himself. I will be that man. Complete diplo-
matic amunity in all countries.

When I visit other countries, I will be like
a whole country passing through. I will carry
my own arsenal of weapons as any country
would (including my own nukes) I will have a caravan
of dignitaries and the like. Hey, this is
getting fun! Only one man at a time can have
this kind of freedom and power.

He will be called the peace maker. He will have
the power and freedom of Kings and Presidents.
He will go to whatever country is having a
problem and make peace. I volunteer to be
the first peace maker, since it is my idea.

All other peace makers after me, will be elected,
voted in by the whole world. Each peace maker
will be in that roll for a period of 3 1/2 years.
Any Questions ?........................................... good.

Now it's someone else's turn to create something!

Go to this Link to learn more about Bipolar Disorder
and Creative Genius.

"Though this psychopathology is not for one to
wish, one interesting association with bipolar
disorder is the creativity of those afflicted.
This is not the normal creativity experienced
by the above-average people (on the scale of
creativity). This creativity is the creative genius,
which is so rare, yet an inordinate percentage of
the well-known creative people were/are afflicted
with manic depression. Among the lengthy list are:
(writers) F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway,
Sylvia Plath; (poets) William Blake, Sara Teasdale,
Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson; (composers)
Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky. Psychiatrists, realizing
a connection greater than coincidence, have performed
studies all over the world in an attempt to establish a
link between bipolar disorder and creativity."

Snow Fall In Baghdad

From the San Diego Union -Tribune.

"There were no reports of bloodshed 
during the snowstorm."

"Iraqis delight in magnificent scene."

"Baghdad awakes to rare snowfall."

"This is so unusual, and I don't know
whether or not it is a lesson from God."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Two For One

I am now signed on to Weblog De Fuego
using both my PC and my Mac.
As usual with me, the bipolar thing
shows up in still another way.

Also, as per set up symboling, having
the two computers side by side on my
table top, gives me power to open
doors in the world of symbology. 

Yep! I'm one of those very strange
people that you come across from
time to time on the internet. 
Give it a few days, and you'll forget
that you were ever here, until you
run into me again on another site.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please Don't Show Me That!

Do these look real to you?

Here I am late night cruising the net
I haven't had sex for over a week when
right out of nowhere, jumps this nude
chick with big nice tits and a well
groomed p#@sy. 

So Im sitting here looking at it
when my wife walks out of the 
bedroom and sees me looking
at this nude chick on my computer.

And I say, I was just going to the
next blog and this one jumped right
out at me with all these photos of
nude horny chicks in my area that
want sex.

Really, I didn't like go looking for
any girly photos to look at, it really
just happened all by it self.

And she's like Ya Right!

If you don't believe me then
try it yourself, It works every time!
On the top left hand side of the blog
page it says: SEARCH BLOG  FLAG BLOG  Next Blog
Cick on the Next Blog until these chicks start
appearing. You don't even have to look for em.
They come to you.

My wife asked me to remove the above photo
from this weblog, but I told her that it has
become part of the decor now. Besides I'm
still trying to figure out if there real or not.

Not Another Church!


This will be my last church invention
I promise. But you gota check out my
new church:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back on Line

OK it looks like SitePale is back
up and running again. So now
all my hostembeds are working
again. be sure to check out some
of my characters and hear what
they have to say.

Lost All Hostembeds

Looks like SitePale ( has
temporarily lost itself. There whole
site is down. That is why my hosts
are not working today. Hopefully
SitePale will get its shit together
soon since I am paying them tons
of money to have their hostembeded 
characters perform on my Weblog.

So, don't make me come over there
and smack you oddcast. You don't
even want to piss me off. Unless
your under water or under fire
you better fix your shit quick. :-)

Just kidding, I know sitepale
is having tech problems cause
I just talked to them. they will
be up and running in no time.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Selling My Creative Power ?

Imagine if I could sell to you my
ability to create beautiful works
of art?
How much would you pay to have
my artistic ability and creative
power ?

If it were only true, but the real
truth is that I can not sell to you
or anybody at any price, my creative
power. It is something that you
are either born with or not.

If you do not have any creative
power, then you don't know what
your missing. And it's best to leave
it at that, since with the creative
power comes all the problems 
associated with it.

Chief of which is bipolar disorder.
You can create without having
bipolar disorder, but the disorder
gives you an Xtra boost of element
X which is always missing in the
ordinary and normal creations.

It's like you can't be 6 feet 6 inches
tall and weigh in at 260 pounds and
make a good horse Jockey. It's best
to be a smaller and lighter man to
be a better ridder.

The same rule/formula applies to art
and creativity. It's best to be bipolar
as an artist then not be bipolar.
I am saying here that if you do not
have bipolar disorder, you can still
but an artist, but as a creator you
might suck. 

Those who have the talent to perform
the creations of others, may not them-
selves have the power to create their

That does not mean that if you
can't write piano music, then you can't
play it either. On the contrary, most
composers would rather have others
perform their compositions than they
perform it themselves.

Some of the greatest concert pianists
in the world, can not write their own
piano music. But that is OK. and very
well excepted.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New MacBook

I am now signed on to weblog using
my new MacBook computer. Everything
looks the same, as it does on PC but my
audio links of piano music don't want to
work as well as on the PC.

If you are getting me on a Mac, try an
audio link to see if it works for you.
On the MacBook you have to double
click on some things. Since there is
no right clicker on Mac, things are a
bit different.

Anyway, as I was saying, It all pretty
much looks the same on PC or Mac.
I am using broadband for both.

On the avatar host, you have to double
click on the thumb nail screen to get
it to repeat the message. Also to get
the avatar to follow your cursor, you
have to hold down the click bar on the

Alone In The Desert

After 31 days without alcohol, or tobacco,
I am now ready to go into the desert.
In the desert I will seek the Lord God
of Abraham. I will take a small tent,
a sleeping bag, a small medical kit, a
1 week supply of army rations and
a bible.

When will I do this ?
After it stops raining...........

It's the thought that counts.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Be Honest Now

Be honest, how many people do you
know that have a serious case of
bipolar disorder, but can still maintain
more or less and even have a blog or
two, let alone 39 ? It doesn't mean
that I can hold a day job, but it is a
good case for creative genius, a.k.a.
a fine madness. Besides, you would
not want to be around me in a work

My case of bipolar disorder is unique
to me alone. It has shaped and molded
the very essence of who and what I am.
This is true for everyones personal case.
I have been blessed with a very creative
and active strain of the bipolar illness.
So far in my life, I am now 51, I have
been up and manic. That's good for an
artist. It is impossible for me to create
during a depressive cycle which I have
felt only a few times in my life.

Creative genius is a power unto itself.
If you were to read my entire weblog
of 39 + blog pages and 6 older blogs,
and get a feel for all my knowledge,
you would not believe that I only got
to the fourth (4th) grade in public
schools. It is important that the reader
here understands that I do not have
academic genius (learned) but rather
natural genius (intuitive) knowledge,
which is not taught in schools.

After an I.Q. test in 1966 in California
that said I had an I.Q. of 187, I dropped
out of public schools at the tender age
of ten (10) years old. From that
point on, I was Autodidact with
my parents blessing. At the age
of twelve (12) I was enrolled
in metaphysics schools.
where I learned that life comes in
groups of threes and in cycles of 7
and all kinds of other cool stuff.

The art came natural. I never went
to any kind of art school and never
had to study hard for music or any
kind of art. I have never gone to
any kind of high school a single day
of my life.

That hurt me a little bit socially in
that I am still very shy around certain
people, and get nervous around a group
or a lot of girls. But I understand why
and that helps with the problem.

At 18 I got a G.E.D. 2 month night school
and the teacher sent me a card saying
that I was the best student she ever joke. When I opened the envelope
I thought it was a wedding invitation or
something like that.

My potential for knowledge and creative
projects are limitless. Sometimes while I
am writing a sonnet I am also writing a
piano piece, or thinking of a drawing.
I am always in a chess game with myself
or computer. These games can last for
weeks. It's not about speed and challenge
when keeping the mind alert and active.

If you have ever been interested in creative
genius or bipolar disorder, then here is your
chance to study the real thing as it happens.
I am not famous, but I should be one of those
mentioned in the book Touched With Fire
by Kay Redfield Jamison. A still living
example of an Artistic Master with bipolar

It is important that you the general public
understand me and know who I am, since
I will soon walk on the world stage and
announce myself to be or not to be.
Some of you already know about me and
who I am. Soon everyone will know.

Stay Tuned to find out what and who ?
If you know, keep it a secret for now.

"I have never let my schooling interfere
with my education."
Mark Twain

Friday, January 04, 2008

Back with New Toys

My wife and I got some new toys
for Holiday but I'm glad it's over.
It was Holiday Overkill this year.