Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus Christ Was Not A Christian

Jesus was a Jew living as a Rabbi among His own people.
He taught in a Temple/Synagog and not a Christian church.
Christianity did not exist while Jesus was on earth and there
were no little Christian churches on every corner begging
for money in Jesus name.

If it were only the Catholic churches that we see on every
street corner in America, then that alone would be too much
churchiness and skewed Christianity around causing a big
problem for potential Christian converts to scrutinize and
to harshly judge.

Now we have the Protestants to join in and make things
worse by televised Evangelism begging for money in Jesus
name then such evangelists famously spending million
of dollars on themselves buying lavish mansions, cars and
clothing and material possessions.

But Jesus was not about anything that has to do with modern
American Christianity, and was more about establishing a
Jewish based belief that God is love and you humans can have
a personal relationship with Him while remaining Jews and
obeying Jewish law which He came to fulfill and not to abolish.

So what we really need is a Catholic Synagog and to do away
with all the God Damned Protestant churches.
Messianic Catholics
Forget it,
it's probably beyond your scope of understanding.

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