Sunday, April 29, 2012

Does It Take Money To Spread The Gospel?
By: Bodé Adeboyejo

Money, they say, makes the world go round. But does it make the Gospel go round too? If you posed this question to most radio/TV preachers and presidents of Christian ministries the answer to this question would be a resounding, "YES!" As far as they are concerned, and would like us to believe, it does take money to spread the Gospel.

But does it really take money to spread the Gospel? Really? To which I’d have to answer, with a resounding, "NO!" It does not take money to spread the Gospel! If it does, Jesus would not have sent out His disciples to preach the Gospel without money. Twice, not once, when Jesus sent out His disciples to preach the Gospel, (first the twelve and then the seventy disciples -- Luke 9:1-6 and Luke 10:1-30); He told them not to take anything with them for the journey. Not money, not extra clothes, not extra shoes, not food, etc.
You know that sounds more like God, because it’s contrary to what we would do in the natural. Remember, His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways… (Isaiah 55:8). Conventional wisdom, on the other hand, says that you need, and should take these things before embarking on a journey. But Jesus said don’t take these things.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus would tell His disciples not to take basic necessities with them when they went out to preach? Perhaps the reason Jesus said don’t take these things was because He knew that these things, rather than be an aid to the Gospel, could easily become a distraction to the Gospel.
I mean, common-sense dictates that you at least take money, even if you don’t take the other things, because you can buy the other things with money. But "faith-sense" says that you trust the One sending you on such a journey to provide and meet all your needs -- everything necessary to accomplish the task. That is His responsibility.

Therefore, if God sends you on a mission or an assignment, it is His responsibility to provide for you while on the assignment. After all, it is His assignment. So, you don’t need to come up with tricks or gimmicks or marketing strategies on how to provide for yourself.

You say, "But Paul asked the Corinthians for money to support his ministry. Why do you say that it doesn’t take money to spread the Gospel?" No! Paul did not ask the Corinthians for money to support his ministry. Rather, he reminded them of the promise they made to support the other saints (2 Corinthians 9:5). The money was meant to meet the needs of the other saints in need (2 Corinthians 9:1, 12). Not for spreading the Gospel. There’s a difference (Read the whole of 2 Corinthians 8 and 9). This was similar to what the Early Christians did in Acts 2:41-47 and 4:33-37.
You know that Paul did not beg for money to because in his first letter to the Corinthians he wrote to them concerning giving, and whether a minister of the Gospel should be compensated for his efforts, saying:
If we have sown spiritual things for you, is it a great thing if we reap your material things? If others are partakers of this right over you, are we not even more?
Nevertheless we have not used this right, but endure all things lest we hinder the gospel of Christ. Do you not know that those who minister the holy things eat of the things of the temple, and those who serve at the altar partake of the offerings of the altar? Even so the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should live from the gospel. But I have used none of these things, nor have I written these things that it should be done so to me; for it would be better for me to die than that anyone should make my boasting void…What is my reward then? That when I preach the gospel, I may present the gospel of Christ without charge, that I may not abuse my authority in the gospel.
 1 Corinthians 9:11-15 & 18

"...One age-old scam churches and preachers have been running for years is having church building funds..."

I have heard radio and TV preachers say something like this, "the Gospel is free but someone has to put in the plumbing work to get it to the people." True. But that’s for God to worry about. I don’t believe that a preacher has to beg for money to help put in the "plumbing work."

You say, "But how would the people know that there’s a need if you don’t tell them?" To which I say, "By the Holy Spirit." Whenever and wherever there’s a need in the Body of Christ or a church, God moves upon the hearts of people to meet the need. God knows a need even before we know there’s a need. That’s why He makes sure that He moves on the heart of the people to meet the need. But I guess we don’t trust God enough to meet our needs that way.

I believe that one of the reasons most ministries or ministers come up with all kinds of schemes to raise money is because they over-stretch their ministries, all in the name of acting out in faith. And when they are not able to meet their enormous bills, they resort to all kinds of tricks and schemes. Another reason is just due to their sheer extravagance, in the name of making God look ‘good.’ You often see such unnecessary extravagance in multi-million dollar church buildings or ministry buildings or campuses.

Therefore, one age-old scam churches and preachers have been running for years is having church building funds, where they ask the people to give above and beyond their tithes and offerings to build what they call "God’s House." First of all, let me say that God does not dwell in temples made by hands (Acts 17:24). Rather, He dwells in the hearts of men. We are His temple (1 Corinthians 3:16)!
Second of all, God doesn’t care about where we worship; whether we worship under a tree, in a tent, a school or a cathedral. He only cares about our worship, i.e., how we worship Him –- in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). He only cares about being resident in our hearts, not in brick and mortar.
That’s why Jesus told His disciples when they were caught up admiring the beauty of the temple at Jerusalem that the temple would soon be destroyed. (Mark 13:1-2).

Perhaps, you say, "But how about in the Old Testament, where God told Moses to tell the people to bring their gold, silver, etc. to build the tabernacle?" (Exodus 25:1-3) That’s true. That was in the Old Testament, and that’s why it’s the Old Testament! It does not apply to us in the New Testament, in the dispensation of Grace. Remember that the tabernacle was a make-shift, collapsible tent. It was a temporary structure. God had to dwell in the tabernacle because in the Old Testament, God’s Spirit couldn’t reside in man because Jesus had not yet come and man had not been redeemed yet.

Even when King Solomon built the first temple, he acknowledged the fact that heaven could not contain God, much less for Him to dwell in a temple (1 Kings 8:27).
So, don’t let anyone con you into giving into a building fund. If the Lord lays it on your heart to do so, you may. But don’t be cajoled or pressured to give by any sweet-talking salesperson, in the name of a preacher, to give to a church building fund.

"The reason we think that it takes money to spread the Gospel is because we’d rather throw money at a problem than be personally involved."

Some of these preachers even have the gall to ask their members and radio or TV audience to contribute towards purchasing a private jet or upgrading their private jets, so that they can take the Gospel to the rest of the world! Lie! Most of them use the private jets for their personal pleasure than they do actual ministry work!
For instance, Christian ministries like TBN, Daystar, etc., raise money every year during a telethon (as someone put it, "Con-a-thon") in the name of taking the Gospel to the outermost parts of the world or that they are reaching the world for Christ. Lie! They raise money to sustain the lavish lifestyles of their founders Paul and his wife Jan Crouch (TBN), Marcus and Joni Lamb (Daystar). They are not reaching the world for Christ; rather they are only reaching the Body of Christ or better yet the spiritually gullible for themselves; to grow their own personal empires!

I mean, how are you reaching the world for Christ, when the majority of your viewers are Christians, not unbelievers? For the most part, unbelievers don’t watch Christian stations or programming! So, if anyone is truly trying to reach sinners, he/she would go where sinners are or broadcast on secular radio or TV stations that sinners listen to or watch, not Christian stations!
I don’t know about you, but when I was a sinner, a Christian station or religious programming was the last thing I wanted to see. Even if I was channel-surfing, and came upon a religious programming, I changed the channel quickly to go on to something else. I mean, who wants to watch a preacher whooping and hollering when I could be watching musical videos on BET?

Is it any wonder then why Christianity lacks credibility around the world? If all people see are the money-hungry, con-artists on TBN and Daystar; the likes of Rod Parsley, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, etc. Or some of the other preachers who misuse and take scriptures out of context, the likes of Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers and a host of others.
For instance, just recently, Paula White at a TBN telethon, read Psalm 66:12, to ask the viewers to call in to pledge $66.12 for the next 12 months to help support TBN, so that they can get the blessing of Psalm 66:12! My goodness! How do these people come up with these scams? Ah! How are they able to sleep at night? Don’t they have a conscience?
By the way, just in case you are wondering what Psalm 66:12 says…it says
You have caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; but You brought us out to rich fulfillment.
Anyway, moving right along…
So, if it does not take money to spread the Gospel, what does it take and how is the Gospel going to reach the outermost parts of the world? The same way the Gospel got to us through Jesus and His disciples. The same way the Gospel reached the world in biblical days – by each one reaching one.
No where in the Bible would you find anyone beg the people for money to help spread the Gospel. And please don’t tell me that things have changed since biblical times. Or that today, it takes more money to spread the Gospel than it did in biblical times. Lie! Nothing has changed. At least, not as it relates to spreading the Gospel. The same old-fashioned way of each one reach one will still get the job done, today and in the future!
The reason we think that it takes money to spread the Gospel is because we’d rather throw money at a problem than be personally involved. We’d rather send money or use electronic media to go where we ought to go. We think that when Jesus said that the end of the world shall not come until the Gospel has been preached in all parts of the world (Matthew 24:14), that he meant by radio, TV, newspaper, books, telephone, fax, internet, etc. No! He meant by each one reaching one. He meant each one of us personally preaching the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Think about it, if it takes money to spread the Gospel, then cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons would not have followers. Yet, you never see them on radio or TV evangelizing or even begging you for money at that. Why? Simply because they are busy doing simple, old-fashioned evangelism; going door-to-door, and each one reaching one. That’s what we, the Church of Jesus Christ, are called to do! Not preach through radio, TV or the internet or beg for money at that!

Sure, using the media is good. It makes evangelism easier. I have nothing against it. Thank God for radio, TV, the internet, etc. There’s nothing wrong with them. If not, you won’t be reading this article now. But that’s not the primary way we are to spread the Gospel. It’s definitely not a reason to beg for money. You either can afford to have a radio/TV ministry or not.
I can’t stand it when radio/TV preachers or hosts say that if people don’t support their ministries that they’d go off the air. So? Go away! Bye! And as my mother-in-law would say jokingly in her broken Spanish, "Adios amigo!" You don’t need to threaten people about going off the air. If it is God’s ministry, He would find a way to support His ministry. You can’t stop God’s work. Sadly, many respected preachers of the Gospel and Christian ministry leaders have resorted to raising money this way.
Now, am I saying don’t give to the work of the Lord? No! All I’m saying is that it should be a willful offering, from the heart. Not because someone begged for it, but because the Holy Spirit prompted you. Matter of fact, I’ll go as far as saying that if someone has to beg or ask for it, chances are it’s not for the work of the Lord. Rather, it’s the work of man – to make the person look good or save face.

If it is truly the work of the Lord, the Lord will prompt you by His Spirit. Just as He prompted the Philippians to give to Paul’s ministry without him asking them. In fact, Paul said that they begged him to take their gift (2 Corinthians 8:4). If you are truly born of God’s Spirit and filled with God’s Spirit, you will be prompted to give! And if you really love the Lord, you can’t help but give to the work of the Lord. But let your giving come from the heart, not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7).
So again I ask, "Does it take money to spread the Gospel?" Again, I say, "No!" What it takes is a yielded and willing vessel. All it takes is each one reaching one. That was how the Gospel got to us; that is how we ought to get the Gospel to the outermost parts of the world!
Now, the question is, "Are you a yielded and willing vessel?"

"Stop begging For Money In Jesus Name You Fucking Greedy Hypocrite Preachers Or I'll Throw You Thru Your Fucking Stained Glass Window"

Angel De Fuego

Saturday, April 28, 2012

FaceBook Presence

I am now on facebook again for the first time since
last year. It's not as stimulating as stumble upon but
I am connecting with people for some unknown
reason to me. May is Mental Health Month thus the
green ribbon.

My friends who really know me know that I am
bipolar and a bit nuts at times and that I can say or
write things sometimes off the wall. But if anyone
is interested in learning about real bipolar disorder
and how it effects someone's life and their loved
ones and friends, then follow me on facebook and
learn how I struggle and then meet those struggles
head on with a shot gun and a pocket full of shells.
Well not really a shot gun but it did sound kinda 
cool to say it. :-)

I am presently on psych meds for bipolar so you
can all sorta relax until I get a hair up my ass and
post something. But I am trying right now to focus
on educating people about Bipolar One and not
some other weird project or something.

Angels1996Harley on FaceBook

Monday, April 23, 2012

Harley Davidson The American Tradition

I created this back patch and put it on a vest as shown.
Sometimes when I ride I wear it.
So if you see me riding out there, please be careful 
if your in a car and on a cell phone.

That way we can both keep enjoying the American Tradition 
without anyone getting sued nor dead.

So put down your damn phone while driving around me
on my bike, or I'll throw you thru the fucking window.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Harley

My 1996 Harley with and without whitewalls 
these photos were taken
in 2011 and 2012 
the 2005 date in camera is wrong.

Facebook: Why Am I Back Here

It's definitely a sign of my mental illness and bipolar 
insanity to come back to facebook where I
don't like it.

Can anyone explain this?

Bipolar Disorder Is A Killer

I was born with Bipolar Disorder 0ne (1) and I want to kill you
but don't worry cause I don't know where you live.
Even if I did know where you live, you can always hide
from me or pretend your not home.

BP1 people like me are bipolar from the stroller and are
late bloomers and often misunderstood and rejected.
Thats why we have to sneak up from behind you to
kill you otherwise we could just do it in your face.

I can be as gentle as a kitten or as fierce as a lion 
or worse, I can be both at the same time.
I am both volatile and dangerous around people who trigger me.
If you are afraid of me I can sense it and it makes me
want to kill you all that much more, so don't act afraid
of me while your around me.

Now you have been educated about me and people
like me so don't go pushing our buttons or we will
kill you. We are far and few between but we are there

Bipolar 1 Disorder is a killer
Don't be the next victim 

Happy Halloween Fother Muckers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 420 Day

I grew this a few years back
and I enjoyed it then.

Happy 420 Day

Peyronie's and Pain

Discomfort and pain is now the norm for the last hour
of a 2 hour set of stretching my penis in a SG device.
Thats 2-3 sets a day with pulling and rotating in between
to equal 4-6 hours a day of exercise and equipment use.
Right now as I am writing this I am at the end of such
a set and am in agonizing pain, but without such pain
there are little gains or none to be had.

I do this as a treatment for Peyronie's Disease which
causes ones penis to curve at a 45-90% angle thus
shortening the overall length of the penis and making
it painful and difficult to perform intercourse at all.
I am currently at 37-40% and getting a little better.

The Peyronie's itself causes pain during erection and
because of a scar plaque build up inside the penis there
is also pain there even during relaxed moments around
the house or trying to sleep.

So being a happy camper is not going to be easy with
your dick in a vice. That is why I don't give a fuck if
you live or die or if I live or die or anything lives or dies.
But I am trying to have a good attitude about it by not
killing anyone thru it all. :-) Shall we pray.....

Hail Mary full a grace the Lord is with thee. Bless'ed art
thou among women and bless'ed is the fruit of thy wond
Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at
the hour of our death, amen.

Click HERE for information about Penis Enlargement.

7 Months Of PE Today

Today marks 7 months of grinding out Penis Enlargement
every day using equipment and exercises to add length and
girth. I am happy with my results thus far but I know that if
I put even more time into it, that I would have even more
gains than I do now.

It takes time effort and some pain but it does work and leaves
you with permanent gains to show off to all your friends or

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's A Clitoris Mommy?

Article about the clitoris and how little science
really knew about it until 2009. I could tell em
a few things they may have overlooked. :-)

Until 2009, the human clitoris was an absolute mystery

Humans have been studying one another sexually for thousands upon thousands of years. Yet for all that time spent diligently exploring one another's anatomies, there remain many features of the human form that, until very recently, have gone uncharted — chief among them being the clitoris.

How recently are we talking? Try 2009. Yeah. Get ready, everybody — it's time you were brought up to speed on some important features of the female anatomy.

Picture a clitoris in your mind. Got it? Now, what if I told you that what you're imagining is just the tip of a much larger, internal clitoral iceberg — that the clitoris is actually much, much larger than what this sensitive bundle of nerve endings would lead you to believe?

Here's a helpful sketch to help you paint a safe-for-work, anatomically correct picture of what I'm talking about, along with a brief description. Both are provided courtesy of Ms. M, who heads things up over on MoSex, official blog of the Museum of Sex:

Until 2009, the human clitoris was an absolute mystery

The scientific name for the external "little button" or "bulb" [of the clitoris] is glans. Not to be confused with glands, glanssimply refers to a small circular mass. This little structure contains approximately 8,000 sensory nerve fibers; more than anywhere else in the human body and nearly twice the amount found on the head of a penis… The fact is, though, that most of the clitoris is subterranean, consisting of two corpora cavernosa (corpus cavernosum when referring to the structure as a whole), two crura (crus when referring to the structure as a whole), and the clitoral vestibules or bulbs.

The glans is connected to the body or shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa. When erect, the corpora cavernosa encompass the vagina on either side, as if they were wrapping around it giving it a big hug!

The corpus cavernosum also extends further, bifurcating again to form the two crura. These two legs extend up to 9cm, pointing toward the thighs when at rest, and stretching back toward the spine when erect.

Surprised? So was I. Granted, I'm also a guy — so I would never pretend to be as familiar with a clitoris as someone who physically possesses one — but according to Ms. M, news that the vast majority of the clitoris is actually internal will still likely come as a surprise to many women.

The reasons for this lack of understanding surrounding clitoral anatomy are many, but according to a paper published by Urologist Helen O'Connell in 2005, there are at least two big ones:

1) Incomplete or inaccurate textbook descriptions. Many only go so far as to describe the relatively small, external portion of the clitoris, or depict the internal anatomy with a single, two-dimensional picture. This planar view, states O'Connell, provides insufficient information to truly understand its structure.

2) Nobody knew about the full anatomical scope of the excited clitoris until the late 1990s, when researchers finally got around to using MRI to study its internal structure "in the live state" (a tool researchers had used to examine male sexual anatomy as far back as the 1970s).

Until 2009, the human clitoris was an absolute mysteryIn fact, according to Ms. M, it wasn't until 2009 that researchers Odile Buisson and Pierre Foldés produced the first complete three-dimensional sonography of the stimulated clitoris, similar to the one shown here, depicted in profile.

"They did this work for three years without any proper funding," writes Ms. M. "Thanks to them, we now understand how the erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges and surrounds the vagina – a complete breakthrough that explains how what we once considered to be a vaginal orgasm is actually an internal clitoral orgasm."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O Thou Lucifer Fallen Son

artists rendering of Lucifer

I believe Lucifer the Archangel was an unbegotten
son of God who also did present himself before God
with the other sons.

Job 2:2

I think future Jesus was among them and Lucifer
had already fallen in that verse since he is referred
to as Satan.

I also think Jesus became the only begotten son thru
Marry and the rest of the sons remain unbegotten and
are superspiritul like Jesus.

On the other hand I may also believe that it's all bull shit
depending on what day of my bipolar cycle I am in.

Yes, my life is this complicated screwed up in case anyone
cares to know.

The safe thing to do is to do nothing at all and to let this
all blow away with the wind.

Jesus said that you must hate your life to save it. So now
I too can save lives and forgive sins and hate life all the
while doing it.

That'l be a large fry and coke to got napkins?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

No Humor In The Bible

There is nothing funny about God or Jesus
or anything related to ones salvation in the bible.
Nothing humorous nor anything you can joke
about nor make fun of without sinning.
It's just to God Damn serious unless you make
up clean stupid Jesus jokes cause your not going
to find em in the bible.

Heaven sounds like a very serious place and
there's no joking around about getting there.
So who in the fuck wants that?

It all sounds to depressing and woeful and a
good trigger for a bipolar person like me.
I don't need triggers in my life nor any God
damn religion pushing my buttons in the
name of Jesus, who isn't funny at all.

I'll fucking throw you thru a stained glass
window from inside a church. Now that
would be funny.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Penis Is Getting Bigger :-)

some of my penis enlargement equipment. date on photo wrong, taken 2012

this sketch is from a photo of my penis

This little sketch shows how the traction device
is worn on a penis which then stretches it out for
hours at a time. If it is worn right then you only
feel pain after 2 hours which is the cells dividing.
If you can't take pain or discomfort for at least a
few hours, then this is not for you. Only us real
men would even think about wearing such a thing
let alone really wear it.

Gains only happen after the cells split and new cells
are created under the formula of medical traction
which has been practiced and proven for many years.
So if your not a sissy about some pain in your dick
for 4 hours a day, then you too can have a bigger penis.
I have been doing it for 7 months and I love the new
gains of shaft length and new foreskin restoration.

Click here for more info about PE and Forum.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make No Attempt To Land Here

place no photo here on which to land

There is nothing here for you of any monitory
value, I am not buying nor am I selling anything.
Any knowledge perceived or gained from
this weblog De Fuego is intentionally tainted
with lies to mislead the misled as the blind
do lead the blind and they all fall into the pit.

If your here to learn about bipolar disorder,
then you still can not land here. There is no
land here to land on nor to land off of. Any
attempt to land here will cause your mind
to fail and touch down will be interrupted
by your destruction of self awareness.

My Daily Struggles

I struggle all day and I struggle all night
Then I get up and I wana fight
Get in my way and I'll run your ass over
Just like I did the neighbors dog rover
Jesus is my best friend He lives atop that hill
And Jesus won't screw ya but His best friend will.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking A Break From Smoking Weed

some bud I grew a few years ago 2010

I smoke tons a weed all the time so my tolerance
is way way up. I am trying to take time off to get
my tolerance back down again, but it's hard to go
without it and the cravings are tuff to beat but so
far I'm doing it.

I do smoke it legally and have a script from a doctor
but that don't matter when it comes to getting back
to a lower tolerance.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giving My Wife Support

my wife Diane. photo taken 2012

Right now my wife is going thru a hard time
with female problem stuff so I am trying to
be there for her and hold her hand thru it all.
Today I will go with her for her biopsy and
she is scared a bit so I am glad I can be there
for her.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's not cancer
and so far she has checked out clean but needs
more testing to get the all OK sign.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bipolar People Say and Do Things .....

how can you not love a face like that? photo taken 2012

that are at times very abnormal and even scary.
But we are still people too with feelings and emotions
like everyone else.

My personal type of bipolarity is bipolar 1 which is
the worse type to have and I can go from deep depression
to the point of wanting to be dead or wanting to kill
everyone, to a manic ecstasy full of energy hope creative
power and even love.

Right now I am on medication that keeps me at a baseline
somewhere in between a manic episode and a depressive
state. It really is a very thin baseline but it does hold steady
unless something or someone pushes my buttons or provokes
me in anyway.

As a bipolar person I am special needs but my special needs
may include throwing you thru the fucking window if you
start pushing my buttons, so just watch how the fuck you
act around me and we will get along just fine.

I can tell you all, until I'm blue in the face, that I am volatile
and legally insane, but it will go in one ear and out the other
until you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears
that I really am.

The truth is you don't have to do shit for me to go off on you
and want to kill you. So with that in mind when you meet me
if you ever do, be sure to forget what I just told you about
pushing my buttons, and please push my buttons.

Always Remember To Walk Consciously Around Bipolar
People Like Me....Or Maybe Just Around Me Would Be
Better And Fuck Everyone Else.

I was in Prison for 2 years cause I almost killed someone
who pushed my buttons, so don't let that happen to you.

Act right around me knowing I'm bipolar, even so I still
might say something off the wall but at least I won't want
to kill you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Is Not How Real Bipolar People Are

The above link will take you to an article about
a TV series about a bipolar person trying to make
it as a CIA/FBI agent bla bla bla.

I know all about Kay Redfield Jamison and I have
read all of her books not just the one book (Unquiet
Mind) which the show creators mention as a base guide
to follow. Touched With Fire would be a better book
to model a TV show after since it is about artistic
temperament which borders on insanity and genius
as myself and other bipolar artists are.

Playing a bipolar person on TV and really being
bipolar is not even close to being the same thing.
Watch me to learn the truth about bipolar and the
truth will set you free.

Otherwise It's Not Real To Me!!!!
Nor to you.

This Is How Real Bipolar People Are

This Weblog is about me and my ups and downs with
bipolar and how I think and feel on any given day because
of it. I may say something about my penis and Jesus in
the same sentence, but that may not be what I am actually
thinking but only a shadow of it.

I can articulate thoughts without being tickled or late but
being late is rude so I try not to be or to be which is not
the question but makes for good filler. Now if you will
excuse me I must go and take care of my penis which has
nothing to do with Jesus in the same sentence.

As you can see some rock & roll band in Mexico City has
taken to calling itself Angel De Fuego and made some
nice artwork for it. But sense that is my real legal name
I will use it here and claim that they have used my name
without my permission. But since the artwork is cool
I'll let it slide this time,
tho next time I'll fucking throw
em thru the window.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Bunny Resurrection Stew

Today children get up go to Sunday school
and look for Easter eggs. I too did it for many
years and never knew that Easter had anything
to do with the resurrection of Jesus the Christ
and His little egg laying bunny.

The resurrection of Jesus freaked out His
little bunny so much, that it went around laying
colored eggs after that which screwed up the
original mission of fattening up said bunny for
a resurrection rabbit stew.

Jesus and all His disciples had to eat omelets
after that so that's why we don't eat rabbit stew
for Easter anymore like we did before Jesus
was born.

Friday, April 06, 2012

What Do I Do All Day Long?

place penis photo here

"What do you do all day" my doctor asked me.
The truth is, I play with my penis all day long.
Not b/c it's fun or it feels good, but b/c I do
physical therapy for peyronie's which causes
my penis to curve upward about 45%.

Some women like an upward curve at the end
of a penis, but 45% is a bit much so I am using
a traction device to stretch the plaque scar
which will lessen the curve while lengthening
my entire penis by inches.

I have already gained over 2 inches in a little
over 6 months and the curve seems to be a
little better too. If I keep adding shaft length
then a little curve at the end won't matter
much when I have a 9 inch cock. :-)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Who Are You?

Who are you that comes here to read and to see
about people like me? I don't envy your normality
nor do I covet your neighbors ass, nor the ass's

Are you bipolar like me living in a fantasy world
made from a lifetime of living in a world of fantasy?
Are you a normal ass living the life of an ass living

I don't think you know what you are and I don't think
you know either. Since you don't know ass about living
a fantasy then you must live normally without the ass.

If your not confused yet then stop reading to confuse
yourself. I see I have you in your fantasy of a normal ass
being bipolar while reading this weblog. Now just go
away and forget that you were ever here.

Stay back 100 feet

Pastor Iscariot caries the money purse reminder.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

No Fooling Around Today

With all seriousness aside today
as you can see from this photo of me
looking down my nose at you, that I
am very serious today and will be
taken very serious as well.

So don't make me come over there
and knock the hell out a you bitch's
cause I will in a heart beat today.