Sunday, February 19, 2012

Church of the Stained Glass Windows

The Catholic church is the church which Jesus
spoke about when He said: "Upon this rock I shall
build my church" referring to Peter, which church
became the Catholic church.

In keeping with the will of Jesus the Christ who also
is God the creator, I will become Catholic to march
in the ranks of God's chosen church through the
Apostle Peter and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be it right or wrong, and a perfect church it is not, with
it's share of scandals and publicly being criticized, it
is the chosen church of God by His own words, like it
or not.

Anything else is a deviation from and a protest against
the Catholic church. Thus we have the word Protestant
and all the baggage churches that goes along with it.

When will I do this?
It's already been done in my heart.

"And I say to thee. thou art Peter, and upon this rock
I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not
prevail against it."

Matthew 16:18

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