Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year New Tech

New year fast approaching will bring
many new things to the world stage.
New tech stuff will be popping up on
store shelfs everywhere. Go to Tech
to learn more, and read about
a robotic self-tuning guitar.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coming Soon Videos

I will soon have videos on this weblog
or links to my videos playing piano.
Be sure to revisit this page later.
Look for me Angel De Fuego on
YouTube and Myspace. in the future.


Friday, December 21, 2007

New Weblog onTypePad

I have a new Weblog on TypePad. I will be
expanding it and working it in the next few
weeks. Click here to check it out.

TypePad is not FREE. I am paying $8.00+
dollars a month to have this extra blog.
I will give it a good test drive and let you
know about the performance................

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today Will Bring Blessings

I know this will be a better day than yesterday
was tomorrow. And if that sounded a little
twisted then get this, Tomorrow always comes
regardless of yesterday today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fifth Day Without Alcohol.

This is my fifth day without alcohol.
I usually do a six pack of beer a day
while working on my music or weblog.
Sometimes even more than a sixer a
day I can put away. This being my
pattern for years, I sometimes get
sick from too much alcohol.

After five days of sobriety I start
to feel antsy and drink lots of sugar
stuff, sodas and eat chocolate. But
I feel more pain too. It becomes
harder each night to sleep without
alcohol and I just want to get a six
pack and go away somewhere alone.

But I keep fighting the good fight
and try to stay alert to the coming
dangers of alcoholism while drawing
and sketching scenes from Michael
and the Dragon the symbols of my
ongoing battle with alcoholism.

Go to my :
Drawing and Painting Archive
to find/see sketches of Michael
and the Dragon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ela Venida Del Angel De Fuego

The Arrival Of The Angel Of Fire.

I have been making public appearances lately
as a show of support for the good side.

Check out this video of me Angel De Fuego
publicly manifesting in plain view of men

Understanding The Genius Mind.

To understand how my bipolar genius
mind works, listen to my music and
read my sonnets/poetry and this weblog.

You will find me somewhere between
the classics and twisted evil.
I am fascinated with heaven and
hell, good and evil, God and Satan.

My sonnets reflect all of this, and
even my music though with more
subtlety. My bipolar disorder has
me thinking at times, that I am
the upcoming Anti-Christ Superstar.

I do not want this dirty job of being
the Anti-Christ and I have expressed
this thought to God the best I could.
But, at that point, God was not listening.

Are you still with me ? Are you following
what I am saying ? Or are you drifting
off on me ? I am the Anti-Christ!

But I also love Jesus and am a Christian
and have been since I was a boy. I am
also a licensed Reverend without a flock.

All though soon I hope to have a flock
of young spirit filled crows at my command.
These crows will be inspired by me to become
beautiful White Doves for Tetragrammaton.

Go Figure !
Then go join my church.

Monday, December 10, 2007

News Release

Akin to a news release yet sutler.
It was not a hard decision to tell the world
about my bipolar disorder, but in the process
I have also implied that I am Nuts/Crazy etc.
All the Anti-Christ stuff doesn't help, and it
just keeps getting worse.

Exposing ones dirty laundry to the world
is an excepted taboo. It's better to keep
crazy Uncle Harry locked up in the back
bedroom out of public view. But if one needs
help in washing that laundry, then a call
to the world for help is OK.

Likewise, I am calling for help, in you
The general public, and your
understanding my illness for what it
really is, and not just for what it does.

Tourists No Longer Aloud On Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain is closed off to any tourists
or walk on traffic as of 1993. Only the
Huichol Indians are aloud to climb the
Mountain during their festivities and
holy days while eating peyote.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Atop Fire Mountain

From a news paper article dated Dec 9 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune.

I was there on top of fire mountain
Cerro del Quemado Real De Catorce
Mexico back in 1992.

I collected and ate peyote
and danced around the fire
pit with others in the drum
circle. It was an initiation for me
to a state of higher consciousness.

I had many conversations with
these little old ladies dressed in
black during the night. Then in
the morning upon leaving, I noticed
that the little old ladies (witches)
dressed in black, were really shrubs
and bushes that were there the whole
time green and red.

Click the photos to expand them.

Notice the smiley face cloud formation
in the upper left hand corner of the

The top sketch I did years ago of
a birds eye few of fire mountain.
The man and his wife in the photo
are on the good side of fire mountain.

From the center of the fire pit, to any
point to the out side circle was about
15 feet. A very huge fire pit, and very

The whole place reminded me of the
Sorcerers Apprentice from Fantasia,
and Night On Bald Mountain by
Mussorgsky also from the movie.

The Huichol Indian believe that
from the top of Fire Mountain is
where the Sun was born. Thus
the huge fire pit and ceremonial

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Best Advice

Best advice I could give you right
now, would be to just ignore me for
a while. And maybe I'll go away.

Or ignore both of us (bipolar)
that is, and we will both go away.

But we doubt it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Stuff On Myspace

MySpace to Showcase Music and Sell Performance Videos

Article Tools Sponsored By
Published: December 4, 2007

MySpace, the social networking site where people create home pages and embellish them as they would a dormitory room, plans today to start positioning itself as a top destination for buying exclusive musical performances.

In a program called Transmissions, MySpace is inviting musicians to choose a studio and select the songs they want to perform. MySpace will show and sell videos of the performance.

It could be perceived as an Internet variation of the popular series “MTV Unplugged,” but with a revenue stream built in. When musicians participate in the MTV series, their work is sometimes released as albums months or years later. On MySpace, the work will be available immediately.

“If I like what I see, I can take it with me,” said Josh Brooks, vice president for programming and content of MySpace.

For years MySpace, now owned by the News Corporation, has served as a promotional platform for artists and labels, primarily through the MySpace Music portion of the Web site. Now the company wants to provide a sales component. Unlike Apple’s iTunes music store, which charges a flat rate of 99 cents a song, MySpace will let distributors set their own prices.

“We’re enabling artists to choose how they want to distribute their music,” Mr. Brooks said.

James Blunt, a singer-songwriter whose signature hit is “You’re Beautiful,” will be the first artist to participate in Transmissions, introducing five songs, including a new single, on the site today. Mr. Blunt said he appreciated the flexibility offered by the Transmissions format.

“Sometimes we can be so dependent on radio, and yet radio is all about a three-minute, 30-second song that is beat-driven and loud,” he said. “Music is about so much more than that. Through MySpace, I can get songs heard that are any length I choose, that are any format I choose.”

MySpace’s first attempt to sell music, through a year-old partnership with a company called Snocap, has not fared well. Snocap allows bands to sell music through small online stores embedded on MySpace profiles and other Web pages, but like most attempts at creating sales models for music, the service has not been widely adopted. Snocap laid off half its employees in October.

Now MySpace is taking a different approach. For Transmissions, it will showcase the recordings and connect users to sites (like the online store for Mr. Blunt’s label) where the content can be purchased — without ever having to leave MySpace.

MySpace representatives said the financial terms for each deal would vary. In the case of Mr. Blunt, the Web site will not get a cut of the revenue.

Mr. Brooks described Transmissions as a new stage of growth for MySpace Music, which began with basic profiles of musicians and has evolved into a platform site with album exclusives, online shows and a national tour.

MySpace Music drew an average of 17.9 million unique visitors in October, making it the third-most-popular music Web site, behind Yahoo Music (22.4 million) and ArtistDirect (19.1 million). The MySpace site has had a 42 percent increase in traffic from October 2006, more than any comparable site.

Mr. Brooks said Transmissions represented the first in a series of new revenue models for music that the company planned to introduce.

“I think a lot of musicians are looking for new ways to forge ahead in the digital space,” he said, citing opportunities in the video and mobile arenas for potential expansion by MySpace.

I Angel, will be participating in
this as well with my own videos,
playing my own piano compositions.
Catch me there soon.

Monday, December 03, 2007

From The Gospel Of Judas

To understand what I am going
through and my true mission,
read the gospel of Judas.

Jesus tells Judas that what he
Judas is doing, as his part, is
really the greater sacrifice.

For a clearer and better
understanding of what has
happened to bring all this about,
read my notes on Temporal
Navigation in my notes on

Even so, all this could still
take a number of years to
come about. Even though I
am a key player, I am still
just as in the dark as everyone

Thus Declares The Lord

On the third day of the twelfth month
of the seventh year of the reign of King
Gorge w Bush, The word of the Lord
God came to me saying,
Son of man, go to king Gorge w Bush
and take with you ice cream and when
you arrive, give the ice cream to King
Gorge w Bush saying,
This is the ice cream that was meant
for those innocent children that you
have slaughtered in your own name.
Son of man, say to the King Gorge w
Bush, that all the innocent children
that you let die in your name, will
be looking down on you in hell with
others whom you also know. As I live
thus declares the Lord God the Holy
Tetragrammaton this will come to

在Gorge w 布什国王王朝的第七年的第十二个月的第三天, 阁下God 的词来了到我说, 人的儿子, 去峡谷w 布什国王和采取与您冰淇凌和当您到达, 给冰淇凌Gorge w 布什国王说法, 这是意味为那些无辜的孩子的冰淇凌您屠杀了在您自己的名字。人, 言的儿子对国王Gorge w 布什, 所有无辜的孩子您让模子在您的名字, 看下来在您在地狱与其他人您并且知道。因为我居住因而宣称阁下God 这将来通过的圣洁Tetragrammaton 。

На третий день двенадцатого месяца седьмого года царствования кустика короля Горге ш, словом лорда Бога пришло к мне говоря, сынку человека, идет к кустику короля Gorge ш и принимает с вами мороженое и когда вы приедете, дает мороженое к высказыванию кустика короля Горге ш, этому будет мороженое которое намеревалось для тех невиновных детей что вы зарезали в вашем собственном имени. Сынок человека, мнения к кустику короля Горге ш, который все невиновные дети которым вы препятствуете плашке в вашем имени, будут смотреть вниз на вас в аде с другими которые вы также знаете. По мере того как я живу таким образом объявляю лорда Бога святейшее Tetragrammaton, котор это придет пройти.

Am dritten Tag des twelfth Monats des 7. Jahres der Herrschaft des Königs Gorge W Bush, kam das Wort des Lords God zu mir sagend, Sohn des Mannes, geht zum König Schlucht W Bush und nimmt mit Ihnen Eiscreme und wenn Sie ankommen, gibt die Eiscreme König Gorge W Bush zum Saying, dieser ist die Eiscreme, die für jene unschuldigen Kinder bedeutet wurde, daß Sie in Ihrem eigenen Namen geschlachtet haben. Sohn des Mannes, Sagen zum König Gorge W Bush, der alle unschuldigen Kinder, denen Sie Würfel in Ihrem Namen lassen, unten auf Ihnen in der Hölle mit anderen schauen werden, die Sie auch kennen. Da ich erkläre folglich den Lord God das heilige Tetragrammaton lebe, das dieses kommt zu führen.

την τρίτη ημέρα του δωδέκατου μήνα του έβδομου έτους βασιλεψτε του Μπους φαραγγιών W βασιλιάδων, η λέξη του Λόρδου God ήρθε σε με που λέω, γιος του ατόμου, πηγαίνει στον Μπους φαραγγιών W βασιλιάδων και παίρνει με σας το παγωτό και όταν φθάνετε, δώστε το παγωτό στο ρητό των Μπους φαραγγιών W βασιλιάδων, αυτό είναι το παγωτό που σήμαναν για εκείνα τα αθώα παιδιά που έχετε θανατώσει στο όνομά σας. Γιος του ατόμου, για παράδειγμα στο θάμνο φαραγγιών W βασιλιάδων, ότι όλα τα αθώα παιδιά ότι αφήνετε τον κύβο στο όνομά σας, θα κοιτάζουν κάτω σε σας στην κόλαση με άλλα που ξέρετε επίσης. Δεδομένου ότι ζω έτσι δηλώνω το Λόρδο God το ιερό Tetragrammaton που αυτό θα έρθει να περάσει.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Sometime in the near future, I will
have an omnipresence on the internet.
Those of you that were with me from
the beginning will be with me then.

It is too early to tell you everything
now, but soon the truth will be known.
I will go into complete service to my
God the Holy Tetragrammaton and
I will be sacrificed body and soul for
his holy and divine cause and purpose.

I only ever just wanted to be a working
known artist, but God has other plans
for me and my abilities.

National Treasure

I should be a National Treasure
Like my wife and friends say.
Not Gods gift to women, But rather
everyones gift. As an artist and
creative genius. I really am special,
but proving it to the world is another

If just my own Country,
the U.S.A. would recognize me
for who and what I really am,
then I could die in peace.

You don't know how hard it is
to watch people with far far
less creative ability than me,
rise up in the world with fame
and fortune, while I remain
poor and unknown. It really
is killing me.

But I have excepted over the
years that this world is an
unjust and cruel place, cold
and dark. And that I may
never be recognized while
still living, for my creative

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Going On

I'll soon have some videos of me, playing
piano, posted on
Look for me there. Right now I have
a blog on myspace, but even I can't
find it again. I'll keep looking and let
you know.

Good by to Evel Knievel. 1938-2007
Go to Cyberheaven Souls
to see the recently departed.