Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weblog Journal

I think of this weblog and all
of its corresponding 38+ pages
as my journal. Although I don't
post every single day, I do visit
weblog at least once a day to
check for comments or any such

I will keep Weblog De Fuego alive
as long as I can, but I am having
mental health problems right now.
Even though I don't get a lot of
traffic coming here to my weblog
I enjoy doing it and keeping it up
to date the best I can.

If you have the time, check out my
music, paintings and poetry all the
links for this art can be found right
here on this page. Also info/links
about my bipolar disorder and 
bipolarity in general can be found 
on this page.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Son April 29

Today is my sons birthday and
coincidently mine as well.
Yep, my son was born on
my/our birthday. But the stranger
thing is that my best friend
Mike had his son born on his
birthday just 3 months earlier.
Like Mike said, how many friends
have their sons born on their 
birthdays ?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Before The Beginning

Excerpts from the book: BEFORE
which I am literally writing after you
the reader have read it ? go figure.

Before the beginning there was God
And God was alone without heaven
nor angels. There was no earth and
no hell. There was no light and no
darkness there was no time. Behold, 
there was only God who hovered not 
over the waters nor the void, for even 
these did not exist. 

Then God alone in his emptiness spoke,
"I shall make for myself a companion
to fill the empty void of endless living
alone." So the Lord God created Lucifer
the first most perfect created being that 
he God called an Archangel. All other 
angels after Lucifer were created in the 
image and likeness of he Lucifer.

It was then suggested by Lucifer to God
that he God should create other angels
to serve him God since God was worthy
of all praise and worship by all that God 
created. So God created many other kinds
of angels to serve and worship him God.

Meanwhile, Lucifer being  chief  Angel had
convinced many ordinary angels to follow
him Lucifer and to ignore the will of God.
But God knew the thoughts and heart of
Lucifer and he God waited for an opportune
moment to expel him Lucifer from heaven.

It came to pass during the war of expulsion 
that lucifer and God came to an agreement 
that God would create a third party being to 
worship and praise him God but without the 
benefit of seeing or being with God in heaven, 
as proof to Lucifer and his rebellious angels 
that God could be obeyed and loved even by 
those who can not see or hear or even touch 
him God.

So God created the heavens and the earth
and created man to be tempted away from
worshiping and believing in God by Lucifer.
But before any of these things came to pass,
God being still alone without companion
nor angels, did pull over and made a pit
stop at McDonalds and had two burgers
and a fry. Now while God was eating his,
Gods, burgers and fries, he God being sat
down did start to write and wrote this

While I was yet alone ...

While I was yet alone you came to me
With hopeful hinting of your creation
Such a wonder that you started living
The moment I first set my mind on you
And not that I could be caught by surprise
But the sight of you took my breath away
So I gave you my blessing on that day
Then wiped the tears of gladness from my eyes
To see your beautiful and perfect view
Standing there before me unforgiving
Life that I created for relation
To be at my side for eternity

Ere you were living I had to believe
That you in me wanted also to live

Sonnet 5 from the Songs of God.
To read more of my sonnets click here

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Demon of Bipolarity ?

Vampire Devil

After careful study of this matter,
I have come to the conclusion that there is a
spirit/demon of bipolarity that is passed
from generation to generation as so
many other spirits of Gods to his people. 
This spirit can also be a gift
from God, and not evil at all.
Gentiles included since all such
spirits care not what religion or faith
one is as long as there is an opening
and there is moisture, a demon spirit
or a good spirit gift from God
will rest in the body of an unknowing
man or women. Later I will post all
scriptures that my beliefs are based on.

I don't need to try and convince anyone
of this since it is best they don't know.
But I am just passing on info that I gather
in my daily search for knowledge about
why I am a creative genius and am able
to do things that others can't.

So yes, I guess you can say that I am
possessed with a benign spirit.
This spirit allows me to tap into the
ancient intuitive knowledge and to
enter the temple of creation where
sit in wait the muses of beautiful art.

Yes at times this spirit gets out and
rages around town in a mania and
runs up my credit card bill on all kinds
of shit, and has even got me locked up
in jail a few times in the past. But I
have grown to like this guy, so lets
leave him where he is for now until
I can get more info on this bipolar
spirit thing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

About My Magic Flying Beard

It has been known for some time now,
that my beard has magic flying powers.
They say that if you see it flying that
you have been blessed, and to find one
of my beard hairs is good luck.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snake with two legs!

No, this is not about President Bush but 
it could be. Check out this video and ask
yourself what kind of snake/serpent was 
talking to Eve in the garden of Eden ?