Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Politics and No Celebrities

If your looking for info about politics or celebrities
then this is not the blog for you. There are literally
thousands of blogs about that which you can find.
This Weblog however is about Bipolar Disorder and
how it effects me not only in my daily life but overall
in the life of others as well.

Sometimes I am not a very nice person and I can be
cold and calculating and other times I am not a very
nice person and I can be calculating and cold, at which
time I usually put on something warmer. Bipolarity
can also be dangerous to others if not checked and

So if your interested in knowing all about bipolarity
and how it effects someone in their life and how they
cope or not cope with it, then this is the blog for you.
But don't linger around here to much cause some of
the CRAZY here might get on you and then you might
get on here with some of the crazy.

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