Monday, March 24, 2008

Newly Diagnosed ?

If you have just been diagnosed with
bipolar disorder and you are not
creative like me, then you are one
of the unlucky ones. You will most
likely spend most of your time in
bed depressed and suicidal.

Creating something will be the last
thing on your mind. You will have
no inspiration to do anything save die.
It is best for you to take and stay on
your medications.

But, if you are energetic, inspired,
imaginative and want to create 
something of art or work, and
if you only have rare bouts of
depression, then you are one of
the lucky ones.

There will still be rare times of
painful depression but in the
mean time you will be up and
doing something creative. 

These two examples of bipolar
traits, are basic and the usual 
norm. For the most part, 
people with Bipolar Disorder 
fall under these two categories.

You could have the potential to
be a creative genius, but if your
depressive side is stronger than
your manic side, then you will
not be able to fulfill your

The more manic you are in your
bipolar cycle, then the more creative
and energetic you will be.
Creating art takes a lot out of me.
I often go to bed and rest after
I have completed a work of art.
Scroll down to find links to my art.

A ray of hope is shining through
for those people who have the gift
but cant use it. I have this advice 
for you: Use the power deep within
you to fuel your imagination into
creative visualizations of a better
happier you. It says in holy scripture
"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

If this advise does not help you, then
may I suggest that you just shoot
yourself, and try not to miss. :-)

Click here to go to first church of
bipolar disorder .com


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter and the Resurrection Story

Dracula is the story of the Resurrection
of the damned. A life after death after
life story. Couple this with our Lord
telling us to eat His flesh and drink
His blood, you have a cocktail of
resurected Christian vampires.

This picture creates an uneasy feeling
in the gut while standing with one foot
in the grave and the other foot in the
ice box floating up to heaven to be
served as a dish later at the wedding

Like a thick thorny brush you must crawl
through to get home, so is this picture of
us crawling through our own concepts and
ideologies we have of how we think things
are and how they work.

So Dracula is to the resurrection of the dead,
as Jesus is to the resurrection of the living.
So if there will be vampires in heaven,
they will be living resurrected vampires and
not dead resurrected vampired.

Now, if we include the Easter Bunny in all
this, we create a serious mess of bloody
screaming Christians biting the heads off
little bunnies and completly sucking
all their little white bunny red blood out.
Easter Bunny 2
So, we will not include the Easter Bunny
in our little senerio and we will take out
the vampires as well to leave a nice clean
Happy Christian Resurrected Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not a Bearded Lady !

Angel De Fuego photo taken, 3-21-08

Even though my dumb Nephew
calls it a dress, I started wearing
a dishadasha this year, I should
have done this years ago. Over
one billion men every day
on this planet, wear dishadasha.

Now I fit in better with the other
billion or so men that look just like
me, even though I live in Southern

Although I am not Muslim save in
the spirit of humanity, I greet wearing
a disha with holy reverence since I am
also a legal Christian Reverend.

I use either a Jewish kippot/yarmulkes
or an Islamic style kufi/tarboush
instead of a baseball style cap.
this is also done as a reverence and
respect to God as per Jewish, Muslim
and Christian tradition of covering
the heads of holy men.

To visit the church I founded and
am also one of its leaders, click here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why Does He Do It?

For Money? For Fame? For Life?
For Art? Because he can?

I do it from hope, hope that maybe 
one day the right person or persons
will see and hear my art. Art that
speaks a message and stimulates
the imagination.

Art that lives on in my name, after
I it's creator am dead in body.
A beautiful melody I once heard
in my mind, like an angel singing
in heaven. Yes I got it written down
on paper/recorded and now it will
live forever captured by me.

Michael and the Dragon
which I imagined in my minds eye
captured on digital canvas forevermore
by me.

Like ear candy sprinkled with wisdom
and metaphysical metaphors, my
Sonnets are beautiful works of art
each one a masterpiece.

You may think to yourself, this guy
has a store house of beautiful art just
waiting to be discovered by the world.
There is no reason for this guy to ever
be poor, he could sell his art and live
real good. So why is he a poor artist?

Yes, if you are a person that sees dollar
signs when checking out all my Poetry,
Music and Paintings, then please e-mail
me and be my Manager.

I can create the stuff all day long, but I
just can't market it/business.
People like me with artistic creative genius
need people that can organize their art
and get it out to the public for purchase.

That way, we can all make a little money
and try to have fun doing it.
However, as you read my weblog and
start to know just how crazy I really am,
keep in mind that if I was a normy normal
person, without bipolar disorder, then I would
have no art to spark the flame of burning
money in your pocket. My personal
Bipolar Disorder, turns me into the
goose that lays the golden eggs.

Not every single artist has Bipolar disorder,
But bipolar disorder to an artist is like jet fuel
when poured on fire. So Ya! I can be so weird as
to scare you away, but people pay lots of money
to have the shit scared out of them.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
If I am scaring people away,* then I want to
be getting paid for it. Your Job is to find out
how and make it so. No Jesus freaks nor
selfish capitalistic pigs need apply since
I am the goose that lays the golden eggs.

If you have experience working and dealing
with bipolar artists and their manias,
and their Art/Product. Or if you think
that you could handle the job,
then give me an e-mail call.

Nobody is allowd to use any of my art for making
money without me being there, involved and
getting a BIG cut. I should not have to remind
everyone that God is watching us all, but just in
case you forgot! Smile you're on Godly Camera,
and His holy video will be used against you
in His court of law, should you do the wrong thing
concerning me and my art.

* link

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Asmodeus Repellent

To keep Asmodeus acting right while
I work on the painting, I keep a can
of Tuna and a can opener near or on it.

Not for feeding Asmodeus, but rather
the fish is used as a repellent to this
demon Asmodeus. If I burn a little 
tuna on incense, it will drive Asmodeus
out of my house for short periods.

Used as a Talisman, The can of unopened
tuna serves as a means of threat for this
demon into submission. Kids, don't try
this at home. Notice the Tetragrammaton
and Pentagram scribed on the can.

In the world of symbols (see set up symboling)
right now I am holding my own with Asmodeus 
Having the knowledge gives me the power.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally Got It

I finally got the whole message
understood. God did not take my
dog as much as he let Asmodeus
take my dog instead of me.

Apparently this has been going on
for a few years now. Ever since
I first got the idea of doing a painting
of Raphael et Asmodeus.

Demon Attacks

I am being attacked by the demon
Asmodeus as I try and paint him
in one of his most famous scenes:
Raphael et Asmodeus from the
Catholic Bible . Tobit 8: 1-3

I can see him out of the corner
of my eye, and the more I work
and shape his form, the more I
see of him. He is trying to make
me hate my wife, and the more
I see her the more I hate her.

Right now to me, she is just an
ugly stupid little witch bitch.
one of his Jobs is to conceal a wife's
beauty from the husband, and let me
just say that he is real good at it,
or my wife has been this ugly the
whole time, and I am just now seeing
it. Anyway..........

Click here to go to my Art Gallery
and learn more.

Going Nowhere Fast

Where am I going at the speed
of light ? When I'm traveling
at near light speed in today's
Internet world com system,
it is a little hard to corner at
times and I often flip this laptop
vehicle I am driving at near light

If you get the feeling that you
sorta know what I am talking about
then I really don't care. I'm not
talking to you anyway. I am talking
to my self and writing it down as I
do it. If you should just happen to be
reading this, then that is your problem
not mine.

Now if none of this makes any sense
to you, that is even better. I don't want
anyone making any sense out of anything
that I am not saying. So I am about to
make a 90 degree turn and flip this
laptop so hold on..................................

Ok, I made it. Remember that TV
show called Automan ? and every time
they turned a 90 that one guy would
end up with his face against the side
window ? OK forget it......... Anyway !

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Diablo 2001-2008

This is a photo of my dog Diablo
who I just found out died down
in Mexico from jumping over an
8 foot wall chasing a female dog.

My neighbor down there, just called
and said he (my dog) jumped our 8
foot brick wall chasing a female dog,
and landed the wrong way, breaking
his neck.

He was an excellent dog with lots of
dogy smarts My wife and I and some
friends are just sitting around and
drinking some wine and remembering
Diablo, the best dam dog there ever was.

Click here to see Diablo in Cyberheaven
with others who have passed on.