Monday, February 13, 2012

What Is A Blessing From God?

Apart from money as in hard cold cash in the hand, what
constitutes a real blessing from God?

1. A contact that leads to friendship and community.
2. A concrete and immediate answer to prayer.
3. A gift that has small value but is life changing.
4. A change of heart in someone you love.
5. A psychological/physical healing in yourself or
a loved one.
6. Wisdom and understanding.
7. Creativity and the holy spirit.
8. Health and physical stamina.
9. etc.

Will God bless one with money and if so
do you have to be a Christian first?

Well according to pastors preachers and
TV Evangelists if you give them money
then God will give it right back double.

But we know that isn't exactly the case and
in the mean time the church gets richer while
the people get poorer.

This idea of how God really blesses us is worth
further investigation and I doubt that He gives
to us $100 dollar bills when we are good or in

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