Friday, August 12, 2016

America’s Sonneteer

Sonnets from our higher consciousness 

These 15 sonnets are decasylibic and have 
an ABCDEF-FEDCBA-GG rhyme scheme.
The theme of this series is a wake up call to
America and the whole world in general.
Written in 2016 in USA, Enjoy.

“If we don’t destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.”
Carl Sagan


There’s never been a summer quite like now,
To bask beneath the sunshine we once had,
There’s never been a better place so dear,
To plan a fam’ly heritage of love,
And factory the future strength of youth,
Leaving behind this planet made of earth,
The cradle for our sons and daughters birth,
To learn whats right from wrong and learn the truth,
From our ill past and start to rise above,
The savage wars we humans keep so near,
That blatant hate that turns our goodness bad,
And we humans are slaves to it somehow.

There’s never been a summer quite like this,
To rise above our bottomless, abyss.


Waging wars and killing human beings,
Should stayed a dark practice of our ill past,
Yet still remains a practice in our day,
Like thirsty animals for human blood,
We kill each other in the name of God,
Who watches from above with perfect eyes,
That see all things of truth and bitter lies,
And watch while mankind to their own death trod,
Embracing evil and forsaking good,
For lusts and pleasures where the whores now lay,
While darkness his ill shadows on them cast,
Hiding the light that sees all hidden things.

Raising our consciousness is harder done,
Than making black, our bright and shining sun.


When atom bombs fall from majestic sky,
And cities disappear with billions dead,
The end of mankind with no doubt will come,
And hot earth will be a barren waste land,
Then God will weep for man, His children lost,
When no ones left alive on planet earth,
And no more dying and no more new birth,
The world cleansed from sin but at what cost,
Was not meant for mankind to understand,
Grim reaper smiles to tally up the some,
While heavens host in mourning bow their head,
The angels never knew the reason why.

Mankind will kill himself no mystery there,
With no one left to live, no one to care.


Drugs and alcohol make mankind stupid,
And blind to the truth he never thinks of,
And now we’re building more nuclear bombs,
Since every country wants one of their own,
And when they get one, are more aggressive,
Until such time that their aggressions blow,
Then hell breaks lose on earth, foe against foe,
The death toll rises, the sum is massive,
Mans bones are everywhere, bones stacked on bones,
With no one left to take them to their tombs,
All hate is gone, but also theres no love,
Which ran away from hate and kept well hid.

Do you now see the problem that we have?
Nothing to hope for, and nothing to save.


Mankind cannot survive nuclear war,
His suicidal tendencies are real,
And takes as many with him as he can,
Until there’s no one left to kill themselves,
Now this poses a problem for mankind,
Who thinks he is invincible, a god,
But gods who kill each other rather odd,
When you consider gods are hard to find,
Unless you keep some sitting on your shelves,
Like overlords who rule ignorant man,
These gods will laugh at you, your faith to steal,
While leaving mankind always wanting more.

Man’s gods will not protect him from his end,
That man alone, his soul, cannot defend.


A thousand commercials loop in their heads,
Who watch their TV’s believing the lies,
Distractions are meant to hide all the truth,
Subliminal messages make us want,
And the more we want the more we must have,
An endless cycle of lust and of greed,
While innocent children lay there and bleed,
But all of their blood, their souls cannot save,
Who died much to young, should come back to haunt,
All those who killed them in their fairest youth,
Now life is less sacred, that’s no surprise,
To kill children, all snuggled in their beds.

Man has no future to save nor to keep,
That even the children’s loss, cannot weep.


Today a mass shooting in Orlando,
Fifty dead and fifty three were wounded,
An act of terrorism we are told,
The largest we have had in USA,
The first of many more that will follow,
According to this poets prophecy,
Islamic terrorist’s with no mercy,
Their hearts an empty place cold and hollow,
Who take their anger out, on those are gay,
And those who are week, still those who are old,
And those who are innocent confounded,
About the hatred these Muslims now show.

As ISIS marches to the temple mount,
We watch in horror, the dead that we count.


Ice caps are melting, the water rises,
As mankind sits back and denies the truth,
Challenging science whose math cannot lie,
While beaches lose ground and sea cliffs erode,
And waterlogged cities sink in the mud,
While man swaps his address for higher ground,
Start looking for snow which cannot be found,
As mankind gets scorched, the sun boils his blood,
Then man with his nukes punch in the launch code,
A suicide planed in hopes he will die,
Escaping the wrath of his childish youth,
That he reluctantly compromises.

There is no escape from mans early death,
To curse his demise, with his own last breath.


We the people of the United States,
Tried to form a better perfect union,
Full of hope and peace for a bright future,
Where everyone could pursue happiness,
But something went wrong in utopia,
When we were then invaded by Japan,
Forced us to build and drop the bomb on man,
Which caused a panic, such hysteria,
That those who survived which such emptiness,
Died later from their hearts hidden fracture,
From fallout is this poets opinion,
The meaning of it, open for debates.

Awake America and watch your end,
Unfold before your eyes, what you intend.


What you intend America is wrong,
Stockpile and sell all your evil weapons,
No matter who gets hurt or countless dead,
You kill and let be killed for your profit,
That makes you darker than those whom you kill,
You preach and defend your democracy,
In the name of your God, you lack mercy,
And consciousness which you cannot fulfill,
That higher state of man that you omit,
Kept in a shoe box underneath your bed,
Like something barley used, it’s use depends,
On mankind singing his most conscious song.

The music of which mankind seldom got,
Those chords of peace that man, has long forgot.


Jesus, was the first Christian born on earth,
The messianic savior of us all,
And Buddha was the first meditator,
Did meditate his way up to heaven,
Muhammad was a prophet worrier,
Did fight his way to heaven as they say,
And Joseph Smith, a prophet his own way,
Lead his Mormon wife’s, ill or in error,
The Jews, the laws of God, first were given,
Reject Jesus for his imitator,
While AntiChrist will rise before the fall, 
To trick the world from their holy birth.

And while all this takes place, mankind is blind,
To see the truth, he nevermore will find.


Ill greed and selfishness are always here,
Man cannot sustain life on this world,
And little by little, will fade away,
Like dying stars that once lit the night sky,
Will nevermore be seen once they are gone,
Then who will cry and bewail his own life,
When none are left to mourn their bitter strife,
That no one claimed as victory, nor won,
The final suicide, all life will die,
When heavens bright hues turn to night from day,
With our bright sun in darkness, rolled up furled,
Make all the stars run quick away in fear.

Mankind is gone who leaves his God alone,
No more creation, no more flesh and bone.


We could destroy the earth in six minutes,
And leave it just a burning memory,
Of what we once had in those fairest years,
Save that none will be here to remember,
Since there will be no life left here on earth,
Only the gods in heaven will remain,
To look down on our earth burning in vain,
That never understood it’s own self worth,
Since it’s people, dead in their blind slumber,
Woke up to find themselves with bitter tears,
But much to late to gain eternity,
And live forever without ill regrets.

To late though are man’s actions making change,
As atom bombs, their cities, rearrange. 


“Why can’t we use our nuclear weapons,?”
Is now what Donald Trump has been asking,
While running for President, USA.
Jesus, what piece a work Donald must be,
But worse than that are those who vote for him,
Who also vote to use nuclear bombs,
Come on come on now lets fill all the tombs,
With all the bones of those who died in grim,
From Trump like humans void of true mercy,
Making the poor, for their hard living pay,
To all the wealthy scum who would be king,
Who teach the art of greed, to all their sons.

God help us now from men, their evil deeds,
Who lead us down the path, that ever bleeds.


Don’t turn a blinded eye to all our wars,
And what you cannot see, will not hurt you,
No more are you a child, now grown up men,
Yet out of touch with life’s realities,
Which masks the cliff that you are heading for,
A bent denial that your end is near,
If you don’t wake up now from healthy fear,
About your road to hells nuclear core,
Wake up, wake up or lose eternities,
Chance to propagate the stars with children,
By tearing down the old to build the new,
A city floating through the distant stars.

That carries mankind to his future bright,
The shining beacon, of his righteous light.


Angel De Fuego
copyright 2016