Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

Of all the things I have done in life and have ever tried
to do, putting in my contact lenses has to be at the very
top of the list. I have never in my life got so damn upset
and angry as when I put those phucking things in which
is not getting any easier to do over time.

Practice does not make perfect when it comes to putting
in contact lenses. I have already gone completely nuts
over this to the point of no return. But I will not and can
not give up on trying to get the little bastards in since
I really do need them.

It just makes me want to scream while walking down the
street slapping people as they walk towards me and past me.
Or do something else that outrageous. I used to be a working
concert pianist so you would think I have good manual
dexterity, and I do, that's what makes no sense about all this.

Anyway, when they finally lock me up in a padded cell and
throw away the key, everyone will know that it was those
damn contact lenses that did it to him.

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