Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brain Plasticity: New Brain Research

New brain research shows that your brain will stretch
and grow new cells as it learns something new and
will create a file for new info which file will grow with
each new subject.

The brain is constructed for change; it allows us to do
things tomorrow that we could not do today. “Plasticity
is defined as the brain's capacity to be shaped by
experience, its capacity to learn and remember and
ability to reorganise and recover after injury.”

Brain plasticity occurs throughout life but is particularly
evident at the beginning of life when the brain is forming
its structures or at a time when brain injury occurs.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Foreskin Restoration: Key To PE

some of my equipment, dates on photos are wrong photos taken March 2012.

Foreskin restoration is the key to Penis Enlargement
and can be done with ease and pain free tho it does
take time. I use TLC tugger by Ron Low.

Having foreskin allows you to do shaft lengthening by
using a VLC also found at the TLC site. Men, your women
will love you more with a longer cock and some foreskin.
Not just that, but you will feel way way better about
yourself as well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Politics and No Celebrities

If your looking for info about politics or celebrities
then this is not the blog for you. There are literally
thousands of blogs about that which you can find.
This Weblog however is about Bipolar Disorder and
how it effects me not only in my daily life but overall
in the life of others as well.

Sometimes I am not a very nice person and I can be
cold and calculating and other times I am not a very
nice person and I can be calculating and cold, at which
time I usually put on something warmer. Bipolarity
can also be dangerous to others if not checked and

So if your interested in knowing all about bipolarity
and how it effects someone in their life and how they
cope or not cope with it, then this is the blog for you.
But don't linger around here to much cause some of
the CRAZY here might get on you and then you might
get on here with some of the crazy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bipolarity Insanity and Ash Wednesday

Quantum Particle Entanglement

There is without a doubt in my mind a connection between
bipolar disorder and insanity to varied degrees and intensities.
I am bipolar 1 (one) which is the worse case type to have and
I definitely boarder or teeter on insanity vs genius and at the
other extreme depressed to the point of stupidity and to slow
to react in time.

What does Ash Wed. have to do with bipolarity and insanity?
Absolutely nothing, but I thru it in there since today is ash
Wednesday and yesterday I went down town on business and
walked around where Carnival (madi gras) was to be held.

So since I was there in the day and not the night, I did not
get the full effect of a carnal life with all it sinfulness. In fact
there was nobody there at all save for those setting the stage
for it to happen and the workers themselves.

But by the laws of particle entanglement I got some of the
anticipatory quantum entangled particles of such event
on me and brought them back with me. So last night when
I was really lying in my bed, I was also being sinful and carnal
down town while the particles there were partying.

So this morning I put the traditional ash on my forehead
as a symbol of my repentance for participating in such a
thing as Carnival even though it was only via particle

Now I am walking around my house with a black ash dot
on my forehead feeling like I really did screw a bunch of
chicks, robbed some banks, snuffed a few people out and
then had a good nights sleep. Quantum Entanglement
keep it in mind next time you want to be bad and sinful
without really being bad and sinful.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus Christ Was Not A Christian

Jesus was a Jew living as a Rabbi among His own people.
He taught in a Temple/Synagog and not a Christian church.
Christianity did not exist while Jesus was on earth and there
were no little Christian churches on every corner begging
for money in Jesus name.

If it were only the Catholic churches that we see on every
street corner in America, then that alone would be too much
churchiness and skewed Christianity around causing a big
problem for potential Christian converts to scrutinize and
to harshly judge.

Now we have the Protestants to join in and make things
worse by televised Evangelism begging for money in Jesus
name then such evangelists famously spending million
of dollars on themselves buying lavish mansions, cars and
clothing and material possessions.

But Jesus was not about anything that has to do with modern
American Christianity, and was more about establishing a
Jewish based belief that God is love and you humans can have
a personal relationship with Him while remaining Jews and
obeying Jewish law which He came to fulfill and not to abolish.

So what we really need is a Catholic Synagog and to do away
with all the God Damned Protestant churches.
Messianic Catholics
Forget it,
it's probably beyond your scope of understanding.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today Marks 5 Months of PE

PE = penis enlargement and associated exercises.
Today I have exactly 5 months stretching my penis
in a SG device and I have gained 2" inches in my shaft
length a little more foreskin and a bit more girth.

It all started when I got Peyronie's Disease which
makes your penis curve at a 45% angle. The SG device
helps to straiten out the curve by stretching it a bit
every day. It also lengthens the whole penis over time.
My curve is getting better and my penis is getting longer.

It's OK to say penis cause they say it on TV
and radio now days. So Class, everyone all
together now say: P E N I S

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Church of the Stained Glass Windows

The Catholic church is the church which Jesus
spoke about when He said: "Upon this rock I shall
build my church" referring to Peter, which church
became the Catholic church.

In keeping with the will of Jesus the Christ who also
is God the creator, I will become Catholic to march
in the ranks of God's chosen church through the
Apostle Peter and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be it right or wrong, and a perfect church it is not, with
it's share of scandals and publicly being criticized, it
is the chosen church of God by His own words, like it
or not.

Anything else is a deviation from and a protest against
the Catholic church. Thus we have the word Protestant
and all the baggage churches that goes along with it.

When will I do this?
It's already been done in my heart.

"And I say to thee. thou art Peter, and upon this rock
I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not
prevail against it."

Matthew 16:18

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Have You Heard The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Yet?

Which one do you mean?

The Protestant non-denominational version?
The Protestant denominational version?
The Straight protestant version?
The Baptist version?
The Presbyterian version?
The Wesley's Parish Methodist version?
The Nazarene version?
The Salvation Army version?
The Jehovah's Witness version?
The Pentecostal version?
The Four Square version
The Assemblies of God version?
The Lutheran version?
The Gay Clergy Lutheran version?
The United Church of Christ version?
The Mormon version?
The Chuck Smith version?
The Anglican version?
The Billy Graham version?
The Gospel of Prosperity version?
The Snake Handling Poison Drinking version?
The Christian Motorcycle Ministry version?
And last but not least, Your Moms version?

I bet that if you are an American living in America,
that you have heard one or more of these versions.

So which one do you believe, since they can't all be right?
I believe in my own version and that's the one I'm sticking with.
No preacher is going to give you any secret or special info about
the gospel, and you should not have to pay to hear it told to you.

To many versions to pick just one so they all must be thrown out
and started all over again. All you preachers are SOOOOO lucky
that I'm not President or I would put a stop to preacher salaries
and make it a mandatory volunteer position only.

Faith based organizations will be just exactly that and if your God
does not provide for you, then you better God damn well check
your faith.

More and more people are waking up to the truth about preachers
and their lives of blatant hypocrisy. It's just a matter of time before
we start to Occupy the Church

Christianity began as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
When it went to Athens, it became a philosophy. When it went
to Rome, it became an organization. When it spread throughout
Europe, it became a culture. When it came to America, it became
a business.

And nobody knows that better than Pastor Iscariot.

Tired of Paying For your Salvation Yet?

Can anyone else see that the modern day preacher in
America has us all by the balls and is extorting us for
billions of dollars each year for a salvation plan that
is absolutely free for who ever is willing to believe it?

How does the church survive without money?
The answer to that is it doesn't. Someone must pay for
the building the electric and water bills and for the
equipment and chairs etc. That cost is divided amongst
the members/congregation and any other thing each
church decides to have.

The only way to save the reputation of the modern church
which is seen on all most every street corner in America
is to do away with pastor salaries all together so no one
pastor can accumulate money and rely less on God each day.
How can they set the example if they don't live it either?
Being a pastor should be a voluntary held position in the
church, which then should house clothe and feed their pastors.

A true pastor should not pursue the American dream which
to the rest of the world especially 3rd world countries, is
middle class America. Pastors should live more humble then
that and be content with what they have which God supplies
to them thru their congregation.

Wouldn't you feel better knowing that your pastor is doing
what he does as a volunteer, less the food housing and clothes,
because he really does love the Lord, and not because he gets
a nice fat check and can dip his hand into money that belongs
to God cause he thinks he has the right to use it?

Practice what they preach or they shouldn't preach at all.

There needs to be a serious change in the way preachers beg
money in Jesus name from the people and live lavish life styles.

If nobody wants to volunteer as a pastor and live a simple humble
life style for the sake of the gospel, then fuck it, just let God and
Christianity die out cause then it was all a lie.

In the red letter edition:

If nobody wants to volunteer as a pastor and live a simple humble
life style for the sake of the gospel, then fuck it, just let God and
Christianity die out cause then it was all a lie.

The Poor Giving To The Rich

Anyone only getting $845.00 a month from social security
and living in a one bedroom apartment without a car, should
not be sending money to a preacher who lives in a 5 bedroom
2 story mansion with cars motorcycles etc. just because he
claims to be saving souls for Jesus.

This guy BFC preacher Fred Z Iscariot is the perfect example
of what not to do when your begging for money in Jesus name
then living off the tithes offerings and gifts people are sending
to you instead of giving it to the poor and the needy.

Hebrews 13:5 says: Keep your lives free from the love of money
and be content with what you have, because God has said,
"Never will I leave you: never will I forsake you."

Wherefore by their fruit you shall know them.
Matt. 7:20

Wherefore by their material riches and lack of nothing
you shall know them even better.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston

It is rare for me to comment on anything political or
Hollywood celebrity on Weblog De Fuego and it's
usually pretty quiet and dull around here in Bipolar
Artist land.

But I just wanted to say that I am sorry for Miss Houston
and her Families loss. She was a beautiful exciting women
and she will be missed by all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

Of all the things I have done in life and have ever tried
to do, putting in my contact lenses has to be at the very
top of the list. I have never in my life got so damn upset
and angry as when I put those phucking things in which
is not getting any easier to do over time.

Practice does not make perfect when it comes to putting
in contact lenses. I have already gone completely nuts
over this to the point of no return. But I will not and can
not give up on trying to get the little bastards in since
I really do need them.

It just makes me want to scream while walking down the
street slapping people as they walk towards me and past me.
Or do something else that outrageous. I used to be a working
concert pianist so you would think I have good manual
dexterity, and I do, that's what makes no sense about all this.

Anyway, when they finally lock me up in a padded cell and
throw away the key, everyone will know that it was those
damn contact lenses that did it to him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Gave It An Honest Try

Back when I joined a motorcycle ministry I was thinking
that maybe the Lord could use me there and I could also
get spiritually fed. But things did not work out that way
and I left instead.

I did give it an honest try for about 3 years but it was to
late by then cause I had already seen thru all the facade
and saw the hoarding of material possessions and money
was made the object to be desired even to the point of
having a store inside the Sanctuary which Jesus thru a
fit over to whip the money changers inside the temple.

I am not one to normally judge anyone but I was a member
and as a member it was up to me to point out what I thought
were the shortcomings of my then pastor and church, which
I did. Now they all think I am the one who has lost my salvation
saying: "We want to pray for your salvation" That is actually
funny considering I am still saved and never did anything wrong
but point out to them that there theology sucks or they just
ignore the truth to suit their greedy and power hungry souls.

Donor Alert
Put them on your no donor list.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Is A Blessing From God?

Apart from money as in hard cold cash in the hand, what
constitutes a real blessing from God?

1. A contact that leads to friendship and community.
2. A concrete and immediate answer to prayer.
3. A gift that has small value but is life changing.
4. A change of heart in someone you love.
5. A psychological/physical healing in yourself or
a loved one.
6. Wisdom and understanding.
7. Creativity and the holy spirit.
8. Health and physical stamina.
9. etc.

Will God bless one with money and if so
do you have to be a Christian first?

Well according to pastors preachers and
TV Evangelists if you give them money
then God will give it right back double.

But we know that isn't exactly the case and
in the mean time the church gets richer while
the people get poorer.

This idea of how God really blesses us is worth
further investigation and I doubt that He gives
to us $100 dollar bills when we are good or in

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Talking About My Penis

Thru hard work dedication and some pain, I have managed
to permanently gain 2" of penis shaft and a bit more foreskin.
I am using exercises and equipment that is little known to the
general public but can be found here.

It has taken 5 months to achieve the permanent gains but the
results are more than worth the wait and hard work. If more
men knew that it was possible to permanently increase the
length of their penis, I am sure they would at least investigate

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why Are Preachers Paid a Salary?

According to scriptures preachers should live a poor
humble life style in faith while waiting on the Lord to
provide food and shelter each day. This is done to set
the example for the rest of us and so that we don't
go after the material things of life and set our sites on
money as the replacement for God.

But when preachers are paid a salary, and some get big
checks, they no longer have the need to wait on God and
they get materialistic and start to pursue the American
dream which is 100% materialistic and in the world.
Yet salaried preachers have become the norm even tho
God does not want them to depend on money but rather
to live by faith daily.

Religion and Christianity have become corrupted by
these so called pastors who are all to busy running
after money to be of any real use to their congregation
by setting the example of a humble life style. They
would all rather mock God and hope that nobody
notices, but God does notice and so do I.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why Preachers Make You Pay For Salvation

When you go to any church and sit through a service,
you will also be required to pay for the service and the
message which they call an offering or donation. But
they come right up to your seat and put their little
money bags or baskets right in your face, so it is way
obvious when you don't drop anything into it.

This money along with other money like monthly
tithes is all supposed to go to paying for the church
building, elect, water bills etc. Missionary work
and also to pay the pastors salary. There are other
things the money is supposed to go to but never
makes it there.

The act of weekly/monthly paying for something that is
supposed to eventually get you/others into heaven, is
essentially paying for your salvation which Jesus says
is free. So what is really happening here?

The whole system of churches is skewed and twisted
into a religious business who's so called pastors are
all in pursuit of the American Dream and upgrading
themselves into living the gospel of prosperity, tho
they don't preach it from the pulpit.

Those that do preach it from the pulpit like Creflo
Dollar, don't mind flaunting it to the point of
publicly announcing from his pulpit that he would
like to thank his congregation for his second
Rolls Royce.

Instead of living a humble life of poverty and
suffering for the sake of the gospel, other pastors
like Creflo Dollar across America are thanking their
congregations for their lavish homes and cars and
Harley's and that is their reward and they will not
receive any other rewards in heaven or hell.

I have a solution to this problem of begging for
money in Jesus name then living a lavish life style
which all preachers do or strive to do in secret.
Fire them all if they can't donate one Sunday to
sermon day.

Pastors don't need to be payed a lavish salary since
being a pastor really requires that you live a life of
poverty which requires faith in God for food and shelter.
You must live the gospel that you are teaching, or you
are just a charlatan and hypocrite to pursue the
American dream while claiming to be a pastor
but not setting the example for us to follow.

How can I follow a pastor who is living a rich
materialistic life style while all the time saying
that the material world is bad and evil?
I want a humble poor pastor who is willing to
suffer if necessary for the gospel and who waits
upon the Lord God for every morsel of bread
and for lodging that night.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Veteran of The Angel Wars

I am a veteran of the angel wars and I
saw Lucifer fall from heaven like lightening,
and the faces of angels burning.

You can not know me the spirit of a messenger
from God. I am vetus older than you who are yet
to be born into heaven.

I walk among you in silence but speak when
spoken to. I mask myself with many faces
and even when you are looking at me,
you can not see me, you only see the mask.

You will entertain me without knowing that
I am a veteran of the angel wars but now I live
among you who are not yet born into heaven
and who still live by their blindness to the truth.

I watch you as from afar sometimes for years at
a time. Then I deliver my message from God to
you concerning your life. I am not a prophet nor
am I a preacher.

I have been wounded in the angel wars when the
sky in heaven was aflame and the faces of angels
were destroyed. I was disfigured by fire but
survived and am now called the Angel of Fire in
heaven as on earth Angel De Fuego.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pastor Fred Iscariot Living The Gospel of Prosperity

One day I was standing next to pastor Fred Iscariot to buy
some raffle tickets when he pulled out a $100,00 dollar bill
and said "Look God has been really blessing me" and bought
One hundred dollars worth of raffle tickets to win something.
I just stood there in astonishment and all I could say was,
"That's good pastor" but I was really thinking OMG this
guy actually believes that God blesses with money.

The truth is that God does not micro manage each persons life
by blessing them with money when they are good people etc.
Pastor Fred Iscariot has close to 4500 members of his flock
who send him tithes and offering and gifts etc. and that's where
the $100,00 dollar bill came from, and not because he was good
or even directly from God in the form of a personal blessing.

Pastor Fred Iscariot is living the gospel of prosperity even
though he does not preach it from his pulpit. He lives in
a plush two story home on a hill over looking the city below.
I have been there and I was shocked to see such lavish stuff
belonging to one who should live a more humble life style
as a pastor of God.

Then little by little God began to open my eyes and over a
period of a few years I saw that pastor Fred Iscariot was just
one of many thousands of other pastors across America who
are allowed to beg, solicit, ask for etc. money in Jesus name
using existing tax shelters, and live lavish life styles in pursuit
of the American dream.

But true Christianity is not about material possessions and
accumulating and saving money for the future. The Bible says
that we are to trust and wait upon God for our present and
future needs. Yha right tell that to pastor Fred Iscariot, he
still has 4500+ members sending him hard cold cash and not
to help get people saved, but rather because he pastor Fred
Iscariot is just so God damn funny as to be compared to
a Robin Williams and Billy Graham mix, by himself. :-(

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cashless Church: Would You Go To This Church?

Imagine a church/temple where there is no begging for
money in Jesus name. No tithes nor offerings going to
one preacher/church without accountability. The Pastor
is taken care of and given a house to live in and is provided
food and clothing etc. That would all be done by the counsel
of Cashless Churches who's donations do not include a
pastor's salary.

This new kind of preacher/pastor has no need for cash money
and has chosen a humble and poor life style for the sake of the
gospel. Everything is provided by donation from members of
the church who have also chosen to have a pastor living humbly
for the sake of the gospel and even suffering if necessary to set
the example for the rest of us to learn to get through it.

No I am not talking about the Catholic church but I am talking
about a new model of protestant churches that do not receive
any money but rather have their needs met by donating a building
paying electric and water bill etc.

Now there is NO CASH around for any greedy preacher to dip into
for themselves and now there is no longer a need for a tax shelter
nor a church secretary counting all the money coming in.
Can anyone out there see or understand what I am saying??

I would go to a church like that.
Would you?

All the other churches who's preachers beg for money in Jesus
name and live off the tithes and offerings of the congregation,
will then look like a bunch of greedy hypocrites and that will
be a fresh change in the world of religions and churches.