Sunday, January 29, 2012

Once Upon My Death

Once upon my death, they will take my
lifeless body and lay it in a coffin then
hoist me down into the dark cold pit in
the earth that will be my new home.

Covering me with dirt they say a prayer
over me and they all leave one at a time
until I am left alone with just my thoughts
and my memories of a life gone past.

While I'm lying here stiff as a board
I go over my life over and over again
changing and editing things to favor me
best over what actually happened and
may have contributed to my early death.

It's not like I have a lot to do down here
in my dark cold pit where the silence is
deafening, so I write a lot of music and
do other things to keep my mind active.

I have heard people walking by and talking
but I can't really make out the words and I
even heard a baby crying once tho it passed
by quickly.

I would like to get up there on top and get
a little sun on my face, but every time I try
to move nothing happens, so I just imagine
the sun coming thru all the way down here
and gently touching my face with it's warmth.

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