Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why Preachers Make You Pay For Salvation

When you go to any church and sit through a service,
you will also be required to pay for the service and the
message which they call an offering or donation. But
they come right up to your seat and put their little
money bags or baskets right in your face, so it is way
obvious when you don't drop anything into it.

This money along with other money like monthly
tithes is all supposed to go to paying for the church
building, elect, water bills etc. Missionary work
and also to pay the pastors salary. There are other
things the money is supposed to go to but never
makes it there.

The act of weekly/monthly paying for something that is
supposed to eventually get you/others into heaven, is
essentially paying for your salvation which Jesus says
is free. So what is really happening here?

The whole system of churches is skewed and twisted
into a religious business who's so called pastors are
all in pursuit of the American Dream and upgrading
themselves into living the gospel of prosperity, tho
they don't preach it from the pulpit.

Those that do preach it from the pulpit like Creflo
Dollar, don't mind flaunting it to the point of
publicly announcing from his pulpit that he would
like to thank his congregation for his second
Rolls Royce.

Instead of living a humble life of poverty and
suffering for the sake of the gospel, other pastors
like Creflo Dollar across America are thanking their
congregations for their lavish homes and cars and
Harley's and that is their reward and they will not
receive any other rewards in heaven or hell.

I have a solution to this problem of begging for
money in Jesus name then living a lavish life style
which all preachers do or strive to do in secret.
Fire them all if they can't donate one Sunday to
sermon day.

Pastors don't need to be payed a lavish salary since
being a pastor really requires that you live a life of
poverty which requires faith in God for food and shelter.
You must live the gospel that you are teaching, or you
are just a charlatan and hypocrite to pursue the
American dream while claiming to be a pastor
but not setting the example for us to follow.

How can I follow a pastor who is living a rich
materialistic life style while all the time saying
that the material world is bad and evil?
I want a humble poor pastor who is willing to
suffer if necessary for the gospel and who waits
upon the Lord God for every morsel of bread
and for lodging that night.

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