Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No More Art Publications

I am ReMoving All My ART From THe Internet, Since you piece a crap humans couldnt even make one lousy comment about it!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 13 verse 1, Today our Lord has instructed me to tell you of the Black Grimoire, specially when it coms to LIGHNING of MoS. 2, USA Begins Air strikes in Syria to help those Christian's there. 3, The Black Grimoire aka The Key of SLOMON, is used by all of God's Prophet's, including myself. I will use it now against poor LIGHNING of MoS, he Banned me from there once I became a Moderator. I am not sure what his problem ever was or still is, save that I will eventually call fire down on him, from Heaven, in plain view of men, as prophysied in Revolation's  Chapter 13 4, ,LIGHNING won't know what hit him. He will feel no pain at all, and for this I am a little upset, but I guess it's OK for now. 5, I Angel De Fuego have Not came right out to tell you all that I am the AntiChrist as Mentioned in Revalations 13. So I will do that now!!:
I Am The AntiChrist SuperStar Hal Mother Fuckers!! 6, That wasn't so bad now was it? Don't think any heard nor saw FireWorks while reading this. 7, The Secret Is This: I Angel De Fuego yes am the ACSS and have been right here, mostly in Sunny Southern California, for 58 1/2 years. 8, I was not aware of who and what I really was until around  9 tear's ago when I realized that with my 186 I.Q and all my religious afi, knowledge etc, that I would certently be a good candidate for such job, but I only kept that thought in the back of my mind until Sept 4th in the year of our Lord, 2014 when I was in a Major motorcycle crash and was DOA in the Emergency room. 10, It took 2 doctors and and their two teams working on me for almost 7 minuets to revive me back to life, thank God our Lord and Savior.
I do not have any power of my own and never will. I can Only Channel the Power of Almighty God and without needing to ask permission first. :) Poor LIGHTNING, can't help but think about his wife and family......Oh well!! I am/was and always will be Elias:


Chapter 14 verse 1, My dear Brother's and Sister's in Christ, I bes you to understand me and to listen the word's which I write down here with my own hand: 2, It was never my own Idea to Be The ACSS, Our God Jehovah has spoken the same words to me as he spake to Pherro concerning Moses and letting the whole Isreali nation go out of bondage and into the Freedom that God has to offer all Jews and Gentiles alike. 2, Let Us Pray: Hail Mary Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee. Blessed art though among women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 11 verse 1, Enjoying my evening coffee here in my prison cell while I write my Gospel Accorded To Angel.

2, The Rocketfellows will be Divesting first thing Monday morning and that will create worldwide panic and  no one knows that better than the Rocketfellows themselves. 3,  Not only do the Rocketfellows Own all the Fossil Fuel on this Planet, They also own and use all the Rockets that the whole world use's both in space travel and chamecial  use of all Rocket engines everywhere. 4, Having a little morning wine for my bellies infirmirties 5,

6, The Rocketfellows also own all the gold, silver, platnum, Uranium, The InterNational Space Station,  The Moon, Mars, and all other Planet within our Solar System including our Sun itself. So let us pray:
Hail Mary Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee. Blessed Art Thou among Women, and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us Sinners now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.  


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter Ten, verse 1, US Canadian Jet's intercept 8 Russian aircraft. 2, Today in this modern space age, we are indeed a long way from Jesus and his disciples out in the Israeli desert without a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of. 3,  Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary, our appearing tonight in The Cosmic Conscious Holo Program now running world wide, and can be accessed from the Cloud or google cloud for a fee of 1 dollar, per hour. 4, Our Great God and creator has me to thank for such Awesome Sonnets that I have written to honor Him and with which to Praise His Holy name. 5, I have written over a thousand Sonnets to my creator The Lord God Jehovah and soon I may even find the time to share/post them here for my Brother's and Sister's to enjoy. 6,


The Sonnets of Faith

These Sonnets have an (ABCDEF-FEDCBA-GG)rhyme scheme. And were written in 2002 in USA.

How then shall I increase my doubtless faith,
Since without faith,I can not please the Lord?
Then let my faith increase without measure,
So that the Lord may also then be pleased,
Save where does this faith in the Lord come from,
If not from the same Lord whom it does please?
Then for His own pleasure let Him increase,
My faith according to His wanting some,
And let His holy pleasure be increased,
By His faith in me,to give Him pleasure,
Which He as God could easily afford,
Without a payment to death's doubtful wreath,

Strengthen my faith Lord,that we both may be,
More pleased by what my eyes,still can not see.

If faith is belief without evidence,
Then is it without merit to see God,
While being alive on this earthen plane?
Or if I hear His voice,what use have I,
Of faith,which He requires now of me?
And yet I see Him working in my life,
In times of hardship and in times of strife,
An answer to my prayer then makes me see,
The form of Him moving,which I can spy,
The silhouette of Him,my faith to gain,
While on this earth my spirit has to trod,
After His holy shadow,for guidance,

He shows Himself to me just long enough,
To spark my belief,not to call His bluff.

The mustard seed,without a doubt is small,
Yet big enough to move a large mountain,
Even casting the mountain in the sea,
By faith,compared to such a tiny seed,
Then what about faith,bigger than a man,
Or bigger than the mountain it can move?
Or what about a faith so big,would prove,
That men are gods,and all they try,they can?
And they have everything,they have no need,
They live with God for all eternity,
And brilliantly shine brighter than the sun,
Together praising their God,one in all,

A faith so great as this,we all should have,
To move large mountains,and our souls to save.

Through faith,I wear a grin upon my face,
Knowing that the Lord will never leave me,
He gives me strength,in times that I am weak,
I shall not fear,for He is at my side,
He fights for me,so I don't have to fight,
He hides me in His love,from all my foes,
And safely keeps me from life's bitter woes,
He shines through darkness,as my guiding light,
In Him,my soul shall evermore abide,
His countenance my eyes shall ever seek,
To look upon Him for eternity,
Forever are His mercies and His grace,

He makes my heart,through faith,in Him rejoice,
Although He's silent,still I hear His voice.

If all I have to do is to believe,
And all things that I ask for,will come true,
Then I ask for more faith in Christ the Lord,
Believing I will get what I ask for,And that,
through more faith,the Lord will bless me,
And bless my home,and bless my lovely wife,
And bless my death,for what I've done in life,
And bless me throughout all eternity,
He'll bless me coming in and out the door,
He'll bless my every step,my every word,
He'll bless me from the start,and when I'm through,
He'll bless me in the morn,and in the eve,

Through faith,the Lord will bless me,day by day,
A gift,for which I'll never have to pay.

The rich have faith in silver and in gold,
The poor have hope that they will become rich,
The wise have faith in their foolish wisdom,
The foolish hope that they will become wise,
The strong in body have faith in their strength,
The weak have hope that they will become strong,
The good have faith that they will do no wrong,
The bad hope they can cheat an extra length,
The living have faith that the dead will rise,
The dead hope to rise to heaven's Kingdom,
The old have faith in youth,their age to switch,
The youth have hope they never will grow old,

The more the faith,the more also the hope,
The less hoped for,the less the faith in scope.

ILL doubt,why do you knock on my front door,
Knowing that the Lord is ever with me?
Did you forget,or maybe you are blind,
To see Him standing right here at my side?
You are crazy,or lost your mind I know,
To think that I will let you in somehow,
Dear faith has locked you out before,and now,
He left you standing right there in your woe,
Along with your dead friend,pale suicide,
Maybe together,both of you can find,
The devil hiding behind some small tree,
Convincing him,he'll die in his own war,

A war he started,from such prideful greed,
Makes for a stronger faith,a greater need.

If I pray for faith,will I be tested,
Will trials and tribulations come my way?
The thought of praying for calamity,
Makes my soul tremble,and my mind a wreck,
Sometimes faith comes by praying for good things,
And when these prayers are answered,my faith's good,
Faith comes by hearing,by the word of God,
Through miracles,and all else the Lord brings,
Through hope and faith,my spirit has to trek,
To God,from birth,throughout eternity,
Counting on Him to love me every day,
Even though hard times,I have requested,

He promised not to treat me so unfair,
As to test me,more than my soul could bare.

To practice faith,as though it were an art,
Will make the faithful master of his craft,
Never in doubt of his ability,
For creating the perfect masterpiece,
A painter on his canvas paints a scene,
Stroking with his brush,until made perfect,
Likewise the musician,his notes select,
Until he hears the piece he has foreseen,
And so the faithful,their faith must increase,
By practicing their doubtless artistry,
From just a line,the sketch turns final draft,
Just as a perfect faith,starts from the heart,

Turning doubtfulness into believing,
A masterpiece of faith,through practicing.

To raise the dead,how much faith is needed,
Yet Peter did it,so then why not me?
Save that I have not seen the face of Christ,
Nor walked with Him,as Peter also did,
Then would it not be still a greater thing,
If I could restore life,to those are dead?
Not by my power,but the Lord's instead,
Lest I should be guilty then of boasting,
Or say,it's by my power,God forbid,
No man has such a power,nor a priest,
Save those with such a faith so great can see,
Beyond their death,being unconceited,

The answer then,is enough faith in I,
Believing that the dead,shall never die.

Faith is just as simple as believing,
That you doubt the sun won't shine tomorrow,
For we all know,without a doubt it will,
No matter how hard we might think it won't,
To change a law of nature,we must have,
A higher law,in our faith to change it,
Coming from our heart,and from our spirit,
Just as our faith in Christ,our souls to save,
From hell,that we believe in or we don't,
Then there are laws that we believe in still,
That can be changed,if we believe somehow,
Changing the dead back into the living,

A harder thing than making the sun black,
Restoring life to those,whom life does lack.

The hardest thing is to believe that God,
Could forgive me,for all the sins I've done,
Such evil things,I can not write them here,
Save that to say,of black magic and spells,
Sins that go beyond the ordinary,
That go into the dark Satanic realm,
With Lucifer himself,right at the helm,
Was driving me towards ill sorcery,
Into the center of death's prison cells,
A chamber full of hatred without fear,
A darkness without moon,and without sun,
In blackness I was made,each step to trod,

Until dear faith,there took me by my hand,
And led me back to God,His promised land.

Without faith,how can there be any hope,
If faith is things hoped for,that are unseen?
Then should I hope for faith,to then believe,
That there's more in faith,than just to hope for?
Faith takes its stand upon a sturdy ground,
Believing that such ground shall never quake,
Hope standing the same ground,a chance does take,
Unsure that where it stands is truly sound,
Forgetting faith stood there moments before,
Faith knows for sure,what hope can not conceive,
But follows after faith,where faith has been,
Even through darkness,though it has to grope,

Hope is a shadow of a faith made pure,
Faith knows without a doubt,hope is unsure.

I run to the Lord as fast as I can,
When being chased by the bully devil,
The Lord is my friend,like a big brother,
Who comes to my rescue,in times of need,
And when I'm in a hole,the Lord is there,
To toss the rope of faith,to hoist me up,
Or if I thirst,He gives me a full cup,
To drink His living water,without care,
Sometimes when I am hurt,or when I bleed,
He heals my wounds,like a loving Father,
I pray the Lord will keep me from evil,
And bless me as a god,though I'm a man,

Of faith and love,love is still the greater,
But without faith,love would never matter.

To believe in believing's not enough,
Nor to have faith in faith,as one might say,
For the Lord has His own divine purpose,
No matter what we do or don't believe,
Or can one just through faith,become a god,
If so,then why the need for salvation?
That special walk with Him,that relation,
Which sets us apart,on this earth we trod,
From morning,until late into the eve,
His will for our lives,all day does surface,
So we can see Him working everyday,
Depending on Him,when the day is rough,

Faith in one's self,falls short to qualify,
For faith in Him,for whom we too must die.

Often I've thought of you,sometimes in doubt,
But mostly with a view,understood not,
I always wanted more than just your love,
A miracle or a sign from heaven,
But now I know,without a doubt it's good,
That it's better not to see or hear you,
For only then can faith be tested true,
Of men believing in their unseen God,
Even though some proof before was given,
Though not enough,without a doubt to prove,
That you are there,when by these you are sought,
Making true faith,a sin to live without,

Then hide from me Lord,that my faith be strong,
Yet guide me by your love,to do no wrong.

I miss you when you hide from me,
O Lord,Even though it strengthens me to seek you,
Maybe we could come to some agreement,
To hear your voice,but not to see your face?
Or then,if not a voice that I can hear,
Then just the smallest ray of guiding light,
That leads me when you're absent from my sight,
Or just a whisper of you when you're near,
Reminding me of your sweet love and grace,
Or what about a tangent testament,
Then,of one of your angels I can view,
That speaks to me with an audible word?

Or do I ask too much from faith alone,
o see or hear,what makes my faith be gone?

The prophets of old heard your sov'reign voice,
And even saw your shape,yet did not die,
Shining through golden flames,your emerald form,
But all I have are pictures of years past,
Antique paintings of some pious master,
Of you hanging upon a wooden cross,
Saving mankind from his eternal loss,
The scene less holy,more a disaster,
The artist did a masterpiece at last,
Painting you bloody,center of the storm,
And those around you,frowning as they cry,
And no one there is painted,to rejoice,

How then shall I remember you,O Lord,
Through antique paintings,or your living word?

I need you more than ever,O my Lord,
For all my enemies surround me now,
I am in prison by their unjust hands,
False accusations rise up against me,
They want to keep me in prison for years,
For something you would not accuse me of,
They're full of hate,in them there is no love,
I anguish in my pain,drown in my tears,
I long for you and your eternity,
Away from their hot desert and dry sands,
I beg you to be free from them somehow,
That you will come and save me with your sword,

My cell is dark,I see no sun nor moon,
My faith is that you'll come,to save me soon.

Lo,save me,O Lord,from my prison cell,
Release me from those who now besiege me,
Let me to roam fresh pastures and green fields,
Let me to walk the crests of the tall hills,
And lay me down upon the ocean shores,
Beside the roaring sea,which you have made,
Let me neath the hot sun,bask in your shade,
And feast me at the table of your stores,
Until asleep,because my belly fills,
Show me the tree,which fruit it ever yields,
That I may eat it for eternity,
Planted by you,to keep my spirit well,

Honor my faith,and free me from my foes,
Before my heart fails,cause my spirit woes.

The End

Angel De Fuego
copyright 2002

The Sonnets of Sorrow and Joy

These 20 Sonnets have an (ABABCDCDEFEF-GG)
rhyme scheme. Written in 2002 in USA

Long suffering that ends,does lead to joy,
The time when one should count his blessings good,
And sorrow without end,tends to annoy,
Until the suffering is understood,
Or how can there be darkness without light,
Or there be sunshine,without times of rain?
Or how can there be wrong without the right,
Or be there loses,without also gain?
So one can not live without the other,
And yes,we only hurt the ones we love,
Til time once again finds us together,
And joy comes down upon us,like a dove,

Sorrow and joy,apart do often stand,
But walk the road of life,both hand and hand.

O Lord,my joy is in my suffering,
Since it is for you,that I now suffer,
To make me stronger and more enduring,
Around the edges,a little tougher,
Becoming a great soldier for you,
Lord,I put my armor on and take my shield,
I gird my loins to fight,I grab my sword,
And head out to your holy battlefield,
Each battle that I fight makes me stronger,
Turns me into a man from just a boy,
The sorrowed war each time,lasts yet longer,
Until the victor's end,turns it to joy,

Each night I pray,your joy for me,O God,
Each day the battlefield,for you I trod.

I rejoice in you Lord,who gives me joy,
And peace of mind when things are often wrong,
Although the roads and methods you employ,
For happiness are hard and often long,
Never the less,I travel each long road,
Knowing that it leads to your joyful door,
The dear sweet place called heaven,your abode,
That place longed for a thousand times before,
Without suffering,what use is heaven,
Comparing pain to joy,or joy to pain?
Without sky,what use are wings to raven,
Who could not fly,their wings to lose or gain?

So I rejoice to pain,joy to suffer,
Yet happiest,when the road is rougher.

The joy of the Lord is now upon me,
It makes me dance,like David in the streets,
I laugh at what other men can not see,
What's bitter to them are to me but sweets,
Sometimes inside my loathsome prison cell,
I laugh aloud,and sometimes wear a smile,
The other prisoners think I'm not well,
Staying far from my cell for a good while,
Save that they do not know,when I am glad,
It is the Lord's spirit upon me then,
They all want me to act like I am sad,
Or rough and tough like all the other men,

But I act only as the spirit leads,
And not for theirs or my own selfish needs.

Dear joy,why have you gone far from me now,
To leave me in my prison cell alone?
Or maybe I was wrong to think somehow,
You never would again from me be gone,
You left me,leaving sadness in your place,
And with him his ill friend,ol depression,
Of you I can not find a single trace,
Or recall to mind your sweet impression,
And yet I pray you will return again,
Like a season returning sweetest spring,
Renewing the old,and freshly begin,
With you my heart rejoicing,then shall sing,

Sorrow and joy,like seasons come and go,
The more the joy,also the more the woe.

Lord,renew the joy of my salvation,
I need it now while in my prison cell,
I miss those smiles,of my sweet elation,
Like when at first,I rang your holy bell,
And you did open up your door to me,
When first I saw you standing there,my Lord,
You brightly shining through eternity,
"Come in my son",you said,is what I heard,
But then from you,somehow I strayed away,
Returning to the house where once I was,
Before I knew you,and learned to obey,
Now you stand outside my door,sweet Jesus,

I hear you knocking,you want to come in,
To restore my joy,and forgive my sin.

I suffer,when I think you're not with me,
I suffer,when I can not hear your voice,
I suffer,Lord,a life of poverty,
I suffer,cause I don't have a Rolls Royce,
I suffer,Lord,inside my prison cell,
I suffer,when I'm free on the outside,
I suffer,when I think I'm going to hell,
I suffer,Lord,when from your love I hide,
I suffer,when I want but can not have,
I suffer,when I need but can not get,
I suffer,Lord,for you my soul to save,
I suffer,when my past,I oft regret,

I suffer,every day and every night,
I suffer,Lord,to do for you what's right.

You suffered,Lord,while nailed to a cross,
But all your joy,was then to die for me,
You suffered,to spare man from heaven's loss,
But did it without spite,and joyously,
You suffered,when they scourged your body raw,
But did not curse them,and did not fight back,
You suffered to obey your Father's law,
But were content,although your needs did lack,
You suffered for those who lost faith in you,
But never lost your own faith in your God,
You suffered for the saving of a few,
But never stopped that painful road to trod,

You suffered to save man from burning hell,
But never thought to stop,your love to tell.

To suffer now in faith is my desire,
Even as you yourself did suffer too,
With hidden fear to God,did you inquire,
And asked of Him three times,to then spare you,
To suffer now and die is all my need,
Even as you yourself did also die,
With hidden pain did your sweet body bleed,
And watched your friends watching you dying,cry,
To suffer now with joy,is all my prayer,
Even as you yourself did suffer,Lord,
With hidden pain did you your burden bear,
And paid what no one else,could ill afford,

To suffer from your death upon a cross,
With outward love,gainst man's eternal loss.

It gives me joy,knowing that I am yours,
O Lord my God,and lover of my soul,
I'll be your soldier,fight in all your wars,
Uplifting righteousness shall be my goal,
You created the heavens,and the earth,
You are my God,and I am your creation,
You gave me life before you gave me birth,
To love me in a holy relation,
I am most happy when I follow you,
I'm never hurt,when keeping all your laws,
You are my shepherd of sweet morning dew,
Who leads me to green meadows,without flaws,

O Lord,keep me with you forevermore,
Leading me o'er the fields,to heavens door.

Cruel winter has set into all my joy,
Leaving my soul as cold as blizzard snow,
Large hail stones raining down on me destroy,
The faith in you,O Lord,I once did know,
My hands once used for praying,now are numb,
My feet now frost bitten,no more can walk,
My body soaks,as all the waters come,
The storm is loud,I can not pray nor talk,
The wind from every side,whips me around,
I can not find the path that leads to you,
I try to walk,I stumble,hit the ground,
I'm blinded by the storm,I have no view,

But then my name,I hear you calling out,
And crawl toward your voice,from coldest doubt.

When sorrowfully suffering I go,
Toward the bitter winter of my doubt,
Behind me faith,before me only woe,
Although I try,I can not turn about,
Ahead the clouds are dark,the thunder's roar,
I can not see the road,there are no skies,
Behind me is the road to heaven's door,
But without light,can't see it with my eyes,
So then I stagger in the rising storm,
I rise and fall,beaten by heavy wind,
I try to spot a place that's dry and warm,
But no such place for me am I to find,

Til looking back,I see you beckon me,
And follow you to heaven faithfully.

O Lord,you are the sunshine of my joy,
Like rays of light to warm my coldest woes,
Which woes,would my poor heart come to destroy,
If not for your warm shining light,God knows,
You shine your light to chase my blues away,
When most it is,I am ill with sadness,
You light my path with the brightness of day,
So I see your path,that leads to gladness,
O Lord,you are my joy and all my light,
Without you I would walk in darkest cold,
You lead me down the path of warmest right,
So all your laws I gladly do uphold,

You lead me to warm light from coldest dark,
Where for your loving words,I calmly hark.

You are the,Lord and God,of everything,
You create both peace and create evil,
You wash my feet as servant,are my King,
You created Jesus and the devil,
You love whom you shall love,hate whom you hate,
You punish some while others you reward,
You know each man's heart,and soul,each man's fate,
You have been hated,and have been adored,
You need to be loved as you need to love,
You make war with your enemies to win,
You live in hearts of men,yet live above,
You want to forgive everyone their sin,

You love me even though I sometimes frown,
You hate those,Lord,who kick me when I'm down.

Ill sorrow,why have you come back to me,
Did I not send you far from me before?
I packed your bags,and shipped you out to sea,
Telling you,I don't love you anymore,
Yet here you stand at my front door again,
Telling me that you love me ever still,
Save God will have to forgive me my sin,
Of letting you in,so you I can kill,
I'll bury you in my backyard at night,
So there will be no witness to this crime,
I'll kill you in the basement,out of sight,
It's best for me in the morning time,

Wait,where are you going,don't run away?
I Vant to have you for dinner,please stay.

How can I comprehend how great you are,
Creator of the heavens and the earth?
No beginning,older than any star,
My God,you never even had a birth,
Just how long have you really been around,
Or can a human mind even concieve?
That such a timeless date,can not be found,
And if so,how could any man believe?
Lord,you have always been as you are now,
How many other times have you made life?
Who else before men,before you did bow,
Only to end as we,in bitter strife?

How long,O Lord,by yourself did you live,
With no one else to love,your love to give?

Thank God,that you are such a loving God,
Maker of sorrow,but also of joy,
Imagine if the roads of life I trod,
Were created by you, just to destroy,
Then there would be no such thing as heaven,
No loving kindness,no mercy nor grace,
No son of yours would die to save all men,
Instead there would be hatred in love's place,
A life without a single drop of love,
From an evil creator would be sad,
There would be no prayers to a God above,
Only a hell,whose God stayed always mad,

Thank you,you are a loving creator,
If not,life would be one big disaster*.

Peter did walk a few steps on the sea,
But even that was something to behold,
With faith so great as that,could make one be,
As great as Christ Himself,his faith unfold?
So then,if Peter did it,why can't I?
More than a few steps,I'll walk the whole way,
I shall not be afraid,I shall not die,
I shall not sink,but walking I shall stay,
O Lord,not for me do I ask this thing,
But as a testimony to you God,
So everyone shall know that you are King,
As I across the sea shall calmly trod,

Through faith,Lord,I can do all things I want,
Save all those things,which I believe I can't.

I praise your name giving you the glory,
For there is no other God before you,
Nor shall there be in future history,
A God so great that does the things you do,
You're loving kindness is for evermore,
You're grace and mercies are,Lord,without end,
They'll be none after you,nor was before,
Who from their heaven down to men descend,
Who sacrifice themselves unto their death,
To save a creature,that did love them not,
Forgiving them even to your last breath,
Paying a price for souls,your death had bought,

You are so wonderful,it makes me cry,
To think that just for me,you God,would die.

The clouds,Lord,are dust on which your feet ride,
Above the joy and sorrow of all men,
The form of you above the clouds does hide,
To strengthen mankind's faith in you amen,
You dwell within a cloud of darkness,Lord,
So even though I'm looking,can not see,
That part of you that lacks descriptive word,
Your sweet face shining through eternity,
Nor can any man,Lord,look upon you,
Lest they all,Lord,should faint and quickly die,
Yet to behold you,Lord,what shall I do?
Since I can not look on you with my eye,

The only way to see you in this life,
Is looking through my sorrow,joy,and strife.

The End

© 2002 Angel De Fuego

Enjoy. ADF

The Sonnets of Prayer and Praise

These 20 Sonnets have an (ABCDEF-ABCDEF-GG)
rhyme scheme. Written in 2002 in USA.

I praise your mighty name, O Lord on high,
For you alone are worthy of such praise,
Maker of every heaven and each earth,
Laid the foundations of the universe,
To please the awe struck eyes of every man,
Like stepping stones,my eyes walk every star,
Looking for you in heaven,Adoni,
Upon the galaxies,I fix my gaze,
Where every sun that shines has had its birth,
Like every letter in my simple verse,
Make up whole words,that eyes do quickly scan,
Verses in heaven,read from earth afar,

Celestial poems you wrote like holy art,
Etched in the heavens,and within my heart.

O Lord,I want a daily walk with you,
Just like a Father walking with his son,
Does proudly take him by his tiny hand,
And leads the child,while walking at his side,
The son follows where'er the Father goes,
Aware that the Father leads him safely,
Along the right and ample path,more true,
Walking together,they become as one,
Along the flattened paths and secure land,
Each path the Father takes,is straight and wide,
And where the Father leads,the Father knows,
Is for his precious son's security,

So take my hand,Lord,placing it in yours,
To lead me in life,and through heaven's doors.

O Lord my God,I praise your holy name,
Sweeter than music,it is to my ears,
The name above all others,Jesus Christ,
Does comfort me in times that I am sad,
Does heal me in the times that I am ill,
Does give me strength in times that I am weak,
Does make me proud to speak it,without shame,
Does protect me in times that I have fears,
Does intercede for me as my High Priest,
Does give me joy,making my heart be glad,
Does set me high atop God's holy hill,
From there I scan the land,for you I seek,

It is the name above all names of those,
Who could not save man,from his sinful woes.

My Lord my God,a miracle I need,
To not be sent to prison for two years,
I go to court tomorrow afternoon,
And ask that you be standing at my side,
And that you touch the judge,make his heart pure,
Even as you yourself,are too a Judge,
Who Judges righteously for every deed,
You know each man's heart,have seen each man's tears,
You've heard men crying,neath the sun and moon,
As I too,neath the heavens,too have cried,
Please Lord,my wife needs me,and I too her,
Regardless that the court now holds a grudge,

Not my will,Lord,but your will now be done,
In the name of my savior,Christ your son.

A miracle you did Lord yesterday,
A chance to change my guilty plea,to not,
Giving to a court investigation,
Of my initial plea,and mental state,
Since then,O Lord,my psych meds I was off,
And could not accurately make my plea,
I was confused at that time,what to say,
I was afraid,six years I would have got,
For self defence,an incarceration,
No understanding from the magistrate,
There was no defence,no one did enough,
They did not want to set my body free,

But then you came as response to my prayer,
To set me free,and make injustice fair.

Please hear my prayer,O Lord,to be set free,
I've been a prisoner for six months now,
And they still want to give me two more years,
My cell is cold and dark,no natural light,
The guards are big and mean,no human love,
The prisoners are mostly evil men,
Looking upon them,only sin I see,
Before your enemy,they quickly bow,
They repent not,of you they have no fears,
They run and howl like creatures of the night,
They seek you not in heaven high above,
They hide from you like lions in their den,

Please free me from them,and these prison walls,
Before some worse'er thing to me befalls.

I praise your name Lord,from my prison cell,
My spirit bows before your spirit Lord,
I pray I could be free,but since I'm not,
I'll use this time to write my simple lines,
Verses of prayer and praise to your sweet name,
Like those I wrote to you in days gone by,
That saved me through your love,from hottest hell,
Each rhyme did pierce the devil like a sword,
Leaving him with no cold to quench the hot,
Within the heat of Hades,now he pines,
Burning with hatred,in a self fueled flame,
He begs for death,but he can never die,

I praise you even though in prison now,
And still will praise you,once I'm dead somehow.

Lord,shall I beg for life abundantly,
While on this evil earth of sin and pain?
Or do I have to wait until I die,
And go to heaven,to recieve such life?
It's hard to have such a life in prison,
Often I feel alone,like you're not here,
Abundance is what you have promised me,
But if you're far away,what do I gain?
Each day to please you,Lord,I really try,
But with each day,seems like I get more strife,
No matter what I pray or the reason,
The answers I recieve are still unclear,

Life more abundantly is what I need,
But when and where,the choice is yours to creed.

O holy Father,do you read my verse,
Or do I write my lines in bitter vain?
I try to praise your name,with beauty's rhyme,
And try to turn my prayer into a poem,
Thinking that it should please you more that way,
Turning a simple prayer into an art,
Which rhyme does ring throughout the universe,
To reach your ears,this poet's joy and pain,
Though oft I think,not reaching you on time,
Since no response from you does venture home,
Or if it does,it does with such delay,
I'm blind to see it from a broken heart,

Please answer,Lord,my rhyming prayers to you,
To praise your name,and strengthen me anew.

I know you answer,Lord,my prayers each day,
Even though sometimes I can not see it,
You move in ways that I don't even know,
To try and please me,answering my prayer,
Save that sometimes I need a quick response,
Or that sometimes at least I think I do,
So then to you with vigor,I then pray,
Hoping the answer sought,comes to be it,
That it in timely fashion comes to show,
If not,to wait for it,I can not bear,
Like it was some kind of tricky seance,
And I,waiting for the spirit of you,

Forgive me,Lord,that I don't always see,
The daily prayers you're answering for me.

Sometimes,O Lord,I pray that I were dead,
That sweet eternal rest from living strife,
Sometimes I curse the day that I was born,
That day from dark to light,then back to dark,
Sometimes I walk the hard and loathsome trail,
That leads to nothing more than emptiness,
Sometimes there's only pain inside my head,
That hurts my soul and devastates my life,
Sometimes for those are dead,I can not morn,
That sullen state of life that reached its mark,
Sometimes I like success,but often fail,
That darker side of godly consciousness,

Sometimes I wake up,screaming out your name,
That nightmare for which I alone take blame.

I praise you,Lord,early in the morning,
I praise you in the afternoon as well,
I praise your name,Lord,also in the eve,
I praise you when I lay my body down,
I praise you when I rise my body up,
I praise you as I'm walking all day long,
I praise you as my savior and my King,
I praise you for saving my soul from hell,
I praise you not to doubt,but to believe,
I praise you though my face does show a frown,
I praise you though I drink a bitter cup,
I praise you when you keep me from all wrong,

I praise you every day and every night,
I praise you cause my soul you keep upright.

I'll praise your name,Lord,from the mountain top,
I'll praise your name,Lord,down in the valley,
I'll praise your name from morning to the eve,
I'll praise your name from my dark prison cell,
I'll praise your name also when I'm free,
I'll praise your name while laying in my bed,
I'll praise your name while working in the crop,
I'll praise your name through faith assuredly,
I'll praise your name,in you I do believe,
I'll praise your name,your greatness I will tell,
I'll praise your name from sea to shining sea,
I'll praise your name although my body's dead,

I'll praise your name before all living men,
I'll praise your name forevermore,amen.

My Lord my God,do not forsake me now,
Please stay with me in prison,O my Lord,
Although in jail,you do not belong,
Do not leave me in prison all alone,
Visit me here,Lord,and don't ever leave,
Til the both of us get out together,
Lay in my bunk,I'll give you half my chow,
Protect me as a shield,become my sword,
Keep me from ever doing any wrong,
At night I toss and turn,I cry and moan,
By day for freedom,I weep and bereave,
Both by day and night,I want no other,

I pray for freedom,but if not set free,
I pray then,Lord,that you would stay with me.

O Lord,I go to court in two more days,
The law states,they can give me two more years,
My lawyer says,from zero years to three,
Or that in two more days,I could go home,
So now it all depends on you,O God,
To keep me here or send me to my wife,
She needs me,Lord,at home alone she stays,
No one to comfort her or wipe her tears,
She needs me with her,Lord,please set me free,
Back to her from my cell,I'll quickly roam,
O're hills and through the valleys,shall I trod,
To get to her,and find my former life,

Then judge me,Lord,and set me free again,
Leaving behind this prison of my sin.

O Lord,tomorrow I go back to court,
To stand,front a judge,that does not know me,
The way you know me,Lord,one of your own,
And he shall judge me with unrighteousness,
Unless you touch his mind,to make him pure,
Giving him mercy for my suffered soul,
And give him wisdom and a caring heart,
So that his judgment is to let me free,
And let sufficient punishment be shown,
For my cause,give your sweet graciousness,
And for my release,let him be the cure,
From this,the illness of my prison hole,

So judge the judge,who shall judge me for you,
Who judges with grace,and mercies undue.

O Lord,I asked you for a miracle,
But instead,I got a big disaster,
Or so it looked that way,from where I stood,
Save now I understand,these things take time,
When touching hearts and minds of sinful men,
I will go back to court in twenty days,
With peace of mind,and not hysterical,
Since you'll be with me,my Lord and Master,
To turn a bad thing into something good,
By proving I committed no such crime,
For which I was wrongly accused of then,
And all the truth shall tell,in diff'rent ways,

How I was made to suffer without cause,
For their bad and unrighteous,petty laws.

O Lord,send down your angel unto me,
To comfort me while I drink from this cup,
Of unjust and cruel incarceration,
For something that I never even did,
Of something made up,they accused me of,
To fill their prison,meeting their quota,
As if for them,a number I should be,
That they can use,when such number comes up,
Without the need of justification,
As if my life were theirs,O God forbid,
That I belong to those that have no love,
Save that I am yours,my sweet Messiah,

Send down your angel to protect me Lord,
With your most holy,and two edg'ed sword.

O give me strength,my Lord,to be a man,
And be a good husband to my dear wife,
O give me courage,Lord,to face each day,
And serve you as a soldier serves his king,
O give me faith,Lord,so I can believe,
And never doubt you,or your love for me,
O give me love,so that to love I can,
And never hate a soul,throughout my life,
O give me peace,on you my mind to stay,
And never to worry,of anything,
O give me joy,so I will not bereave,
And turn to sadness in calamity,

O give me these,and nothing more I'll ask,
And will forever,in your glory bask.

You said,Lord,there'll be justice for the poor,
I am poor,Lord,in need of your justice,
So poor,that I can not even make bail,
Or pay a good lawyer for my defense,
So here I stay in prison,waiting court,
A loathsome date,with ill uncertainty,
Unless you,Lord,walk through that courtroom door,
In my defense,keeping your sweet promise,
To justly be my lawyer at my trial,
Defending me with your loving guidance,
And I will follow you,with all my heart,
Knowing that you will set my spirit free,

I'm poor,but need your defense every day,
A justice for which I could never pay.

The End

Angel De Fuego
copyright 2002
Let us Pray,
Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy wonb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, anfd at the hour of our death, amen.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter ten/ and lost chapter 8; verse 1, Dear Brother's and Sister's, Can LIGHTNING Strike twice in the same place? Our Lord God Jesus say's that he can and that he will. After our Brother LIGHTNING reads this Weblog post, our fallen brother will again, strike me down to my second death and last and final banning from MoS forever, by deleting all trace's that I ever existed, and less, as an MoS former Moderator. My final Epitaph shall read: 2,
Forum Moderator
Natural Penis 

Then I shall personally shed a tear for the best friend I ever had on the internet, 
Never have I ever been a forum moderator, DLD gave me that chance, and his right hand man piece of shit sinning human friend, Big shot SHOW OFF, LIGHTNING, who Obviousley practices the mastery and ignorance of a stupid human, and excells at it.  4, My heart goes out to DLD, all MoS member's save for LIGHTNING, and specially for LIGHTNING'S wife, poor stupid little thing, I lift her up to the LORD now and ask that You Lord,  forgive her ignorense, in Jesus name, amen. ISIS Today 9/20/2014 Early videos of ISIS doing beheadings, against our Lord's will.

satanic bible

satanic bible w/ wax Talisman pentacle 

5, The Lord spoke to me and asked me to show our Brother LIGHTNING, what it mean's to be able to channel the very power of God, through my unholy brother,  LUCIFEROUS SAGE. who is also the dragon. Next time Brother LIGHTNING, you will not survive my punishment to you. 6, This time our Lord told me to let you live, but with such a shame, as to shorten your very life span, 7 to 10 years. :-) The Lord also wanted me to add one more link concerning LIGHTNING and what is in store for him.  and the Key of Solamon, which I will use against LIGHTING from now on. Brother DLD gets to go straight to heaven after  dropping his body here on earth. LIGHTNING on the other hand will have, fire called down on him from heaven by me in plain view of men. POOR LIGHTNING SHOULD NOT HAVE JUMPED TO SUCH CONCLUSION'S CONCERNING ME and ykm123321. To late to learn now from your experience.. Thank God :-)

7, Obama will face mission creep scenario with ISIS jihadists.  8 Our Lord would have you keep Obama in your prayers, amen. 9 Dear children of God and my precious ones.  Soon we who are chosen, will be in heaven/new Jerusalem, Hallelujah!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

It is I Angel of Hesparia who writes this with his own hand. 

Greeting's from Angel of Hesperaia. In my prison cell.

Chapter nine verse 1, Today I am telling you my Brother's and Sister's in Christ Jesus, 'Who and What I really am, let those of you who indeed have spiritual ear's with which to hear, hear what I am really saying: 2, On the 4th day of September in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2014, I was ran off the road by an oncoming vehicle which was, how shall I say, 'way the fuck over to far in my lane'. The result of which, was my crashing my Classic 1996 Harley Davidson and breaking 6 ribs, my righthand and a brain bleeding, which result was my arrival in the Emeregancy Room DOA.  I did not fully understand this until a few day's after my release from the hospital, that durring my first follow-up visit, my harley crash doctor, told me he and two other doctor's worked on me for almost 7 minute's to revive me back to life again.  All I could think of after that doctor told me that, was to thank Jesus my God and creator, that by His grace and mercy, I am still alive. 3, There are many new things that you all must still learn about me, so the Lord, is still preparing you all my dear Brother's and Sister's in Him, so that when the time shall come of my Announcement. Those of you who are ready to hear my very name, Angel De Fuego, called out loud by the Archangel Michael. This/my Announcement upon the world stage by Archangel Michael, Will start the Final Beginning and usher in the now famous Mother of all war's "Armageddon." 4,  Don't let your heart's be troubled about this my little one's, for the Lord has instructed me to give you this link, to my "NOTE'S ON PHYSIC'S" so you may begin to read and learn that I Angel, am a Physicist who once worked at STANFORD UNIVERSITY PHYSIC'S DEPARTMENT, and you my dear little one's are very safe in the care of my capable and loving hand's. 5,  Let Us pray, Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinner's now, and at the hour of our death, amen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter seven verse 1,  ISIS continues as the beast/dragon which would devour the entire world, would it not be for me, and my eventual abilities to channel the wonderful and authorative power of Almity God.It is not I Angel who will do these thing's, save for the Lord who will do these thing's through me as the potter form the clay to create the pot, so the Lord shall use me to bring down ISIS. 2,  In the 3rd heaven, these thing's have already began, and very soon now it will all start to manifest here on earth as well. 3,  My Brother's and Sister's in Christ,  do not let yourselves be deceived by by the dragon beast, and that the time for the two witnesses before mentioned in Holy Scripture is coming soon, amen. 4, Let us pray: Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter Six Verse 1,  One here among us of The Brotherhood Who Was Made a moderator and given key's to the treasury, Has Fallen. ykm123321 will recieve no prayers from the Brotherhood concerning this matter. 2,  He shall Forevermore be cast usunder to outer darkness. 3,  Let this be a lesson to us all.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 5 verse 1,  Greetings again my Brother's and Sister's in Christ. 2, The ISIS Jihadists have recruited for the dragon, Ahmed Abousamra from the region of France and Amir Meshal from New Jersy USA. to fight all our Christian Brothers and Sisters and to behead them in the name's of their false god's. Our Lord Jesus would that you pray to your Archangel Michael for help concerning this. 3,  Today I shall be taken up into the 3rd heaven to consult with God and all of His begotten and unbegotten son's concerning this matter. Both Archangel's Micheal and Gabreal will be there. 4, The USA President, Obama, has made many public appearances and speech's again concerning this matter, and the Lord and him are working together to fight the evil dragon in the name of Jesus. 5, Our Brother here Jack, is very well connected with USA Government military and has told us here that soon the USA will come to the rescue of God's people by bombing that region with what they are calling nuclear small weapons strategically placed to kill ISIS militants, may they have good targeting in the name of our Lord. 6, My Brother's, remain calm and peaceful and love each other the way our Lord has loved us by setting the example of sacrificing Himself for us and dying on the cross that we may have eternal everlasting life with Him in paradise. 7,  Now I close and say with my own voice out loud, 'May the Father Son and Holy spirit forever be with you, amen.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 4 verse 1,  Greeting's from the Brotherhood in Jesus our Lord. 2, Today ISIS is moving through Eastern Benghazi collecting convert's for the evil dragon who makes his home there. Meanwhile, 150,000 people there have fled that region occupied by the dragon, and another 100,000 have been internally displaced there. 3,  I pray for their soul's in the name of Jesus our living savior and God creator who are one in the same in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 4,  Our Lord would have us remain vigilant concerning this issue with ISIS and their false god the dragon who is also the false prophet. 5, "This Is The War Muhammad Promised us; The War of great tribulation" By their own word's they are condemned, and by their false god allah, they shall burn forever more in hell. 6,  My Brother's and Sister's in Jesus, our Lord has instructed me to tell you not to pray for those ISIS jihadist since their true name's,  only know to God,  are not written in the Book of Life. 7,  @ you can hear their sinful song's which they sing to their false god allah to kill and collect skull's of our Christian Brother's and Sister's to build tower's to their false god's. 8,  In the name of our living God Jehovah, and His son Jesus, I close this chapter and pray for you all, amen.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 1 Verse 1,  On this day of our Lord Jesus Christ 9/11/2014, I the humble servant of our Lord, Angel De Fuego, do hereby commence this gospel. Our world is in a present state of evil my Brother's, and our Lord Jesus has instructed me to write down the thing He has shown me. I do not write my own word's here, save for He who has told me, I only write down His word's. 2,  ISIS has started it's rampage Brothers for world domination and the Lord would have us gather together our armies in His name to fight against this evil beast and the great dragon who is also the lying serpent. 3,  Pray together and for one another that you not fall into the grasp of the dragon. May our Lord and savior Jesus Christ always keep you close to His heart, amen.