Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bipolarity Insanity and Ash Wednesday

Quantum Particle Entanglement

There is without a doubt in my mind a connection between
bipolar disorder and insanity to varied degrees and intensities.
I am bipolar 1 (one) which is the worse case type to have and
I definitely boarder or teeter on insanity vs genius and at the
other extreme depressed to the point of stupidity and to slow
to react in time.

What does Ash Wed. have to do with bipolarity and insanity?
Absolutely nothing, but I thru it in there since today is ash
Wednesday and yesterday I went down town on business and
walked around where Carnival (madi gras) was to be held.

So since I was there in the day and not the night, I did not
get the full effect of a carnal life with all it sinfulness. In fact
there was nobody there at all save for those setting the stage
for it to happen and the workers themselves.

But by the laws of particle entanglement I got some of the
anticipatory quantum entangled particles of such event
on me and brought them back with me. So last night when
I was really lying in my bed, I was also being sinful and carnal
down town while the particles there were partying.

So this morning I put the traditional ash on my forehead
as a symbol of my repentance for participating in such a
thing as Carnival even though it was only via particle

Now I am walking around my house with a black ash dot
on my forehead feeling like I really did screw a bunch of
chicks, robbed some banks, snuffed a few people out and
then had a good nights sleep. Quantum Entanglement
keep it in mind next time you want to be bad and sinful
without really being bad and sinful.

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