Friday, April 06, 2012

What Do I Do All Day Long?

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"What do you do all day" my doctor asked me.
The truth is, I play with my penis all day long.
Not b/c it's fun or it feels good, but b/c I do
physical therapy for peyronie's which causes
my penis to curve upward about 45%.

Some women like an upward curve at the end
of a penis, but 45% is a bit much so I am using
a traction device to stretch the plaque scar
which will lessen the curve while lengthening
my entire penis by inches.

I have already gained over 2 inches in a little
over 6 months and the curve seems to be a
little better too. If I keep adding shaft length
then a little curve at the end won't matter
much when I have a 9 inch cock. :-)

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