Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O Thou Lucifer Fallen Son

artists rendering of Lucifer

I believe Lucifer the Archangel was an unbegotten
son of God who also did present himself before God
with the other sons.

Job 2:2

I think future Jesus was among them and Lucifer
had already fallen in that verse since he is referred
to as Satan.

I also think Jesus became the only begotten son thru
Marry and the rest of the sons remain unbegotten and
are superspiritul like Jesus.

On the other hand I may also believe that it's all bull shit
depending on what day of my bipolar cycle I am in.

Yes, my life is this complicated screwed up in case anyone
cares to know.

The safe thing to do is to do nothing at all and to let this
all blow away with the wind.

Jesus said that you must hate your life to save it. So now
I too can save lives and forgive sins and hate life all the
while doing it.

That'l be a large fry and coke to got napkins?

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