Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Penis Is Getting Bigger :-)

some of my penis enlargement equipment. date on photo wrong, taken 2012

this sketch is from a photo of my penis

This little sketch shows how the traction device
is worn on a penis which then stretches it out for
hours at a time. If it is worn right then you only
feel pain after 2 hours which is the cells dividing.
If you can't take pain or discomfort for at least a
few hours, then this is not for you. Only us real
men would even think about wearing such a thing
let alone really wear it.

Gains only happen after the cells split and new cells
are created under the formula of medical traction
which has been practiced and proven for many years.
So if your not a sissy about some pain in your dick
for 4 hours a day, then you too can have a bigger penis.
I have been doing it for 7 months and I love the new
gains of shaft length and new foreskin restoration.

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