Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Is How Real Bipolar People Are

This Weblog is about me and my ups and downs with
bipolar and how I think and feel on any given day because
of it. I may say something about my penis and Jesus in
the same sentence, but that may not be what I am actually
thinking but only a shadow of it.

I can articulate thoughts without being tickled or late but
being late is rude so I try not to be or to be which is not
the question but makes for good filler. Now if you will
excuse me I must go and take care of my penis which has
nothing to do with Jesus in the same sentence.

As you can see some rock & roll band in Mexico City has
taken to calling itself Angel De Fuego and made some
nice artwork for it. But sense that is my real legal name
I will use it here and claim that they have used my name
without my permission. But since the artwork is cool
I'll let it slide this time,
tho next time I'll fucking throw
em thru the window.

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