Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Is Not How Real Bipolar People Are


The above link will take you to an article about
a TV series about a bipolar person trying to make
it as a CIA/FBI agent bla bla bla.

I know all about Kay Redfield Jamison and I have
read all of her books not just the one book (Unquiet
Mind) which the show creators mention as a base guide
to follow. Touched With Fire would be a better book
to model a TV show after since it is about artistic
temperament which borders on insanity and genius
as myself and other bipolar artists are.

Playing a bipolar person on TV and really being
bipolar is not even close to being the same thing.
Watch me to learn the truth about bipolar and the
truth will set you free.

Otherwise It's Not Real To Me!!!!
Nor to you.

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