Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bipolar Disorder Is A Killer

I was born with Bipolar Disorder 0ne (1) and I want to kill you
but don't worry cause I don't know where you live.
Even if I did know where you live, you can always hide
from me or pretend your not home.

BP1 people like me are bipolar from the stroller and are
late bloomers and often misunderstood and rejected.
Thats why we have to sneak up from behind you to
kill you otherwise we could just do it in your face.

I can be as gentle as a kitten or as fierce as a lion 
or worse, I can be both at the same time.
I am both volatile and dangerous around people who trigger me.
If you are afraid of me I can sense it and it makes me
want to kill you all that much more, so don't act afraid
of me while your around me.

Now you have been educated about me and people
like me so don't go pushing our buttons or we will
kill you. We are far and few between but we are there

Bipolar 1 Disorder is a killer
Don't be the next victim 

Happy Halloween Fother Muckers

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