Saturday, April 28, 2012

FaceBook Presence

I am now on facebook again for the first time since
last year. It's not as stimulating as stumble upon but
I am connecting with people for some unknown
reason to me. May is Mental Health Month thus the
green ribbon.

My friends who really know me know that I am
bipolar and a bit nuts at times and that I can say or
write things sometimes off the wall. But if anyone
is interested in learning about real bipolar disorder
and how it effects someone's life and their loved
ones and friends, then follow me on facebook and
learn how I struggle and then meet those struggles
head on with a shot gun and a pocket full of shells.
Well not really a shot gun but it did sound kinda 
cool to say it. :-)

I am presently on psych meds for bipolar so you
can all sorta relax until I get a hair up my ass and
post something. But I am trying right now to focus
on educating people about Bipolar One and not
some other weird project or something.

Angels1996Harley on FaceBook

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