Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spiritual Political News

In the political spiritual realm today.
King Yeshua met with the 24 elders
earlier today, and had talks concerning
the Kings soon second coming. After 
the talks, the 4 beasts that surround 
the Kings throne, said amen.

7 golden trumpets and golden bowls 
were marched through heaven today
while millions of angels shouted " The
day of the L-RD is nigh." One angel who
was interviewed said, that "those are the
7 trumpets mentioned in the book of 
Revelations, and that they are being
taken each to his appointed angel."

The L-RD declined to be interviewed but
only said "the time of repentance is now."
In other news, G-d our Father and L-RD
is working full time with cabinet members
in His war against evil and sin. Secretary 
of war and Archangel Michael said that 
"every effort is being made to squelch the 
devils fire at the front lines, and that more 
angelic troops will be needed."

The Ambassador to Earth and Archangel 
Gabriel said "While the inhabitants of
earth continue in their sins, G-d can do
little to help them. But if all humans on
earth repent of their sins, then G-d can
send angelic armies and troops to earth
to aid in that battle front against evil."

Satan on earth has gathered his fallen troops
to enter New York City..............

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