Friday, December 05, 2008

Back Home Again

I rolled into town yesterday afternoon from my 
spirit walk/drive. Nothing has changed I am still
depressed. I notice someone left a comment about
Jesus & the spirit world & being set free........well
I am already a Christian which has nothing to do
with bipolarity & depression. Just reading some 
book is NOT going to bring me up & out of this
deep depression which is caused by bipolarity.

I put my forehead down on my prayer rug every day
& ask God to help me.......& if that don't work......then
just reading some book won't help either. Besides, I
already know all about the spirit world. There is no
other book written that can teach me anything new.
Depression is not cured by reading some book.
& Christianity does NOT cure depression. Good try
who ever U were that left that comment in the post
below. I thank U for trying. God bless U.

Also, Did U listen to my piano music? 
That would actually cheer me up more
than reading any book.......Enjoy!

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