Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Believe But it's Hard

The hardest thing 4 me to understand tho
I believe it, is that G-d my creator never had
a beginning. I can even think of and sorta 
comprehend eternity as never ending.
But the truth that G-d never had a beginning
just blows my mind. We understand the 
universe to be approx. 14-15 billion years old.
We Christians believe that G-d created the
universe, but how long before that big bang
moment, was G-d just hanging around all
by Himself?  Can't go there girlfriend!

It makes me wonder if maybe we humans were
not the first experiment at creation. Were there
others before us? As per the laws of evolution
yes! if you believe in evolution thru creation as
I do. All creation is in a state of constant evolution.
And for a G-d without beginning, that's the way
it should be. That is to say, G-d does not appear to
be in any hurry to empress any of us temporal, 
here today but gone tomorrow, humans.
It seems that G-d has bigger fish to fry.

"His faithful love endures forever."
Psalms 136 

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