Monday, December 22, 2008

Can't Separate The Two

I can not separate my bipolarity from my faith.
To me, bipolarity is spirit possession as in the
spirit of bipolarity. A spirit created by G-d who
also is spirit. The chemical imbalance of bipolarity
is caused by the two opposing spirits which make

Bipolarity is linked to creative genius.
click here to see Touched With Fire.

The word genius as everyone should know, comes from the word
genie or jinn. The following four definitions are directly from the 

Genius 1. genii 3. a person having extraordinarily high intelligence,
esp. one with an I.Q. of 140 or above.
7. either of two mutually opposed spirits, one good
and one evil, supposed to attend a person throughout his life.

9. usually genii. any demon or spirit, esp. a jinn.

Jinn 1. any of a class of spirits, lower than the angels capable of
appearing in human and animal forms, and influencing mankind
for good and evil. (also see djin)

Muse 1. a. any of a number of sister goddesses, originally given as
Aoede (song) b. any goddes presiding over a particular art.
3. the genius or powers charateristic of a poet.

Genie 1. Islamic . Jinn.

Daemon 1. a. a god. b. a subordinate deity, as the genius of a place or
A man’s attendant spirit

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