Saturday, December 27, 2008

I live in a Bubble

I live in a bubble of my own making.
cut off from most of society & people.
It's better 4 me to just live a monastic
life style away from the temptations
of daily life, and as per my faith in G-d.

My bipolarity is not just in my head alone
especially while it directly effects others.
So the less contact I have with U all in 
person, the better 4 us all. I do believe
that my bipolarity is spirit possession in
varied degrees. I am now working on this
as though it were some kind of metaphysical
mathematical equation through formula
thinking. But this kind of thinking can only
be done while in a mania which I am still
waiting 4.

I have another mania coming. I will always
have another mania coming. So I am learning
to program my projects as per my manic cycles.
Personally, my depressive cycle kills all ambition
to do anything in life. Art? forget it! Not while
I'm depressed. So it is during my manic cycle that
I am at my best 4 creating art and the like.
Mania gives me energy to create and is the fuel
that runs my jet engine of creative genius.

So I am planing 4 my next manic cycle coming up
soon, to think tank about the spiritual connection
that bipolarity has to the human body. I have already
outlined this idea in my e-book called: Bipolarity And
computer I used to write the book on, blew up before 
I could get it all on my blog.............Oh Well! 
I do have it backed up on a CD, so one of these days
I will get it all posted, right after I buy a new P/C
For now, I am coming to U on my MacBook channel
or something like that!..................over.

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