Monday, December 29, 2008

Out of Touch with Reality

The U.S.A. is out of touch with the reality that its
spiritual side is all but dead. Modern Americans 
have a drive-thru sense of their Christianity. But 
that kind of spiritual fast food leads to spiritual 
malnutrition and ultimately spiritual death. 
While it is true that you can not work your way
to heaven, it is also true that there will be no
loafing around once you get there. There will be
plenty of jobs in heaven. But here on earth, what
gets you into heaven is your belief & faith.

But you can't believe and have faith unless you
really know G-d and what knowing G-d really 
means to you. But you can't really know G-d 
from a drive thru point of view. That would mean
that your view of G-d is also drive thru. I don't
believe that one can acquire heaven unless one
can really believe in heaven. If you have a drive
thru view of heaven, then your heaven will be
a drive thru heaven. But a drive thru heaven is
not the real heaven of G-d who you can not just
drive thru, and still really understand.
Anyone who wants to get into heaven, must sit
still and contemplate upon it. This contemplation
will help build the belief system that will form
your faith. Since it is impossible to please G-d
without faith, then the more faith you have 
increases your chance of getting into heaven.

Faith is your key into heaven, but it is also 
important to know what heaven is like before
one can believe in it. If you do not know what
heaven really is and what it is all about. Then you
can just forget about going there.
First rule of heaven: No McDonalds there.
Also be aware that one can keep all ten 
commandments but still not have enough faith
to actually get into heaven. So, to say the least
it's a bit tricky getting there.  Where?
Where ever it is that you have enough faith to be.

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