Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel at War

Get out your Bible, dust it off, and read all about it.
Nothing new here. G-d aids Israel in times of war and
even fights for them at times. But is G-d with them this
time? I believe G-d is always with Israel and always will
be. If it is the will of G-d, then Israel will send in ground
troops. Too many people are praying for Israel to keep
it in the will of G-d, but the darkness seeps in like a vapor-
ous mist that Israel loves to inhale. So, the prayers could
be in vain if Israel does not listen to the voice of G-d thru
its rabbi's. Those in power may not be religious, but if 
they are, then Israel will be OK. But then again,
I am bipolar and full of all kinds of emotional dissonance.
What I say or think should not matter in a normal society.
I have my own little war right here inside of my own little
bipolar head. So the fact that there are people dying all 
around (Gaza) right now, seems like a million light years
away from my "little" reality right here at home inside my
head. Maybe if I was not bipolar, I could hold on to ONE 
emotion about it all, but that is not possible with me.
My emotions are in constant flux or movement. like the
tectonic plates, they move and shift around causing at times
great earth quakes in my whole being. To just sit idle on 
one emotional and ideological idea is not possible for me.
I can only glimpse flashes of reality while normal people
live in the daylight of reality. That is why I need G-d since
G-d is the only stable reality I know. Now I have to go and
eat breakfast.

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