Monday, November 12, 2007

Unfortunately All Three

Artistic Master

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how
you look at it. I was given by the Divine three
powers over the Spirits of Art*. Almost all other
artists in the world are masters of one thing.
For example Mozart=music Rembrandt=painting
Shakespeare=poetry etc. I on the other hand
am a master in all three; painting, poetry, music,
which defines the essence of art itself. This is more
a complaint than a brag. To fully understand what
I am saying, would be to live my life as I do, and I
don't wish that on anyone. You see, with all that
creative power at my finger tips, makes me a very
dangerous man. Let him who has understanding
overstand objectively what I am saying. In other
words, I am volatile when provoked with a joke.
Sometimes I can't tell when people are serious or
not, and I am often much to kind to people who
don't deserve it. I have accidentally walked into
a robbery in progress and didn't even know it,
cause I was on the moon in thought over a sonnet.
My Father, when I was a kid, use to call me the
little idiot boy genius.

My wife does not like to let me out of her sight
and for good reason. Why am I telling you all this ?
Because if you ever see me on the street walking
past you, you will know it's me cause I'll be walking
sdrawkcab. ------ * Arts and Science's.

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