Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Monday Again And Veterans Day

Today I am just kicking back waiting
for Tuesday, When the Bank is open
again so I can finish my donation account.
You will be able to donate to my arts fund
So I can continue to create art. Not that
I won't create without money, but you
know what I mean. I can't hold a 9-5
job cause of my bipolar disorder, since
I can't be around or work with people
that much. My last real job was at
Stanford University in the physics
department working on the Ronald
Ray-gun star wars project, in 1984
(See my Notes On Physics)
and that was enough to drive
anyone nuts. I hated working on
a war machine.
Hopefully after tomorrow the donation
link will be active and working.
Don't anyone hold their breath. :)

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