Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Unbelievable all the trash and smut
and overall waste of words and space
that you see on blogger now days.
More convincing evidence that
Lucifer the Archangel is in complete
control of you all. The more I surf
blogger the more I am convinced
that my weblog is the best blog.

You can spend a whole week just
reading all my weblog pages. And
get something more than just another
new scandal from a famous celebrity.
Jesus, how boring!

Or who's going to be the next
President ? Who fucking cares
save for stupid rich people anyway.
It really doesn't matter who the
next President is going to be, cause
the whole fucking world is slowly
going down hill straight to hell.

And don't give me any of that
"It starts with each individual
crap". Cause if that were the case,
then the world would be going
up hill to heaven. But we all know
that it is the end of days. There
is a nuclear cloud hanging over
our heads. If you don't know
that, then you must be dead

If you don't think that my weblog
is the only real thing out there,
then click here.

If you think that my weblog is
the best one then click here.

But if you don't care either way,
Then have a nice day.

P.S. I really don't give a fuck
what you think anyway. I hate
everyone of you with a passion.
I could be the Anti-Christ, you
never know. I don't just have
bipolar disorder, I am bipolar
disorder, And the most creative
man alive. If you can prove
otherwise, then go for it.

I will not delete this comment
but rather will leave it as an
example of some of my symptoms
to this Bipolar monster that I
have and am. After all, this is a
Web-Log / journal and
the public has the right
to know that there are
monsters like me out there.

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