Friday, November 30, 2007

Creation Continues

God continues to create. The proof that
creation is not over yet, and maybe never
will be done.

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  1. Jesus showed me that The New Creation will never have a last day but be new each passing second in an explosion of Creative light, I know it tasted unimaginably beautiful to hear Him explain our Heavenly Father's plan!

    A continues Creation where the good of each moment creates the next and each harvests short and long term gain. our reality will not be 3 d no more either but like light, billions of rays, or imagine wheels within wheels with eyes all around as Ezekiel 1 explains.

    Such is possible only after evil is left to burn in the lake of fire and all God's children have come home.

    Come Lord Jesus, please come quickly!

    Be greatly blessed

    Gerry (Jeshu)