Thursday, November 22, 2007

Manic Alert Holidays effect

Manic Alert

(Battle Stations)

Holidays have this effect on us
bipolar people. I have already, as
much as I can, been warning you
about my Bipolar Disorder.
In a clinical sense, I may be far
different than what most
doctors are used to.

Sometimes I love humanity with such
a passion, and other times I just want
to Zap them all out of existence.

Much like my creator Himself.
Thank Him that He controls all
the power. Cause if I had the power
to call fire down from heaven on
some of you worthless humans,
I most certainly would.

And Elijah answered and said
to the captain of the fifty, If I
be a man of God, then let fire
come down from heaven and
consume thee and thy fifty,
And there came down fire
from heaven and consumed
him and his fifty.

11 Kings 1: 10

I am not judging any of you,
I am just giving you my opinion.

!O ya, Happy Thanksgiving again!

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