Monday, November 26, 2007

No Bipolar Outlet

I am not a member of any bipolar forums
I have no bipolar friends and no contacts.
I was once a member of Sonnet Central
but they kicked me out and called me a
moron. Thanks guys.

There is one bipolar site, but it is in England.
That is too far for a 1 to 1 contact if needed.
So I go it alone. Besides, bipolar people are
famously irresponsible. Thru no fault of their
own, most of the time, their illness dictates their
when and where abouts.

I seriously doubt that there are really bipolar
people like me out there. True creative genius.
I feel that I am the last true survivor of the

If you can prove me wrong, then please by
all means, knock on my door. I need to hear
from other people like myself. maybe we
can put our creative powers together and
rule the world ! :)

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