Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Proverbs


These Proverbs have an (ABAB) rhyme

Scheme, and were written in 2002.

These are the Proverbs of Angel De Fuego

(Angel Of Fire) He is a son of God and seeker of

wisdom and truth.

A wise man's house is his neighbor's comfort

But a fool's dwelling place is cold and dark

A wise man labors without an effort

But a fool must struggle to reach his mark

Don't go into the house of those who sin

Speak loudly God's message from the outside

Then if they listen and invite you in

Then go in with them then and be their guide

But if they hide and refuse to listen

Then never again stand outside their gate

And do not write them letters with your pen

For it's both you and God whom they all hate

To read the rest of my proverbs go to my

Writing And Poetry Archive

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