Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ordained Certificate

This certificate is posted here for my
personal record until such time I am
able to print it out. It shows that I am
a Reverend. Angel De Fuego.

Angel De Fuego
has been ordained this Thursday the 17th of January 2008 01:08:53 PM

---------------------- cut here ----------------------

Be sure to order an original certificate just like this one

This is a receipt for your ordination. In States that require Minister Registration (see our FAQ page), THIS RECIEPT IS NOT VALID. The credential above confirms that your personal information and Ministerial Standing has been recorded in the Church database. In many situations you MUST present a hard copy of your official Ordination, which may be ordered through the Monastery Storehouse,

Many situations require you to present an official certificate. Nursing Home Administrators, State or Local police authorities, or your State registration office may need a copy. The above website credential may not be suitable for such uses. It is suggested that you order the official credential, imprinted with your name and ordination date and Stamped with the Church Seal. You are not required to order the Official Credential as your ordination is fully legal without the credential. However, it will be of use to you in official situations.

For Ministers residing in States requiring registration, a letter of good standing must be requested from the Church. See your local county clerk to verify your obligations. Requests for 

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