Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To The Normal Eye

To the normal eye, I have a stigma. My stigma
is my mental illness and my mental illness is
my manic-depressive bipolarity. But true bipolarity
breeds creative genius which is seen by the normal
eye as a gift. So my stigma is a gift. But the normal
eye is not gifted and lacks to much stigma. So we
discard it as undesirable. The normal eye belongs
to the normal person lacking stigma and the gift.
But that which lacks the gift is undesirable so we
should discard it to the fire. So all normal people
will be discarded into the fire since they lack the
desired gift. That leaves all of us stigmatic mentally
ill and gifted people finally in charge of the world.

Social stigma, a severe social disapproval of personal characteristics 
or beliefs that are against cultural norms. A topic in mental health 

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