Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting to Talk a Little

Coming out of depression and into my manic cycle
is always interesting in that I start to talk more.
But at first it seems that what I have to say makes
no sense at all. For example, I am now starting to
write threads on the science forum but the people
there don't know me from Adam and are a little
offended by my grandiosity and ego about my
creative genius. But I do not expect everyone to
know all about bipolarity and its connection to
creative genius. If everyone in the world read
the same books that I have about bipolarity, then
we would all be on the same track. It is a task to
try and educate people about true bipolarity and
it symptoms. I have had it my whole life so I know
what the hell I am talking about. Believe me when
I say that bipolarity is the breeding ground of creative
genius. All true artists are truly bipolar. It is as simple
as that and according to years of my research. But don't
take my word for it. Read Touched With Fire by Dr.
Kay Jamison. She is the worlds leading authority on
bipolarity and has written 5 books about it.


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